Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


17. you have harry!

Harry's POV

The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed but equally as tired. I rubbed at my eyes and sat up in bed before slowly getting out.

"Hey baby." I sighed at the cat that was perched at the end of my bed. "Meow!" Dusty jumped off the bed and ran out the door that was left ajar then turned right sharply which resulted in her almost hitting the wall.

I chuckled and followed after her, wrapping my arms around my body to stay warmer. Dusty had gone into Aria's room that was open and I hunted lowly before going inside. My eyes traced the pastel coloured walls and the nice antique white trim along the top of the wall and midway.

I shook my head in disbelief at familiar posters of five faces were plastered on the wall in front if her desk. I can't believe she actually put them up.

"Meow..." I turned to the bed that was covered with a pink duvet, a large lump in the middle meaning Aria was still asleep. Dusty continued to purr from with, making me feel a tad uncomfortable with what I was about to do.

Slowly but gently, I lifted the duvet off of Aria, leaving it to rest at her hip. I grinned at the sight in front if me and took out my phone to capture the moment.

Aria was deeply asleep, dressed in white pjs with little cupcakes on them and was unconsciously cuddling Dusty who was cuddling into her as well. Aria had her arm draped over Dusty and Dusty's paws were under her head.

I took three pictures; different angles. This was something I wanted to cherish forever because my best friend and girlfriend in cat form are like two peas in a pod.

I pulled up four names on my phone and texted the three pictures to them. Immediately I got texts back from Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall who were awestruck and found the intimacy between the two adorable.


I looked at my phone confused as it buzzed again, but it wasn't one of the boys texting me but Sierra.

I clicked her name and looked at the text.

Management called me yesterday and gave me the seal of approval! I'm officially ur fake gf! I left last night as well so I should be in London by this afternoon. I'll text u wen I'm there. See u then :) x Sierra

I sighed and texted her back.

Kay x Harry

I shoved my phone back into my boxers then jumped onto Aria's bed face down, landing softly beside Aria. "Mnmmmmmnnnhmm..."

"Harry?" Aria yawned and stretched, her arms flailing over me as her leg accidentally landed on my own. She stayed like that for a while before going back to a normal position. "Uh huh?" I mumbled into the bed.

"Why are you in my room...In my bed?" Aria asked slowly and I shrugged. "Felt like it."

"Well I feel uncomfortable at the moment so I'm getting up." Aria said, pushing herself up off the bed and stretching once more before turning to me. "Your boxers are vibrating." She mumbled and pointed at my lower half.

I blushed furiously and reached into them to retrieve my phone. I unlocked it and read the text from Niall.

Aye mate the lads and I are heading out to the mall again to buy Lou a gift and some Christmas gifts. Lou's out with Elle tho so do u and aria wanna cum? x Niallers

"Niall's asking if we want to join them at the mall to buy some gifts for Lou and Christmas gifts which reminds me I need to buy you a gift." I smirked as Aria shook her head and sat down on the bed again. "You don't have to get me anything Harry."

"Now I'm totally getting you a gift. It's Christmas Aria, I'm not taking no for an answer." I winked at her as I put my hands behind my head. "Then I'm getting you a gift as well." Aria placed her hands on her hips with a smug grin on her face. "Fine then! But nothing too expensive." I told her and she nodded understandingly.

Yeah we’re cuming with. U guys there now? X Hazza

Yup we’ll meet u guys at the food court :D x niallers

I rolled my eyes at Niall’s text then locked my phone before putting it into my boxers again. Just as i did so, Aria’s phone began to ring.


Aria leant over me and grabbed her cell phone that was on the night stand and answered it, putting it to her ear with a small smile on her face. ``Hellooo?``

Her smile brightened and she sat back down on her bum beside me as she ran her hand through her hair. ``Oh hey Edward, what’s up?`` she piped up and my eyes narrowed at the mention of his name. ``Oh nothing much, just woke up. Why?`` she asked him and she nodded to herself as she lied back down, the sides of our heads touching as she kicked her feet in the air.

