The summer i fell in love❤️

Hanna Marin is just a normal blonde blue eyed woman until she buys a ecstatic by herself and meets her love Harry Styles however what will happen when her Ex boyfriend comes back and try's to split them up!
Will they ever go back to being lovers?

May contain sexual chapters and bad language


2. walk

We strolled through the fields when he brought up If I had a boyfriend ..

" Erm I did but he dumped me for some girl called Whitney," I huffed

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to bring it up"

"No it's okay, so what about yourself harry?"

"I dumped my girl friend Taylor because she cheated on me with this lad called ed," he growled.

"Oh, I came here for a fresh start!" I sighed

"Same here!" He laughed!

We came to a tree hanging over the river!

"Omg let's go on that!" We both said In unison!

We chuckled when he grabbed my hand to drag me along.

I looked down and smiled, he pulled his hand away..

"Oh no don't worry! I don't mind us holding hands" I whisper

He laughed grabbed my hand and dragged me too the tree!

We climbed up the branch after removing shoes and socks, I was so glad I had painted my toes last night!

We sat on the log over the river swinging our feet across and talking about family and friends,

I spoke about Aria and how she's my bestfriend and he'd probably be seeing a lot of her!

He spoke about liam who's his best mate and that id be seeing a lot of Liam too..

"My friends got in a relationship with a Liam, Liam Payne" I laughed

"Omg that's my best mate Liam payne!" He said in a shocked expression!

"What a coincidence!" I giggled.

After about ten minuets of talking about what we like to eat and favourite celebrity he asked me a question out if the blue

"Wanna go for a swim?"

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