Has He Got That One Thing

Tatum's friends has loved One Direction since the X factor her friends are always talking about them and it drives her crazy and one day on her best friend Shay's birthday she got One Direction tickets and tickets for a meet and greet so she forced Tatum to go but before the meet and greet she bump's into one of the members she doesn't know if she has feelings for him.


10. Another Concert

I finlly know who has been texting me these awful texts its been these two girls that i went to school with called Cara and Kayleigh they have been charched but they have been doing to other people as well but i got a really good suprise Shay gave me a awesome gift she got me tickets to see 5 Seconds Of Summer and i really love them so much and i texted Harry ''Hey Harry guess what Shay got me'' ''What dont say a new boyfriend'' ''No Harry tickets to 5SOS is she the best its a shame she doesnt know them if i know someone that knows them ill marry them. ''Well lucky for you i know them and One Direction is playing for them so maybe you and Shay can meet them'' ''Holy Fuck you better not be kidding or ill kill you'' ''No im not kidding ill talk to them but meet me outside the statium so i can meet you there'' ''Thank you so much'' ''No problem'' HEY SHAY GET DOWN HERE NOW I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING THATS REALLY COOL ''Okay Okay jesus calm down what do u have to tell me'' ''well you how were going to see 5SOS'' ''Yeah what about it'' ''Well Harry said he knows 5SOS and hes playing for them how awesome is'' ''Holy crap really i love him even more'' Well i can say Shay is really happy shes about to order a Luke hoddie and Michael hoodie for me she really loves me, Its the day of the concert now and i cant wait Harry texted me saying that we can meet them i was over the moon same as Shay when we got to the concert it was amazing normally i would go and see Avril Lavigne or Paramore mostly the rocker kinda people but there was about 40,000 people there plus we were at the front row and when 1D saw us they winked at us and gave us high fives people were jeasolus and i saw the same girl that was at there concert and she gave us the stink eye but who care and they high fived other people after a hour 5SOS came on its was so loud but really cool they started of with Dont Stop and i love that song and when their last song was Amnesia which is my favourite song i cried during it because its a really sad song and they spotted us crying which was really awkward since we are going to meet them when the concert was finshed we went to meet Harry when we went backstage 5SOS were sitting on the coach and Harry introduce us and it was really cool meeting them plus Luke and Michael saw our hoodies and i think Aston and Calum got hurt by it but we said its okay the rest of our friends love you two and that cheered them up really quick after a hour and half we had to leave but it was coolest thing ever we both got hugs off the and they signed out hoodies which was awesome when we were walking home there was this girl sitting on our doorstep she didnt look happy she us and said to me ''Are you Tatum Thompson'' ''Yeah why were you sitting on our doorstep'' ''Because i want you to stay away from Harry our i swear to god i will kill you i dont care if your famous but stay away from Harry'' ''Um i dont know plus Harry is my boyfriend im not staying way from him because some psycho bitch tells me to'' ''Im Sissy Morre and im a ex girlfriend of Harry and i dont care if hes your boyfriend but stay away from him and he still loves'' ''Im sorry Sissy but you have to get over him just let him be happy'' ''Ha thats cute im never getting over him but i have to go now toddles darling'' ''Um okay bye'' Hey sorry for the lack of uploads but i will try and upload more and im also going to start a new fanfic called In The Summer and im trying to make it more better because it was getting a bit boring but more drama will be coming so yeah try and look out for the new fanfic i might start it up on friday. Love Mariesa xxxxx
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