The summer i fell in love❤️

Hanna Marin is just a normal blonde blue eyed woman until she buys a ecstatic by herself and meets her love Harry Styles however what will happen when her Ex boyfriend comes back and try's to split them up!
Will they ever go back to being lovers?

May contain sexual chapters and bad language


4. swimming part two💦

Quickly I flung my arm over my chest and use my other arm to hide my stomach, I glanced to harry and noticed his mouth open..shit is that a good one or bad?

Fuck it.

I walked towards Harry, still with my hands wrapped against my body.

"Oh right come swim" harry said looking away

"Erg yeah I am..." I said nervously

I shuddered as the cold water splashed against my skin.

"Too cold?" Harry laughed

"No I'm fine" I said bottom lip wobbling

"Oh so you don't mind if I do this?" After he finished his last words a gust of water splattered on me!

I shook my hair purposely splashing harry with it, then slowly scooping it all onto my left shoulder.

I dunked Harry under and he grabbed me down with him!

We arrived back out the water and came face to face with Harry, his wet pink lips glistened in the sun and his hair had fell perfectly on his forehead, I looked into his eyes noticing he was studying my face..

Slowly he was leaning in and I noticed I was too.

Just as I thought I was going to get a kiss off them Amazing looking lips a cough interrupted our moment!

I mentally groaned! I looked up to find aria and this very attractive man that must be liam.

I gasped and ran towards Aria, diving on her and making he collapse to the floor with me rolling the side of her.

She laughed and picked me and her up off the floor, I looked up to see who I believe Liam shaking Harrys hand.

"Come on let's go introduce you to my liam" aria grinned

I nodded at her smiling, she took my hand and we ran over,

" wait before we start speaking why are you and harry in a river together?" Liam asked with a confused face

"We just went for a swim?" I said answering his question truthfully!

"So your no-" Liam began to say but harry cut him off..

"Oh no, no way!" Harry basically screamed..way to offend me harry! "So liam your staying in my ecstatic right?" Harry carried on changing the subject.

"Erm yeah okay? Aria is that okay?" Liam asked gently pulling the now wet aria( due to my hug after id been in the river, for you dirty minded people)

"Yeah that's fine, I'll be staying with Hanna anyway!" aria replied gently kissing his lips.

I looked down realising I'm standing here talking to Aria and her Liam in just my bra and pants..

" oh god I'm so sorry I'm Hanna, Arias best friend, this is a very awkward way to meet due To my lack of clothing but, hello" I said quickly, causing them all too chuckle

"It's fine, aria talks about you a lot" he smiled

I did a pretend gulp and they started to laugh,

" any way how long you guys staying?" I asked looking back and forth between them.

"Only two nights" Liam replied

" okay how about you and harry come over tonight for dinner at Hanna's?" Aria blurted out.

" yep me and Harry will come!" Liam answered

I did my politest smile and grabbed my clothes placing them back on.

"See you tonight then!" I huffed but smiled

I walked back to my ecstatic with aria rambling on about Liam and I was just nodding in agreement..

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