Aria stopped kicking the air and frowned at the ceiling. ``I’d love to Edward, but I’m hanging out with a few friends today. Gonna go Christmas shopping and birthday present shopping. I’m sure you can come with us though!``

I rolled my eyes and shook my head at her frantically, but she simply ignored me and continued to talk to him. ``Really? That’s too bad... Well bye Edward!`` Aria ended the call and threw her phone across the room as she let out a small sigh. ``Sorry Harry. It’s just I promised him yesterday that I would hang out with him if he texted and he did and-``

``Wait yesterday? I thought you were with Louis and Elle?`` I looked at her with a raised eyebrow and she nodded. ``Yeah, we went bowling and Edward was there working.`` I grunted and shook my head at her disapprovingly. ``I still don’t like him.``

``Why!? You’ve never even met him yet Harry!`` She protested and frowned at me. ``Whatever, I’m sure if I meet him I still won’t like him.`` I smirked as she grunted.

``You know what it’s your opinion so I have no right to try to be mad at you for it.`` She breathed in and out slowly before turning to me. ``But can you leave?`` She asked and I gawked at her. ``I thought you weren’t mad at me.`` I muttered and she nodded and began to push me off her bed. ``yeah but I need to get ready so can you leave?``

I nodded and got off her bed and made my way out the room. ``By the way, I’m still watching you.`` i smirked at pointed at the large poster of myself making Aria glare at me warningly. ``I won’t hesitate to decapitate your head Styles. Leave.`` Her angry tone actually gave me chills and I quickly ran out of her room and entered my own, locking the door behind me.

I sighed and ran my hands through my curls as I began to get ready for the day. I took a quick shower and changed into a clean pair of pants then my usual black skinnies and white fitted v-neck. I ran my hands through my hair once more then sprayed on a bit of aftershave to top off the look. I shrugged on my leather jacket that was conveniently lined with wool in the inside, and gave myself a nice smile in the mirror Damn I looked good.

``ARIA, ARE YOU READY YET!?`` I yelled as I grabbed my wallet and phone and put them in my jacket pockets while I walked out of my bedroom. ``YEAH JUST HANG ON A SEC!`` She yelled back as I sighed and tapped my foot against the hardwood floors impatiently. Finally she stepped out wearing , looking warm and toasty like she did every day.

``Praised Jesus! Now come on, the boys are there already!`` I told her, grabbing her hand so I could pull her along. ``But we haven’t had breakfast yet!`` she yelled. ``I know, we’ll just grab something to eat there.`` I told her as she nodded and began to walk faster. We both waved Dusty goodbye then walked out the front door before locking it. We ran towards the bus stop still hand in hand and waited for the next bus to arrive. It was definitely below freezing today and I started to regret not wearing a sweater underneath my jacket.

After a few minutes the bus arrived and together me and aria hopped on and gave Dave a quick hello before paying then sitting down in our usual seats. The bus was- if possible- even colder than it was outside and I found myself practically shaking next to Aria who was sat still and looked really warm as she watched me shake. ``You cold?`` she asked jokingly earning an icy glare from me as I bit my lip and nodded.

``Come here then!`` she said and opened her arms wide. I didn’t hesitate to succumb to her hug, and hug her tightly as she breathed hotly into my neck. For some reason I was actually starting to feel warmer already.

Before we knew it we arrived in London, thankfully right in front of the mall that was merely a street away from us. Aria and I said out good byes to Dave before hopping off and breaking out into a full run into the mall. As I was met with the warm heat of the building, I fell to my knees in glee and kissed the floor repeatedly. Aria laughed loudly from behind me and helped me up by grabbing my shoulder and tugging on me lightly. ``Come on harry, you’re causing a scene. Don’t want to be followed do we?`` She said and slowly I got up and dusted my shoulders. ``Yeah you’re right. Anyways, Niall said to meet them at the food court.`` i told her and took her by the hand so I could lead her in the right direction.

