let go

Trisha is the normal 17 year old who has a perfect brother nd best friends...but will d New group of students be a problem..???..especially the bad boy Niall Horan...nd what will happen when he makes her fall for him just for a dare..??..would she ever forgive him..would she ever let go.?..or would this be the start of a new story...read to find out...


5. chapter 4

Trisha's POV

After Niall left I still stood in the same position against the wall...trying to take in what just happened.I quickly walked away from the walls and started making my way to my first hour class.I don't even remember what happened the rest of the day as my mind kept going back to the events of this morning when Niall's face was centimeters apart from mine.Every time I thought about that moment or even if I just thought about Niall I felt a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach and felt shivers as well and the thing that worried me even more was that now he has my no. and wants to hang out with me.

  I was sitting in my last hour thinking about Niall when i felt my phone vibrate...I unlocked it to see a text from niall


Princess meet me in the car park after school is over...

I read the message but didn't think it was necessary to reply so i kept my phone back but it vibrated again and it was another text from Niall


Don't keep me waiting... ;)

just as I was about to keep my phone back the bell rang and I suddenly got nervous thinking about meeting Niall.I hurried out the school building towards the parking lot where I saw him leaning against a black Range rover.I quickly walked towards him and stopped a few steps before him

"Niall,why did u call me here?"I asked

he ran his hand through his hair as if he was nervous

"I wanted to ask if you would like to go out with me on date on Friday?"


sorry for not updating in so long...I will try to update more from now on :) 

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