Infinite Limits

They conquered the universe and proclaimed themselves gods. The endless span of worlds was theirs to command. At the height of their power they realized they had but one foe left - death. They saw it as a limit to their power, a gap they could not cross. They named it the Void and in their arrogance they even believed they could defeat it - though in order to do so they had to become one with it. And so the Plague was born. The universe conquered anew. But there were other gods - those who accepted death and the natural order of things. They believed in evolution. For them, immortality was in the life of a child. It was the true path, paved by a power higher than even they; to perpetually evolve for the better. An infinite universe with endless evolutionary possibilities. The immortality of the Dead Gods faced off against the evolution of the Elders. With His birth, the end begins.


21. Epilogue






Hidden high above within the branches of the Graelic, Adros and Alana watched as the Plague devoured its roots.  Roots that sank into the core of Ki'minsyllessil, fed from the very heart of the elven world -- roots that stretched past continents, encompassing the entire face of the planet -- roots that held within them the lifeblood of Adros' world.

Moments ago the Plague had feasted upon the last of the elven army but still it craved more.  Always more.  From their height, the undead blended as one, forming a black blob crawling up the foot of the trunk.

"It is over," Alana said, resting her long fingers on his shoulder.

"Then I am the last of them."

He stepped away from her, lowering his golden mane of hair.

"The elf prince without a kingdom.  My people have failed, and now the Graelic dies because they were too weak."

"No.  It was I who failed.  The Elder Gods were right, I see that now.  Recreating the worlds is our only hope.  To fight death with creation.  There is no other way."

She tried to pull him into her gaze, to tear his grey eyes away from the carnage below.  But her wide oval eyes remained unheeded, then began misting over.

"Aye, my people were caregivers.  We chose to remain, to save the One Tree before saving ourselves.  But we were weak.  We failed to realize that in order to be caregivers we had to be warriors."

He held in his hands a twisted wooden staff.

"Leave with me now, and your people may yet live," Alana said, softly.

"How can I live knowing I let the One Tree die?" he scoffed at her.

"Adros, it's over."

Finally she had his focus.  She shivered as his eyes of white and gray turned to her, freezing her heart with his gaze.  Though she longed to near him, the hate in his eyes kept her at bay.

"We've failed.  Don't allow the memory of your race to end here."

"I refuse to fail," he stated before turning away to once more watch the roots of the One Tree blacken.

"You cannot fight them.  The Plague cannot be beaten nor will it stop.  Ever."

His hand tightened on the staff.

"Then neither will I.  I will be their shadow.  Hunting them as they hunt us.  Fighting them . . . from this world to the next . . ."

She could feel his heart shrivel, wither and die.

". . . to the end of all time . . ."

Alana could no longer bear to look at him, no longer bear to watch as the Solo Ki -- the Last Elf, left her high atop the branches of the Graelic to face the Plague  . . .



-- Age of Death,

Ki'minsyllessil (Elven home world), Pre Exodus 764 . . .









". . . I know now why we fear the dark.  It will take us all.  It cannot be defeated nor can it be escaped.  We, the living, will fade into nothingness, but the nothingness lasts forever.  For it is without limit.  It is the infinite."

--ADROS, Elven Forefather














The End











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Thanks, J.C. Bell  


























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