She's fallen so deep. All that covers her is darkness. Everyone is out to kill her, or at least that's what those doctors keep saying. So she's locked up in this room so far from the ground, staring out of the window looking for freedom. Then one day she decides to do it. She climbs out of the window down the the tree that has kept her company for many years then out those tall white gates. Not used to the civil world anymore she runs right into on coming traffic. Luckily they stop. One look at her they knew something wasn't right and took her under their wing. Now she's being chased, can they protect her? Can she find love along the way? Read :)


2. Prologue.

Sara's POV:

The screams smashed through the wall into my room. I was next in line. They were going to strap me down to that bed, shove needles into my arms, put some kind of wire to my forehead and press that big red button. Then pain will take over my body causing me to scream out in bloody murder. No one will come to my rescue though. No one cares. They all forgotten about me. They screaming got louder as I looked down out of my window. An alarm went off and the guards that normally were under my window ran inside. 

This is my chance. 

I pushed open the window ever so gently and hopped over to the tree that has kept me company for the last seven years. I've watched as it nursed so many little birds to happy parents. I climbed down with caution. As my feet touched the ground I took off running towards the big white gates. I looked for a way over until I noticed a tree leaning against the wall. I climbed up and over then ran. All of a sudden I heard loud screaming of horns and I fell to my knees cuffing my ears. 

"Are you alright?" I looked up to see a blonde male with beautiful blue eyes, and a Australian accent, bending down next to me with a worried expression on his face. I nodded slowly.

"What's your name?" I turned my head slightly to see another male with blue eyes and a British accent. I moved my lips but nothing came out. I was silent. No words would come out of my mouth and I wanted to cry. They punish you every time you spoke so I learned to keep silent, sadly because of that I've forgotten how to speak.

"She can't talk!" Another male with blue eyes came into view. Unlike the other two he was American. I heard shouting coming from the way I ran. They were coming after me. The one with the Australian accent grabbed my hand and pulled me into the car they were driving. I ducked down as we went past the guards that were searching for me. The boys didn't notice this action of mine. 

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