He's One Hell Of A Lover

Kyami is the newest servant at the Phatomhive manor. She has long brown hair and bright green eyes. She has become the new favorite of Ciel, making Sebastian very angry and jealous. Ciel has favorited Kyami over her beauty and sex appeal. Sebastian does not seem fased by this about her at all, but merely enjoys her company because of her love of dark magic and curiousity of hell. However he is targeted on becoming Ciel's favorite again.

Kyami does not know what's gonna hit her, but she knows one thing, she has fallen for Sebastian's attention. Good or bad. Will Kyami gain the attention she wants or will she gain the wrong attention from Sebastian?


1. chapter 1 Sebastian's POV

I went to the young master's room and Kyami past by me. She stopped, "Sebastian sir, do you think I should clean the young master's study?" She asked. I nodded and she went on her way. I watched her as she walked away. She had refused to wear the normal maid attire, saying that it was too sexual and she is not that kind of woman. I respected her for that. She wears a long black flowy dress when she works. I smiled to myself, thinking about how most women should be like her. I continued walking until I got to the young master's door. I opened it and woke him up. I removed myself from the room as he got dressed. 

I watched as Kyami ran back and forth between rooms, cleaning. I smiled to myself. Why don't the others clean like that? She's so devoted. I went back into Ciel's room and he was sitting on the bed drinking the tea I gave to him, "Breakfast will be crepes, with white blossom tea with scones or toast. Which ever to your liking, my lord," I said to him. He nodded and got up. We walked down to the dining hall together. 

"So what has Kyami done today so far?" He asked. I fumed with rage as she was the first thing he mentioned to me every morning since Kyami started working here. 

"She has cleaned the study, but I think she has also prepared breakfast," I replied. I heard the jealously in my voice, but Ciel didn't so that was good. 

"I see. I bet breakfast will be exquisite!" He exclaimed. I scoffed quietly. He heard, "Why do you not like Kyami?" 

"I never said I didn't, but I never said I did," I answered. We enter the dining hall as Kyami finished setting the table. He sat down and she sat a plate of crepes in front of him. She poured his tea and he took a sip. He smiled at her and she smiled back. I walked into the kitchen and  Kyami sat on the counter. 

"Hello Sebastian. How are you?" She asked crossing her legs. 

"Quite well. Please remove yourself from the counter," I commanded. She obeyed. I walked up to her. Her green orbs looked into my red ones. She had curled her long brown hair today, it framed her face like a work of art. Her black dress made her pale skin look almost white. I placed my hand on her shoulder, "Please leave the cooking to me or Baldroy," I said. She nodded. I walked away from her. 

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