let go

Trisha is the normal 17 year old who has a perfect brother nd best friends...but will d New group of students be a problem..???..especially the bad boy Niall Horan...nd what will happen when he makes her fall for him just for a dare..??..would she ever forgive him..would she ever let go.?..or would this be the start of a new story...read to find out...


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 Trisha's pov

It was a week since I went on that date with Niall...and I think I judged him too quick. Just 'cuz he has a lot of tattoos and is a huge flirt I thought he was a player and a bad ass...but to be honest he is a very nice person
He is the most caring person I've come across...I think I might have a crush on him.I don't know why he acts all bad-ass but now I know how he is beneath all that facade. When I told El about it she too seemed to think about Niall again...and she has a bit of a crush on Zayn who is Niall's group.

Today Niall is gonna come over for movie marathon and I'm a tad bit nervous about it.I've arranged the snacks and he is bringing the movie so I guess we are all set.As I was checking if everything has been arranged or not the bell rang and I opened the door to face a smiling Niall. He looked good in blue jeans and a plain black t-shirt.
"so, what movies did you bring", I asked Niall

"Oh,you gonna love them"' he smirked
"You brought horror movies..didn't you?", I asked judging by his smirk. He nodded his head and added "It will be fun..you won't get scared..c'mon, please, I'm gonna be right here with you",he pleaded and I gave in

One hour into the movie I sat there with my head buried in Niall's chest and his arms around me as he watched the movie with concentration. After the movie got over we were thinking if we should watch another movie 'cause all Niall brought were horror movies and I didn't wanna see 'em
So we finally agreed to just sit and talk. I went to the kitchen to get some sandwiches and when I came back Niall was not in the hall "Niall!..Niall where are you..this ain't funny..come out" I shouted,placing the sandwiches on the table and went upstairs to look for him when he suddenly jumped out in front of me scaring the hell out of me.."AAAGGHHHH!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs and closed my eyes as Niall hugged me and I held on to him for dear life...I could feel his chest vibrate as he laughed at my reactions and looked up to him and hit him on his chest making an angry face "I'm sorry...but you should have seen yourself..that as hilarious", Niall laughed madly and I glared at him "You think that was funny....I was scared, I told you I didn't like horror movies but no, you had to make me watch one and then dissapear suddenly scaring the crap out of me. I was scared that something must've happened to you and look at you...laughing at me as if I just cracked a joke..It isn't funny Nia..." The rest of my words couldn't come out as Niall suddenly placed his lips on top of mine. I didn't react for a second as I was shocked but then I started kissing back.
The kiss was slow but yet passionate, gentle yet hard, soothing yet burning a fire inside me...and I enjoyed every second of it until we both had to let go to breathe

"I-I'm sorry trish i didn't mean to do it but you were just speaking non-stop and I wanted to do that from so long...I mean not like this..and ughh....I'm sorry" Niall rambled
I chuckled at his nervousness making him confused "It's okay Niall...I'm not angry" I said and his face lighted up "So you forgive me?", he asked "Yes Niall", I replied
"Well it's quite late anyways...I think I should go" Niall said as he bent down and gave me a peck on the cheek...then swiftly ran down the stairs and out the door as I stood there smiling and my face went all red

Niall's pov
As I stepped out of her house I smiled to myself mentally patting my back "Good work Niall" I praised myself then sat in my car and drove off. This is gonna be fun ;)

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