let go

Trisha is the normal 17 year old who has a perfect brother nd best friends...but will d New group of students be a problem..???..especially the bad boy Niall Horan...nd what will happen when he makes her fall for him just for a dare..??..would she ever forgive him..would she ever let go.?..or would this be the start of a new story...read to find out...


9. Audition prep.


    Trisha's p.o.v

Ughhhhhh!!! Gosh I just hate projects...this week were supposed to submit 3 projects. One was for the art class in which we had to paint something which would portray something we hold precious like the emotion love can be showed by a guy proposing and stuff like that. Honestly, I had almost completed my art assignment...I loved art so that was not a problem, then we had to read a book assigned by Mr. Wilt for history and present an analysis...the book for me was all Latin and Greek, and finally we had to present an audition tape for drama to class to help Mrs. Rosanne give us a part in the final play...well it was not much of a project but for me it was as I didn't know what I should do to get a role.
  Currently I and my brother James were thinking of what I should do to get a role.
" How about we bake some cookies and give it to her and bribe her to give me a role" I suggested as James rolled his eyes at me
"Or...you can sing and I'll record it and we'll give it to her and you can get the lead singer" James said
"OR we can break into her house and threaten her to give me a role" I spoke up
"Can you not think of something to do for audition instead of threatening her, bribing her, taking her shopping, hanging her from the wall, kidnapping her or giving her loads of money" James said listing all the stupid things I had suggested till now.
" But what should I do?...I sing like a dying walrus for god's sake!" I said
"You kidding me...you got 1st prize for two continuous years in singing competition...you just haven't practised for what..two years? You can't be that bad" James said and I raised my eyebrow at him

"I can't be bad? Ya probably I can't...'cuz I'm WORSE!!" I said exaggerating a bit
"Oh c'mon just a little bit practice and you'll do good" James said dragging me out of my room and down to the basement in the spare room where I used to practice.

*After an hour*
" James!!!! Is this my song book? You kept it?" I asked him
Right now were cleaning the spare room a bit and I had found my book in which I used to write
"Yea...I thought that you might need it" HE said and I gave him a big smile and he chuckled
"I think that's enough cleaning...I'll just let you practice now" James said going back up and closing the door behind him.

"I can do this" I said to myself breathing out loudly and starting to practice by singing a few notes


 It's 9:00 at night and I have been practicing for hours. I must admit I'm not too bad, even though I didn't practice for like two years I still sing pretty well..just need to work on high notes. With a day or two more of practice I'll be all ready to send in my audition tape..Yayy!


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