Has He Got That One Thing

Tatum's friends has loved One Direction since the X factor her friends are always talking about them and it drives her crazy and one day on her best friend Shay's birthday she got One Direction tickets and tickets for a meet and greet so she forced Tatum to go but before the meet and greet she bump's into one of the members she doesn't know if she has feelings for him.


9. Unknown Messages

I keep getting these threating texts from a unknow number its happening a lot no like every two hours Shay just said i should block the number or report it to the police since my older sister Payton works for them i might just do that when i went to police station on Tuseday i told them about the threating texts since they knew i was Tatum they sent down Payton she hugged me her boss looked at her 

''So whats wrong Tatum'' 

''Well i keep getting these threating texts from unknown number''

''Well maybe we should take your phone for a couple day or a couple of weeks to track down this number''

''Ok thanks so much Payton i really want to know who it is its freaking me out''

''No problem''

When i got home i went on my ipad i got i message from Harry saying

''Hey why havent you returned my calls and texts did somethin happen''

''No i had to give my phone to police to track down the person that has been sending me those threating text messages i told you about but i dont when im getting my phone back sorry''

''Its ok i understand i hope they find the person soon''

''I hope so too well i have to go bye''

''Ok bye see you later''

Oh i hope they find him or her but i think i might know who it is it could be Meg or Dave or the other girls that hated me in my school because all the boys liked me and i wasnt populer at all i only had 10 friends.




Hey guys sorry i havent uploaded in a while i was in france for a week and my mind has been all over the place boy troubles can any of you guys give me advice my friends are shit at it plus my cusions are coming down for the weekend and my brother ''girlfriend''.

Love Mariesa xxxxx

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