``You know, I’m not a kid anymore styles you don’t have to hold my hand all the time.`` she perked up as i shrugged and continued to hold her hand. ``So, friends can hold hands right?``

``You and the boys don’t hold hands.`` she smiled playfully and gripped my hand tighter. ``You’re the only exception.`` I told her and turned left. ``Cool.``

We continued walking side by side, window shopping as we developed some general ideas on what to get lou for his birthday. ``Um Harry, I think those fans want to talk to you.`` Aria said and pointed at the fans walking behind us with their phones out and taking pictures of me and Aria. I sighed and nodded before stopping. Turned to the two girls and smiled mildly. ``hello loves, how are you today?`` I asked the two who gawked at me in shock.

``I think I just came...`` one of the whispered to themselves and instantly blushing when they realized they’d said it out loud. I winked at her and licked my lips playfully, causing her to slowly fall backwards but not hit the ground entirely. ``Can we get pictures with you?`` The calm one asked and I nodded. ``Can you take it for us?`` The girl asked Aria who nodded up at the girl and took her phone.

I stood in between the two girls and grunted lowly when they both placed their hands in my back pockets. ``Say cheese!`` aria cheered and began to take multiple pictures. After a while she gave the phone back to the girl and stood by my side as the two started to notice Aria was still there. They must have thought she was just passing by. ``Are you Harry’s girlfriend?`` They asked Aria who shook her head at them. ``Nope, I’m his best friend.`` She explained to them as they nodded at her happily.

``Where have I seen you before...`` the crazy girl mumbled to herself as she eyed Aria up and down in thought. Aria tilted her head to the side and pulled a thoughtful face as well and I chuckled at her childish action. ``OH YEAH! YOU WERE AT THAT ONE SIGNING, YO WERE THE ONE WHO STORMED THOUGH THE CROWD TO GIVE NIALL NANDO’S! I RECOGNIZED YOUR HAIR!`` The crazy girl yelled excitedly as aria chuckled and nodded. ``yeah that was me.``

``Oh my God you’re so adorable! We thought you were some annoying twelve year old at first but then we saw Niall hug you really tightly so we thought you were probably a friend of theirs aha...`` The crazy girl giggled again as Aria raised an eyebrow at her. I did the same and decided we needed to go. ``well it was nice meeting you two, but we better be heading off. Got a bit of Christmas shopping to do.`` I told the two politely before giving them both quick hugs then slowly backing away so Aria could do the same.

Considering Aria’s short figure, it was awkwardly cute seeing the two girls bend down to hug Aria. When the three were satisfied, the two girls walked off beaming to themselves while Aria turned back to me and sighed. ``Do I really look like an annoying twelve year old...`` she mumbled as she hooked arms with me again.

I looked at her and shook my head. ``Nahh...`` She shrugged and continued to walk beside me as we made our way to the food court. After a few minutes we finally got there and the place was crowded as usual. ``Where are they...`` I sighed to myself as I over looked the whole area, trying to spot those four-most likely loud- boys.

Suddenly I felt Aria’s arm yanked out of mine and I turned around quickly to see what was wrong. ``ARIAAAAAA!!!`` Niall screeched as he hugged her tightly and twirled her in the air. Aria had her arms wrapped around Niall’s neck and was laughing loudly. ``NIALLLLLL!!!``

I rolled my eyes and barked at him to put her down before we attracted too much attention. Two fans are enough for me for today. ``Alright boys- and Aria- settle down! We need to buy a lot of gifts and we haven’t got all day.`` we all turned to Liam who was staring at us all seriously. ``Now, let’s do the buddy system. Pick your partners. I choose Aria.`` Liam smirked as Niall and Zayn gasped dramatically and shook their heads. ``No, No, NOPE! Liam you’ve already had your share of Aria this week! NO FAIR!`` Niall whined.

``I agree with Niall, she should go shopping with me.`` Zayn said and both Niall and Liam glared at him, making him raise his hands up in surrender. This went on for a few minutes until Aria snapped. ``how about Niall and Harry go together then Zayn and Liam go together. I’ll just go alone and find myself an attractive boyfriend- BYEEE!!!`` she waved us off quickly then turned on her heal and made her way towards the shops.

