Has He Got That One Thing

Tatum's friends has loved One Direction since the X factor her friends are always talking about them and it drives her crazy and one day on her best friend Shay's birthday she got One Direction tickets and tickets for a meet and greet so she forced Tatum to go but before the meet and greet she bump's into one of the members she doesn't know if she has feelings for him.


8. Not A Chapter

Hey guys sorry i haven't uploaded in  a while i have been so busy i was going to do it on Tuesday but i had to leave to go to see One Direction in Edinburgh and i was going to upload a couple of chapters today but my cat ran away on Friday so were going to look for him so sorry i haven't uploaded in like a month put i will try to get a chapter up tonight and maybe tomorrow plus in my last chapter i wanted ship names for Tatum and Harry and ship names for Shay and Niall but like i said i will try and get chapters up tonight or tomorrow and i will keep you posted about my cat i had him since i was little he very important to me but bye love you guys xxxxx

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