The summer i fell in love❤️

Hanna Marin is just a normal blonde blue eyed woman until she buys a ecstatic by herself and meets her love Harry Styles however what will happen when her Ex boyfriend comes back and try's to split them up!
Will they ever go back to being lovers?

May contain sexual chapters and bad language


1. moving in

As I stride up the path I place various boxes on the decking. I stop to look around..

"A new beginning" I smile to myself.

I reach for the front door an struggle to get it open, I pull it hard and fall back creating a loud bang as I hit the floor


As I lift my weight off the ground out the corner of my eye I feel a man staring at me I sharply turn my head however nothing was there..

I turn back around and gasp loudly causing me and this mysterious man to jump'

"Oh gosh I didn't mean too scare you!" He chuckled deeply

Shrugging I waved it off.

" The names Hanna. What's yours?" I ask politely

"Oh..I'm um Harry" he stuttered

"Well hello harry I hope we can be friends!" I giggle

"Defiantly Hanna" he laughed and shook my hand.

He struts off over to his ecstatic which I realise is next door to me.

Yay I get to see his sexy face every morning!

I laugh out loud to myself about my weird but true thought.

3 hours later**

I've finished packing and now it's time to start all over again!

I plonk my self down and switch on my tv and put loyal on by Chris brown..

I find my self prancing round the ecstatic until I hear a deep cough!

I jump around awkwardly too find Harry standing in the doorway with a big smirk on his face..

I feel my cheeks heating up!

"Nice dancing babe!"

Omg babe calm down Hanna!!

"Oh gosh I didn't see you there I'm sorry" I say quickly!

"It don't matter I quite enjoyed seeing you happy, any way I just wanted too know if I could show you round?" He said and rushed the last part.

"Yeah of corse" I say calmly

However my insides are jumping about like there on a bouncy castle! I don't know why I'm like this. I've only just met the guy and I'm also suffering a break up with Luke. I smile at the thought of his name..

I grab my keys and jog towards the door too go on the 'walk' with harry.

I slam the door and off we set..

A.N- sorry this isn't that good but I promise chapter 2 will be better- Charlotte❤️❤️

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