Has He Got That One Thing

Tatum's friends has loved One Direction since the X factor her friends are always talking about them and it drives her crazy and one day on her best friend Shay's birthday she got One Direction tickets and tickets for a meet and greet so she forced Tatum to go but before the meet and greet she bump's into one of the members she doesn't know if she has feelings for him.


3. Record deal

Tatum's POV 

''Harry i don't really sing plus I'm not that good ask anyone any but maybe i'll sing for you''

I can't believe he asked me that we only met yesterday and we don't know anything about each other

i mean i did tell a lie i love to sing but what if he doesn't like my voice what if he thinks I'm horrible oh well i just started to text Shay.

Hey Harry asked me if i could sing for him i told him that i don't sing and that I'm really bad at it so what should i do 

Tatum that's a lie you love to sing and your really good at it and maybe he could help you with your singing career.

Okay thanks babes bye.

Huh maybe she could be right oh well how bad can it be and since i was 6 i always wanted to be come a singer going to that 1D concert was a good idea and they weren't half bad there really nice lads and really REALLY cute oh god I'm fan girling over a band i don't really like but oh well I'm 19 so none of the mean girls could bully mean even though i bump into them sometimes.

'' Okay Harry meet me at my place tomorrow i'll text you where i live''

''Bye love remember we're filming the music video if you wont to come''

Before he left he kissed me on the cheek i blushed a little i can't believe THE Harry styles kissed me i'm fan girling again great when i got i rushed up to my music room well painting room for Shay, Shay and I share a room for our hobbies the it's a big room Shay wanted it to be her room when we moved after we finshed high school but i came up with idea of a music and painted room she's got her art stuff and i got a recording studio were i do covers and burn them into disc's and my instruments she mostly paints Niall and there really good has a laugh she painted Harry for me when i left.

''Hey Shay guess what Harry told me that One Direction is filming a music for You And I and he said we can go down there if we want and you can see Niall and the re'' 

She screamed so loud i couldn't finsh what i was saying so i just went up steps to the Art/Music room i did cover's of Rather Be by Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynne, Crying For No Reason by Katy B, some Katy Perry Songs and Story Of My Life by One Direction it was almost 5 i just went down to place where the lads are filming You And I i told Shay that I'm but she wanted to come i told to get her shoes on.

Harry's POV

''HEY HAZZA HOW WAS YOUR DATE'' Louis said right in my ear very loudly

''Jesus Lou i might be deaf now and it wasn't a date we just hung out has friends''

''Harry you kissed her on the cheek last night and on your date you have feelings for just tell your best friend Boo Bear''

''Fine Lou i have feelings for her she's not like other girl's she's pretty, smart, funny and nice and i wont things to work out with her but i think she just want to be friend's'' 

''Well Harry you better tell her because i think that's her their with her friend Shay'' said Zayn 

''Ha hey Niall remember that girl Shay i think she's with Tatum and take a breath mint'' said Harry 

''Yes i like Shay she's pretty cool and my breath isn't that bad oh god it is thanks bro''

Tatum's POV

The lads just waved and said hey to Shay and I but i couldn't see Harry, Shay just went up to Niall their really hitting it off the first one to come up to me was Louis but the lads call him Boo Bear when he came up to me he shouted in my ear saying ''HI TATUM SEE TO FINALLY MEET YOU I'M LOUIS'' i shouted to Louis ''HEY LOUIS'' I'm guessing hey's hyper and hope that he isn't like this then Liam came and said ''Sorry Louis is like this sometime's when he meet's people the first time we met him he was alwas like that but not so him'' we both laughed i like Liam he's funny then Zayn come's over he said Hi to me but kind of shyly he said ''Hi I'm Tatum and you gotta be Zayn'' he just nodded okay awkward i didn't need to meet Niall because i met him last night and we talked for a couple of seconds i saw Harry i just ran up to him.

''Hey Curly just met the rest of the lads their a weird pair but nice oh and here you are''

''Yeah they are and what's this''

''You said you wanted to hear me sing well i did cover's of a few songs and now you don't need to come to mine to me sing and was Shay's idea''

''Thanks i'll play it in the car so are you staying''

''Yeah see how this work's because it might happen to me''

''What to you mean'' 

''Well since i was 6 i loved to sing and before i was 19 i wanted to become a singer but that hasn't happened yet because a lot of mean girl's said i couldn't sing and that i never had a chance because all the big names in the music biz will turn me down cause I'm horrible and after that happened i just said to my self what's the point of singing now'' when i said that a tear rolled down for my eye Harry just pulled me for hug after the video everyone was going for pizza Harry asked if i wanted to come i just told him no but Shay went along.

Harry's POV

When i started the car i found Tatum's disc that she gave me i put it in the CD player she was really good Niall asked who is that before i answered Shay told him it was Tatum ''She's really good said paul (He's like the dad of 1D) a friend of mine is looking for a new young artist to give a record deal for should i phone him he could meet us at the pizza place and i could give him the CD'' everyone nodded with agreement.

Tatum's POV

I got a text from Harry really early in the morning saying

Hey can you meet me at the covent gardens at 11 i really need to talk to you .

Why does he want to meet so early it better be worth it when i got up i had a quick shower put on my green leggins and long sleeve top with a short sleeve top on top and i just put one some black flats i put my make up on and put my hair up in a ponytail when i got to covent gardens i saw Harry and paul but there was a man in a navy blue suit.

''There she is'' said paul

''You must be Tatum Thompson I'm Richie Leonerd'' said the guy in the suit

''Paul and Harry said that you are very good at singing and they gave my a CD of yours''

I almost chocked one my water i looked up at Harry he looked up at me with his green eyes looking into my blue eyes.

''Really did you like it i worked hard on making it''

''I loved it and i want to give you a record deal''

''WHAT'' everyone just looked at me ''Thank you so much Mr.Leonerd''

''Please call me Richie''

I was so happy i looked at Harry i smiled at him my dream is finally coming true.


Chapter four will be up tomorrow my friend helped me with the chapter name and the name for chapter four

Love Mariesa xxxxx





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