Alien Planet

Earth is dying rapidly. Volcanoes erupt dramatically destroying landscape. Tsunamis rein over the coast. Tornadoes destroy farmland. While all this is happening, humanity tries to help Earth's legacy go on for generation, but the only living things that can fit are animals and only ten families can fit in the shuttle. Inside the shuttle is that last of Earths trees as the other burned to ash from the volcanoes lava and was also swept away by tremendous tsunamis as it was carried away in the air by tornadoes.
[Cover by GreenTide Goldlight]


1. Earth


2054, Earth is dying. People have been coming up with a way to save Earth for 27 years.  They gave up and thought of another idea. Making a rocket ship big enough to hold a few people, animals, and plants. 13 years later they finally made the rocket ship.Everybody all over the world went to Mexico where they were going to have a ticket raffle to see who the eight people that get to go in the rocket ship. . Few hours passed and they finally picked out the tickets. They went inside the ship and waved to the people.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven ,six, five, four, three, two, one. Liftoff!" A woman said through the speaker.

The ship was on auto pilot and on route to Mars where a little colony the people back on Earth launched last year. Two people in the med bay start to have a talk. 

"Hi. I'm George." George said.

"Hi. My name is Bill." Bill said

"What's your job?" George asked.

"I'm a doctor and an engineer." Bill answered. 

"Mines is a janitor." George said nervously.

In one of the rooms one the ship a woman is crying and her child is confused. 

"Mommy why are you crying?" The boy asked.

"It's nothing Anthony. It's nothing. Don't worry about it." She told him.

"Mommy, where is daddy. Is he at work? Anthony asked.

"He's back home. He's fine, Grandpa and grandma are with him."She said, sobbing at the same time.

He went over to his mom and hugged her with all his might. 

Back on Earth people went back to their regular day, surviving. People tried to survive one whole day. Others cheered and celebrated. Back on the ship there are two stowaways and no one knows. In the bridge they tried to find the microphone and when they did they told everyone to go to the bridge. When they got there they all had a long talk.

"Why are we here? Is there something wrong?" George asked.

"We are just here to get to know each other. My name is Alphonso." Alphonso told everyone.

"My name is Anthony and I'm six years old." Anthony said.

"My name is Isabelle and Anthony is my son." Isabelle said.

"I'm Clementine, it's a pleasure to meet you all." Clementine said joyfully.

"I am Arabella and I'm from New Jersey." Arabella explained.

"Wait a minute, isn't there suppose to be an 8th person?" George exclaimed.

"Woof! Woof!" A dog barked.

"Please don't tell me that a dog is the 8th person." Clementine said humorously.

"Nope I'm the 8th person on this ship, how long is it until we get to Mars?" A voice said out of no where.

Behind the dog was a women holding a plant.

"Is that a plant you're holding?!" Isabelle exclaimed shouting.

"Yes it is, I'm Tammy. Howdy y'all." Tammy said with excitement.

On Earth people traveled to places with working TVs and watched the news.

"Breaking news a volcano erupted in Hawaii and people are now evacuating by boats. In Iraq there are riots across the land, the president has been overthrown, and New York city has fires all over it. Back to you Tom." A woman said.   

On the ship they are trying to pick a captain.

"I think I should be the captain." George said.

"No I should be captain because I am mature." Anthony said.

Everyone laughed when Anthony finished talking.

"What are you laughing at?" Anthony asked.













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