Before the boys could contemplate on what to do, I was already beside Aria, holding her hand tightly and pulling her back to the boys who had their arms crossed. ``I’m going to be her shopping buddy today. You boys had her all week and I only got to see her in the evenings therefore I should be her buddy.`` I told the boys who sighed and nodded in agreement.

``Alright but before you two go, aria what’s your favourite color?`` Zayn asked Aria who bit her lip. ``I have a lot but mostly periwinkle blue, marshmallow white, sea foam green, and coral/pale pink..`` Zayn looked at her shocked before nodding slowly. ``And favourite animal?`` He asked again. ``Definitely cats.`` She smiled proudly as I smirked. Good catch Haz.

``Ok thank you! You may go now!`` He smiled at her and pushed her towards me, giving me a look that I couldn’t read but I’m sure it had something to do with the present he’s getting her.

``Alright, where should we start first?`` I asked her as we began to roam the mall again. Her eyes landed upon Jack Willis and immediately she began to pull me towards the store. ``Let’s go there first! I wanna get Niall something form there!`` She said and I nodded and followed after her.

When we reached the store, Aria instantly made her way towards the men’s section; earning glares form some of the workers. ``Please control your girlfriend.`` one of the workers spat at me as I scoffed. ``she’s not my girlfriend.`` I muttered as I brushed passed them.

For a small girl she sure runs fast; I have to admit, but eventually I caught up with her and eased her down gently. ``Aria calm down, we still have a lot of time to shop for the other’s.`` I told her quietly and she nodded at me before grabbing a few tops. ``You think Niall will like these?`` she asked as she held up one green jumper with the JW sign in the top right corner and a purple t-shirt that had a design on it as well and the JW sign. I nodded and took the things from her. ``Get him a pair of jeans as well. His waist line is-``

``OOH SHOES!`` Aria squealed and ran off in another direction. I sighed internally and mentally choked the little girl who was acting like an annoying twelve year old. In the end I let her find her gifts for Niall while I went on by myself to find the lad something he’d like. I ended up getting him three t-shirts, a new sweater and two pairs of jeans. I threw in a beanie as well since he’s been asking for one for a while now.

I paid for my things and took the bags from the nice lady, just as Aria came back with a pile of clothes in her hands. She paid for them herself and smiled happily at the woman as she took the bags. She walked back to me and sighed. ``One down, four to go.``

The next few stores we went to were nothing out of the ordinary. For Liam we went into the Disney store and got him some toy story stuff but then we went into topshop to get him some clothes as well. For zayn we ended up buying him more clothes and a new pair of runners he’d wanted; Aria and I pitched in for that one. For our darling Louis, we really couldn’t think of any other gift to get him so we pitched in our money again and bought him a nice new vespa scooter.

Louis had been asking for either a vespa or a puppy for a while now but since we travel a lot he can’t really own a puppy because there’s no one to look after it. We were going to have it delivered tomorrow morning since Louis will probably be too drunk tonight to even ride it. ``Okay, so we got stuff for each of the boys. What’s left?`` i asked her and she smiled cheekily up at me as she gave me all her gifts. ``Stay here. I’ll be right back.`` She said and turned to walk off. I looked down at the amount of bags I was holding and frowned. ``What am I supposed to do with all these!?`` I yelled in defeat as she shrugged.

``Just sit at one of the benches and wait! I’ll only be a few minutes.`` She yelled back as she ran off once again. I sighed and walked towards the nearest bench and sat down. How many times must I tell the girl that i don’t want anything from her for Christmas. Guess she’s just as stubborn as I am.

I mentally decided that I wasn’t going to hold onto all these gifts for the whole day and called Paul. He arrived a few minutes later and took all the gifts to the car. ``You bought all of this? Wow Harry, must have cost you a fortune.`` Paul said as she loaded the car. ``No, some of them are Aria’s.`` I told him as he nodded understandingly. ``Where is she anyways?`` He asked as i shrugged.

``I have no idea. She ran off to find me a gift and left me with the gifts to look after.`` I explained. ``I see, well the boys just phoned me and they said they needed help bringing their gifts to the car so I better be heading off. Just phone me again when aria’s done and I’ll come for you two.`` Paul said before he left.

