This is short story based on NYC Horse Drawn Carriage and why it is unsafe.


1. Japnese Tourists End Up in Emergency after Carriage Ride (Aya Uma)

My name is Aya Uma and I'm ten-years-old. I was on sighteeing trip with my parent, Mr. and Mrs. Uma, who are twenty-nine years-old. Our family name "Uma" which means "horse" in Japanese.

In our big farm in Japan, we own horses and we take good care of our horses and make it sure our horses wouldn't go to other bad places.

It was sunny Sunday morning, which was perfect summer temperature.

We were coming out of FAO Schwarz and we saw Horse Carriage.

Carriage drivers are persuade tourists and folks to ride carriage horse. On back of horse carriage, we saw sticker that "SAVE OUR HORSES."

We thought it means to save horses, so we decided to get on Carriage Horse, which our carriage horse number was #1104. In Japan, 4 is unlucky number under supersititution because we called it "Shi (Shh)" in Japanese, which means "Dead."

Before we got on 1104, we saw horses are in awful condition.

As we rode #1104 and our female carriage driver was Mary Kane and female horse was called Jess.

It was around 3pm when we got on #1104.

At 59th St/6th Av, as Mary forced Jessie to run over RED Light, brown Double Decker Bus called Big Bus Tour coming from 6th Av halted his break so far because idiot taxi driver cut off the bus operators.

At sound of that bus brake, Jess the Horse neighed, which she spooked and she crashed into another bus, Green GoBusNY Tour bus and our carriage went sideways, then CitySightNY blue bus hit carriage, then followed by yellow Big Taxi Tour.

Mary, my parents and I were seriously injured when carriage collasped and my leg bone broke, so I was carried by parademedics from Mt. Sanai hospital and I yelled in anger, "WE'RE NOT TAKING ANY CARRIAGE RIDES ANYMORE!"

Mr. and Mrs. Uma nodded in agreement.

At that moment, all New Yorkers, tourists and pedestrians who were walking by were horrifying shocked by an accident.

All tourists onboard the tour buses that got involve in carriage horse accidents were taking video at moment of an accident.

Someone called 911 immediately, soon group of police officers, ASCPA, firefighters and paramedics from FDNY EMS, St. Luke's Hospital, and Mount Sinai Hospital responded arrived in few seconds, along with police buses and police tow trucks and mounted police units.

Police horse licked injured Jess to get her up while all of police officers, ASCPA and firefighters help to get Jess into upright position and helped Jess into NYPD's horse trailer.

After Mr. and Mrs. Uma got our stuff from carriage 1104 and hop onboard Mt. Sinai ambulance.

As soon we got to emergency room of Mt. Sinai Hospital, there was Japanese female nurse, Ayaka Sayari, 39-years-old and we were glad because we don't speak English very well.

She examine all of us, and I was only one with broken bones on leg, so I was forced to use crutches because I cannot stand up myself because of injured legs.

Ayaka Sayari contacted our hospitals in Tokyo and Osaka to tell our situation.

Next day, doctors allowed us to leave because we heeled but my legs are not.

Soon, we went back to Kitano Hotel where we were staying.

I was so pissed with horse-drawn carriage, I checked site called "Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriage" where we learned about many accidents.

Since we were going to stay until my legs are fully completely like August which we had to cancel our flight back to Japan.

I found out every Saturdays, animal rights activists does demo to ban horse-drawn carriage.

Even I don't live in city, I typed letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio, all New York City Council Members to ban horse-drawn carriage in Central Park. I also typed about horrible experience my parents and I had.

It was Saturday, I was walking with crutches and came to Madison Av & 34th St bus stop, where Washington Heights-bound M2 bus were waiting for light.

It was male bus driver and he waited for me and I paid my fare with unlimited MetroCard.

As soon as I hop onboard, elderly lady sitting by side facing street offered me a seat and I said, "Thank you."

At 20 minutes late, bus pulled over to 57th St, I got off and I walked to Grand Army Plaza and it was outrageous and horse-drawn carriage drivers were still working around the clock.

Then I saw Mary Jane with her horse, Jess and Mary approached me and asked, "Aya, you didn't pay me $50."

"What the heck?" I said in outrage. "We wouldn't own you anything, Mary!"

"Yes, you do." she said.

"We didn't have any romantic ride because of an accident, Mary." I yelled in top of voice.  "Look at what you did to me! Now, we are stucked here in New York City until my legs are fully recovered!"

"What accident?" other carriage driver asked.

"This carriage #1104 was horse carriage my parents and I were riding and JESS GOT SPOOKED AND WE WERE SERIOUSLY INJURED!!"



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