let go

Trisha is the normal 17 year old who has a perfect brother nd best friends...but will d New group of students be a problem..???..especially the bad boy Niall Horan...nd what will happen when he makes her fall for him just for a dare..??..would she ever forgive him..would she ever let go.?..or would this be the start of a new story...read to find out...


4. Mad

 Niall's POV

I woke up the next morning and got ready for school in record time...I was excited to take my first step in the direction of completing the dare.I reached school and found her near her locker smiling at her phone,I went over to her and turned her around to face me...an as soon as she saw me she looked uncomfortable,she slid her phone in her back pocket and then she noticed how close we were standing and took a few steps back.

"hey Trish....what happened...uncomfortable again..!??"I said with a smirk

"N-no..why would I be uncomfortable"she said..not meeting my eyes

"Then why do u always stutter around me"I asked

"I don't know" she said

"would u like to maybe hangout with me later?"I asked taking a few steps forward making her back away until she was trapped between me and the wall

"I have to go"she said..not answering my question and trying to walk away but I grabbed her arm and pulled her back resting my hands on either side of her head

"You didn't answer me"I said bringing my face near hers..only a few centimeters separating us..I smirked to my self as I saw her breathing hitch

"Ok..I will go with You...now please let me go"she said

After listening to her reply I quickly slid one of my hands in her back pocket pulling out her phone and typed my no. sending myself a message in order to get her no.As I was about to keep the phone in her back pocket again she stopped me saying she would keep it herself...I smirked while handing her the phone but still slid my hand in her back pocket pinching her bum...she gasped and went red as I did this..I just kissed her cheek making her even more red and walked  away...as she stood there still backed against the wall in shock

Good job Niall...I thought to myself...

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