She's fallen so deep. All that covers her is darkness. Everyone is out to kill her, or at least that's what those doctors keep saying. So she's locked up in this room so far from the ground, staring out of the window looking for freedom. Then one day she decides to do it. She climbs out of the window down the the tree that has kept her company for many years then out those tall white gates. Not used to the civil world anymore she runs right into on coming traffic. Luckily they stop. One look at her they knew something wasn't right and took her under their wing. Now she's being chased, can they protect her? Can she find love along the way? Read :)


3. Miss "Fierce"

Sara's POV:

 I traced my lips with the staining stick of color before staring into the mirror that reflected my image back towards me. I ran my hand through my hair before heading out of the bathroom into the mess they call a *living* room. How anyone could possibly live in this mess I wondered. I grabbed a cold glass of water and stood hovering over the couch which had a sleeping male cuddled up to it. He was half naked like always but that didn't bother me because I was actually quite used to see half naked males now. Sometimes even the flirtatious Harry streaks on by without a care in mind. As I was about to turn the glass completely over the door flung open. My piercing blue eyes met those of a soft caring shade of blue.

"Don't do it Sara..." He muttered. I smirked and turned the glass completely over. After a few seconds we heard it touch the skin of the sleeping boy, followed by a loud scream. I turned my head back to see him now standing up with a hint of anger in his eyes.

"This is your fault." He groaned. "Luke I swear man..." 

"Michael calm down..." Luke tried to calm him down but he stormed to the back room. Michael never was too please to allow me to stay in this house. Ashton loved the idea to having a woman around while Calum didn't really care one way or another. "Sara just because he does som-" He started but I cut him off with my finger to his lips. 

"Shhh..." I whispered. "I don't play nice with others, you know this Luke." I walked past him to the door then stopped and turned around. "Are you coming?" He nodded slowly before following me out to the car. Today was Sunday and I was going to stay with Lou. Each Sunday I switch houses mostly to keep me hidden. Only Luke, Louis, and Drew know about where I was and why I can't stay longer in one place. I'm terrified of being taken back even though I don't show it. 

 I got the name Sara from Drew, because I couldn't talk and they couldn't figure out my name he just started calling me Sara. My real name is Joelle. When I was finally able to talk again I told Drew my real name and now he calls me by it, but usually it's Sara. 

We pulled up to the house and sat in the car for a few minutes before the five boys ran out of the house to greet us. I smiled as I got out of the car I was engulfed into a tight hug. 

"Be careful when you're sleeping she might pour ice cold water on you." Luke groan. 

"You didn't...." Louis sighed. 

"Yes she did." 

"To who?" Zayn asked.


"Oh well he deserves it." Niall chuckled but started to cough awkwardly when Luke shot him a glare. It's true though, Michael did deserve the way I treated him. He talks bad about Luke behind his back and I don't like it. Luke pulled me into his arms hugging me tightly then as he let go he kissed my cheek. As the car pulled away from the house we all waved goodbye before heading inside. I couldn't escape the feeling that someone was watching me though. 

<(^-<) v(^-^)v (>-^)> /).(\

After I got out of the shower I hurried to the living room with the towel on my shoulders. I was in my normal batman pajamas and a low cut tank top. I jumped down on the couch beside Louis and Zayn. Zayn groaned as my wet hair drenched his arm. I stuck my tongue out at him just before Lou grabbed the towel then started drying my hair. I groaned as he left the towel on my head. I lifted the towel to see him staring at me.

"What monkey boy?!" I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Who taught her this anyway?" Louis muttered.

"Harry." They all pointed their fingers to the almost naked boy walking out of the kitchen in his boxers. He stopped and stared at us with a cupcake in his mouth. 

"What?" He questioned with his mouth full. 

"You turned her into a little monster!" Niall chuckled.

"That wasn't me! That was Zayn!" He defended.

"No mate." Zayn shook his head.

"No I think it was Wesley's influence." I said getting up and taking the rest of Harry's cupcake then eating it. 

"Probably." They all laughed. I jumped back down onto Louis' lap then cuddled up to him in his arms. We fell asleep on the couch with his arm around me and my head buried in his chest. 

 (o-\) /).(\  (>.^)>

I woke up to loud gunshots roaring in my ears. I fell to the floor cuffing my ears in fear. My body started shaking before I felt arms wrapping around me. I turned my head to see Lou looking at me with a worried expression. Another gunshot sent me hurling my body into his arms. Then the door swung open causing my heart to almost break out of my chest with fear. I jumped out of his arms and ran straight into another's. I looked behind him with teary eyes to see flashing lights. 

"What's going on?" Louis asked Drew.

"She can't stay here anymore. We need to get her out of this town." Drew said tightening his grip on me.  "They've been watching her, they knew she was here." 

"What?!" Louis' eyes filled with concern. Drew grabbed my hand pulling me out to a large bus sitting in front of the house. 

"You guys going to come or stay?" Drew asked opening the door for me. I stopped before getting on to see all of the boys gathering by the door.

"Come." They all said running inside to grab some things before coming back out with bags. I walked onto the bus to see the other boys scattered out. I made my way to the back to see Luke pacing back and forth. Once he saw me he pulled me into a tight hug holding me tightly. 

"I thought...." He muttered.

"I'm fine Luke.." I tightened my grip on him. We sat down on the couch and then I stretched out laying my head on his lap then drifting off to sleep. Even though I knew my life was once again at risk I felt at ease being surrounded by these boys.

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