Has He Got That One Thing

Tatum's friends has loved One Direction since the X factor her friends are always talking about them and it drives her crazy and one day on her best friend Shay's birthday she got One Direction tickets and tickets for a meet and greet so she forced Tatum to go but before the meet and greet she bump's into one of the members she doesn't know if she has feelings for him.


5. Awesome And Awkward

Tatum's POV

After the recording i got phone call's from my parents, brother, sister's,aunts, uncles, cousin's, grandparent's and two friend's i haven't seen in forever it was Ashlee and Lizzy i haven't seen them since High School because Ashlee moved to Australia and Lizzy moved to Scotland when i went out with Shay i got people coming over to me asking for autograph's i saw Harry and Niall going into Nandon's they saw me and smiled this was turning into a awesome day and some fans wanted pictures with me they even wanted a couple with Shay since she is friends with a celebrity now i guess i kinda am after of the pictures and signing we went into a ice cream place when we ordered our ice cream we sat down when i got a text from an old boyfriend. 

Hey it's Dave i was wondering if you wanted to meet up tomorrow for lunch to catch up.

I cant believe Dave want's to meet up

I told Shay she said ''You shouldn't go in High School he used you''

That was true my dad had a good job and he got buyed really well and when he found out my dad had a good job he asked me out we went out for a couple of month's tell Shay told me he was using me he might want to go out with me again for my fame and i can't let that happen and then Harry texted me.

Hey do you want to meet up for lunch tomorrow i have to tell you something xx.

Oh great now i got two lunch dates Dave wants to catch up but Harry has to tell me something i just texted Dave saying just to come up to the flat tonight at 7:30 Shay wasn't so happy but he might have changed and i texted Harry sure.

Harry's POV 

I just hope she feel's the same way the lad's think she does because of the way she act's but if she say's no it could ruin our friendship i don't want that to happen 'Phone beeps' oh thank god she agreed to meet up.

Tatum's POV 

When i got back to the flat it was 7:00 shit only have half an hour till he come's i went into mu purple dress and the only thing i know how to cook is burger's it was 7:30 right on time 

''Tatum why are you doing this it's just Dave it's not Prince William and his wife Kate coming for dinner It's Dave The Dick the one that used you''

''I know but he could of changed and good one''


Crap it's him I'm kinda nervous i haven't seen him since High School i opened the door whoa he as changed.

(Skips through dinner till the end)

''Thanks Tatum i had fun and i need to tell you something''

''What is it Dave''

''I love you and i always have well bye''

Shay stood there with her mouth open speechless i can't believe my ex said he loved me and he always as i couldn't sleep that night it 5 in the morning i could hear Shay up painted and listing to music and it was One Direction of course i went in asking what she was doing at 5 she said she couldn't sleep as well since she saw Dave saying that he love's me i went in for a shower and got dressed i wore  my short's, long sleeved top and my flats waiting till 11:30 to leave when it reached that time i left i was meeting Harry at the tiny baker i couldn't get my mind off what Dave said to me last night what happens if Harry says the same thing then I'm screwed when it reached 12:05 Harry came in his hair was a mess oh well it still looked nice.

''Hey love sorry i was late i ran into some fans and i have 5 minutes so i really need to tell you something that has been on my mind for a while''

Oh no please don't say you love please don't say you love me PLEASE don't say it ''What is it Harry'' i said it with a nervous voice 

''Um well i don't know how to say so i wrote on a bit of paper here you go''

The note said ''Tatum i have to get this off my mind but since the day i meet you i had a feeling and here it is i love you'' 


Ohh cliffhanger sorry i haven't uploaded in a few day's i have been busy but i bet you guys are happy since there is some drama now wonder who Tatum is going to pick but i well try and get a couple more chapters up today.

Love Mariesa xxxxx

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