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First chapter - How you ask me to do a review
Second Chapter - You And I By One Direction Review


3. You And I By One Direction



You And I Music Video:

'You and I' is a slow romantic  song that would be perfect for that "perfect date" with the "perfect guy" (Harry Styles for me ;)).

It was filmed in 'Clevedon Pier' just about a month ago, because the boys loved to tease us they put in short sneak peaks so we died of feels!

It starts off with Niall walking out of a building looking around before he begins his first solo in the song before he flips his hair AND CHANGES TO LIAM PAYNE!!!

I mean, what?

They're really trying to kill us now!

Liam then sings before transforming in to the one and only, charming, Harry Edward Styles!

Harry transforms into  the sexy Zayn Malik! Zayn sings his amaZAYN solo before changing into the one and only Louis William Tomlinson!

When Louis THEN changes into HARRY everyone dies! When have Harry and Louis done something like that?!

And I don't ship "Larry" as a romance but only as a bromance but it sill killed thousands of young, innocent girls / boys.

The camera zooms into Harry's beautiful green eyes before having thousands of freeze frames, the 1D lads jump into their freeze frames - Returning as a strong boy band.


This song represents a strong, true, love, I believe.

It says that people can throw as many problems at them but nothing with bring them down and they are one - You and I.


Overall it is a heart warming, feels exploding, song that will get any girl happy.


Some Pictures From The Video:



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