She's fallen so deep. All that covers her is darkness. Everyone is out to kill her, or at least that's what those doctors keep saying. So she's locked up in this room so far from the ground, staring out of the window looking for freedom. Then one day she decides to do it. She climbs out of the window down the the tree that has kept her company for many years then out those tall white gates. Not used to the civil world anymore she runs right into on coming traffic. Luckily they stop. One look at her they knew something wasn't right and took her under their wing. Now she's being chased, can they protect her? Can she find love along the way? Read :)


5. Brown Hair and Blue Eyes.

Sara's POV:

I stared at my reflection for hours as I sat on the counter. Brit was cooking breakfast and humming along to the radio while we waited for the guys to wake up.

"Holy shit..." I turned my head to see Wesley staring at me with wide eyes. "What happened to your hair??"

"I dyed it for her. This way she should be safe for awhile." Brit said.

"You think hair is going to protect her?" He mocked.

"They are looking for a blonde hair girl, so it's worth a shot." I jumped a bit when I heard Liam's voice. He was leaning against the door frame. I turned my head back to Wes who was staring at me with curious eyes.

“I guess it couldn’t hurt..” Wesley mumbled.

“When are we leaving?” I finally spoke up.

“Tired of me already?” Brit teased.

“No she just wants to get back to the others.” Liam said taking a seat next to Brit. I swear there’s something going on between those two. I shrugged it off before heading out on the back patio. I know it wasn’t the best idea to go outside but being inside all the time makes me very anxious. Hearing the birds sing made me feel better for some reason. I guess it was the only thing that kept me sane when I was locked up in that room.

“Are you alright Sara?” I turned my head to see Wesley leaning against the back door.

“Yeah..” I lied.

“Come with me.” He stated before pulling me off the patio. I followed him towards a barn that was further back in the yard. Once we were in the barn I heard a faint meow coming from a corner of the barn. I hurried closer behind Wesley before I saw a small little kitten meowing for it’s mother. “I found it’s mother last night…”

“Oh no…” I fought back the tears as I picked up the kitten in my arms. It was a calico cat, and a beautiful one at that.

“That cat reminds me of you..” Welsey smirked.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Well you were a stray that Drew brought home.” He chuckled causing me to gently punch him. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into his embrace. The sweet smell of his cologne filled my nose as I closed my eyes.

“Guys!” I flickered my eyes open again to see Liam staring at us with very curious eyes.

“What?” Wesley finally asked a bit annoyedly.

“Lets go.”

I followed behind Wesley holding the little kitten in my arms. There was no way I was going to leave this little baby here alone to die. A few minutes after we were in the car driving away Liam finally noticed that I had it in my arms.

“What’s that?” He groaned.

“My baby.” I stuck my tongue out at him causing him to shut up. The little kitten curled up in my lap and started purring as it fell asleep. I rested my head on Wesley’s shoulder and closed my eyes as we drove away from the safety of that house.


I flickered my eyes open to see that we were pulling up towards an old farm house. I looked through the window to see that we were miles away from the nearest building. I smiled at the thought of being out in the country. When I was very young I lived out in the country, I enjoyed everyday, up until my parents were killed. Wesley opened the door allowing me to get out of the car.

“I need to get some kitty food.” I mumbled looking down at the little bundle of joy still asleep in my arms.

“I got it covered.” He smiled at me before walking towards the house. I followed behind him curiously. When I walked through the door laughter filled my ears. A smile engulfed my lips as I handed the kitten over to Wesley and running into the living room. Ten very messy boys sat in the living room eating pizza.

“Finally we were starting to get worried.” Luke teased holding up a slice of pizza.

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