Has He Got That One Thing

Tatum's friends has loved One Direction since the X factor her friends are always talking about them and it drives her crazy and one day on her best friend Shay's birthday she got One Direction tickets and tickets for a meet and greet so she forced Tatum to go but before the meet and greet she bump's into one of the members she doesn't know if she has feelings for him.


11. Rumors


                                                                          Tatum's POV


It has been a week before i met Sissy i kept getting texts,emails,calls and messages from Harry i was so worried because i haven't returned any of them Shay has been trying to talk to me but i have blanked her out plus i have been in my room because i am embarrassed to leave the flat because Sissy has been spreading Rumors that i have been cheating on Harry and that i have been with other men every weekand that in the video when i was singing Through The Dark she said i wasn't singing i have been checking the comments and they have been really nice saying the i would never do that and that she's full of shit i got a text from Harry saying.



''Hi love are you okay i havn't heard from you in a week i called Shay she said there was a girl called Sissy that was at your door last week and she said that she has been spreading rumors about you.''

''Hey Harry is it true that you dated her because she said that you did and that i was suppose to stay away from you.''

''Yes it's true we did go outbut for a little while because she was becoming really bossy and really bitchy but just ignore her i checked her blog and thecomments are really nice because there defending you if you any problem with her then come to me ok.''

''I'm so lucky that i met you Harry.''

For the first time in a week i left my room Shay was so happy to happy smiling as a laugh Shay put on Smile by Avril Lavigne even though i don't like her touching my album's becuase i was so down she toke me shopping when we got to the mall the first thing we saw was the pet shop we went and we saw cutest little kittens ever there was only two left a black and white and a little grey one i begged Shay if we can have them and she said yes even though we have one at home when we got home Shay came up with the Domino and i came up with the name Devon it after eight so we decided to have pizza for dinner it was about tenish when Shay went to bed i stayed up a little longer about midnight the doorbell went off when i opened to door there was no one there the last thing i remembered was that i flet something hit me when i opened my eyesi was in a different room what happened.


Hey guys sorry if i haven't uploaded in a while and im going to try to make the new fanfic today even though i ment to make it about three weeks ago but yeah who do u think kidnapped her Sissy or Dave and Meg or Cara and Kayleigh but yeah hope you enjoyed this one.

Love Mariesa xxxxx


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