She's fallen so deep. All that covers her is darkness. Everyone is out to kill her, or at least that's what those doctors keep saying. So she's locked up in this room so far from the ground, staring out of the window looking for freedom. Then one day she decides to do it. She climbs out of the window down the the tree that has kept her company for many years then out those tall white gates. Not used to the civil world anymore she runs right into on coming traffic. Luckily they stop. One look at her they knew something wasn't right and took her under their wing. Now she's being chased, can they protect her? Can she find love along the way? Read :)


4. Traveling with *them*

Sara's POV:

"Joelle...." I heard someone softly whispering in my ear. I groaned and tried to fling my hand up but failed. Then I heard chuckling which made me flicker my eyes open to see Drew sitting on the floor staring at me. I slowly sat up rubbing my eyes and looking around remembering that we were on a bus now. 

A bus.

With 12 boys.

12 very messy boys. 

I jumped to my feet and hurried to the front of the bus. Ten were out here,  five gathered around the table, one driving, two on the couch and one sitting in a bean bag watching the driver. Keaton, Ashton, Wesley, Niall, and Harry were around the table playing cards. Zayn was driving with Liam watching him in the bean bag. Michael and Calum sat on the couch also playing a card game but different from the one the others were playing. Drew woke me up so Lou must either be still sleeping or taking a shower.

"Stop this bus." I yelled at Zayn.

"Why?" Liam asked.

"There's no way I can be stuck on a bus with twelve very messy boys!" 

"We aren't that messy!" Calum defended. 

"The place you call a living room has clothes all over the floor! You can't take one step without stepping on clothing!" I retorted. 

"As if you're any cleaner..." Michael muttered under his breath.

"Coming from the one who's only bath was the one I gave him by dumping that glass of water all over him." I retorted. 

"Guys calm down..." Luke stood up between us.

"Tell her to stop being such a bitch.." 

"I'll stop being a bitch when you grow up and stop being a dick!" I yelled.

"Whoa! What is going on?!" All our heads turned to Lou who was standing by the bunks with only a towel wrapped around his waist. 

"Stop this bus." I turned back to Zayn. 

"Why?" Louis asked.

"I can not stay on a bus with twelve guys. Wait I mean eleven guys and a little pussy girl." I smugly looked in Michael's direction. 

"Luke control that thing!" Michael growled.

"She's not a thing!" Drew yelled. "She's a person!"

"Guys.." Ashton muttered.

"WHAT?!" They all snapped. 

"We're being followed...." Ashton choked out. I rushed to the back window and just as I was about to look out of it I was pulled back. Luke looked out and then cursed under his breath. He fell to the floor in anger before punching it. 

"What are we going to do?" I asked with a shaky voice. 

"We have to get you to a save house, with a few of us while the others lead them away." Louis said. 

"You want to split up?" A lump started growing in my throat. 

"Only temporary." Drew reassured. Luke wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek. They left me in the back room as they all talked about the two guys who will be going with me. My only thought was: Just not Michael, anyone but him.

(>.^)> <(^-<) (;n(\

Hours passed as I laid out on the couch in the back staring up at the ceiling then the door opened. I felt like a woman waiting for the results of a pregnancy test. They had sent Drew in to tell me the plan because they knew that with his blue soft eyes I wouldn't be able to hit him. Whimps. 

"So what's going on? Who am I going with?" I asked. "I swear if it's Michael I'll kill all of you!" I warned. 

"No no! Luke made that clear, that he wasn't an option." He chuckled. 

"The who are the two lucky winners?" 

"Wesley..." He started and I groaned which made him chuckle. "And Liam." 

"Greeeeaat..." I said sarcastically. "So you're leaving me in the hands of the smart ass that taught me every mean bone in my body, and the protective father?" 

"Yeah..." He laughed awkwardly. 


"Because they were the only ones who weren't fighting about it." 

"Oh wow." I tried to sound a bit offended.

"It's getting dark so we are going to pull into the gas station where a friend is picking you three up. You have to wear black to be unseen." He kissed my forehead before going back to the others. I got up and changed into some black clothes before heading out to the guys. They were all either chatting or pouting about not being able to be the lucky two. Michael was pretty happy that he didn't have to see my face for awhile while some of the others looked bummed about it. 

The bus pulled up to the gas station and as we got out we saw the car that had been following us coming down the side road to get to the gas station. Wesley grabbed my hand as we hurried to the other car. I got into the back and ducked down as the bus pulled away. We watched as the car followed it. Pain entered my body. Wesley helped be out of the back into the backseat. I peered into the front seat to see a young lady staring down at her phone. She turned to look at me and softly smiled before extending her hand. 

"Hi love, I'm Brittan." I shook her hand and softly smiled actually happy to see a female.

"I'm Sara." I smiled. 

We drove away from the gas station into the darkness. We drove about ten miles before getting to a nice looking house. I looked at Wesley who also looked confused. 

"What are we doing?" He asked.

"Stopping here for the night." Liam said. 

I narrowed my eyes before Wesley pulled me out of the car up to the house. He held my hand as it shook from nerves. Once inside I took a seat on the couch before stretching out and closing my eyes. 

"She's a real beauty." Brittan whispered. 

"Tell me about it." Wesley chuckled.

<(^-^)> n(^.^)n /).(\

I woke up to the sun beaming down on my face. I groaned a bit before pushing the hair away from my face. I looked around to see that the only one away was Brittan. I walked over to her and she handed me a cup of warm tea. 

"Hmm.." She mumbled.

"Hm?" I looked at her weirdly. 

"A makeover should help." 

I coughed on the tea and looked at her like she had gone crazy. 

"A makeover?!" I coughed.

"Yeah like a different hair color maybe...?" 

"I don't know.." 

"It'll be fine, I promise. It should actually help because they are looking for a female with blonde hair and stunning blue eyes." She smiled softly. 

After awhile I gave in and allowed her to dye my hair. This was one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever gone through and that's saying something since I've been searched for at least seven years now. To think I was only thirteen then and now I'm almost twenty. After she was done I looked at my reflection and couldn't believe that it was me. To think something so simple could make you look like a completely different person.


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