let go

Trisha is the normal 17 year old who has a perfect brother nd best friends...but will d New group of students be a problem..???..especially the bad boy Niall Horan...nd what will happen when he makes her fall for him just for a dare..??..would she ever forgive him..would she ever let go.?..or would this be the start of a new story...read to find out...


6. chapter 5

Trisha's POV

I was not sure whether I wanted to go on a date with him or not but before I could think of a proper excuse to decline his offer...the words came out of my mouth

"Yeah sure..."

"Ok....so I'll pick you up on Friday then...just text me your address..."

and then he left.

I walked inside my house and told my brother that I had a date on Friday and he just smiled and said "have fun"

The rest of the days flew by quickly and right now it is 5:30 and I'm standing in front of my mirror taking in my appearance...I was wearing a black skinny jeans, a red flowing top a little eye-liner and lip gloss...Niall had texted me to dress casually...I went and sat on my bed and started wearing my black flats....just then the door bell rang and I rushed out and opened it to reveal a smiling Niall



hey guys sorry for the short and crappy chapter this was just a filler chapter...the story will get more interesting..just keep reading.. :)

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