I sighed and walked back to the bench and sat down; taking out my phone to play on while I waited for Aria. ``I’m baaaack!`` I looked up to see Aria holding a wrapped up box in her hand. It was small and cutely wrapped in wrapping paper that had little Christmas cats on it; finished off with a large bow on the top. I smiled at her and tried to get the gift from her but she only held it behind her back. ``NUH UH! You gotta wait until tomorrow morning!`` She stuck her tongue out at me as I huffed and crossed my arms.

``Fine then. I’m going now and I’m going to find you a present.`` I told her as she looked up at me with her eyes narrowed. ``I told you not to get me anything...``

``Same here but who didn’t listen? Therefore I’m getting you a gift whether you like it or not.`` I told her before heading off. ``fine! But nothing too expensive!`` she yelled form behind me and I nodded curtly before shaking my head to myself; yeah not gonna happen.

Finally I found the store and walked inside, the chiming of the bell sounding familiar as I walked up to the glass desk. ``Hi welcome to Links of London, how may I help you?`` The man asked and I smirked.

``I’m looking for a bracelet...``

Aria’s POV

I held onto Harry’s gift tightly in my lap as I waited for the curly haired lad to come back. I let out patient breaths as bystanders; teenage girls, passing by me giving me weird glances. Finally Harry came back, with a small box as well but it was wrapped up in white wrapping paper with cookies on them, a large red bow on the top kind of like mine.

``Cookies?`` I raised an eyebrow at him as he nodded. ``Yeah, cause you like cookies. A lot.`` He smirked as I chuckled and nodded in agreement. *PING*

Harry sighed and held onto the box in one hand and took out his phone in another. ``OH SHI-P!`` He yelled, blushing as people around us looked at him oddly. ``Sierra’s just arrived at the airport and she texted me to go pick her up.`` Harry explained to me as he put his phone away. ``Then let’s go pick her up! I wanna meet her!`` I told him as he nodded. ``That was the initial plan Aria. Anyways I told her I was bringing company, so we better go now.`` He said and I nodded, standing up.

``Okay- wait where are our gifts?`` I asked him. ``Oh, Paul came and got them earlier while you were still getting my gift.`` harry answered quickly as I nodded. ``oh call him and ask him if he could give us a ride to the airport so we don’t have to take the bus.`` I told him as he slapped his forehead and grinned. ``Why didn’t I think of that earlier?``

Harry dialled Paul’s number and spoke to him quickly. ``Alright, Paul is outside waiting for us with the other boys. Looks like they’re coming with us as well.`` Harry explained and together we both began to make our way out of the mall. Like Harry said before, Paul was waiting for us with the other lads in the big black SUV. ``FINALLY THE LOVE BIRDS JOIN US!`` Zayn joked as Harry rolled his eyes and got in, slapping zayn round the head in the process. ``shut up zayn.`` Harry barked at him as we all laughed at the two.

``Right, where to now lads- and Aria?`` Paul asked. ``Airport. I need to pick up Sierra from the airport.`` Harry said as everyone let out a chorus of ``OOOOOOOOOOH!`` making Harry’s cheeks more crimson than usual. I laughed along with Niall who was turning beet red.

``Gonna get some tonight aye Haz?`` Zayn winked at Harry who blushed and lowered his head. ``No. Yes. Maybe, I don’t know.`` Harry stuttered as I rolled my eyes.

``How about you Aria, gonna get some tonight?`` zayn winked at me and suddenly all eyes were at me. ``Um...`` Harry sent me a glare and I gulped and shook my head. ``No.``

``Why? From what Louis told me last night, this Edward guy you’re going with is quite the looker.`` Zayn smirked at Harry huffed and sat back angrily. ``I guess, but I’m not going to do the dirty with him.`` i told him sharply as Zayn shrugged. ``It’s not you who I’m worried about but that Edward guy. You never know, he might be playing this good boy game in front of you but be a completely different person in real life.`` Niall said as Liam sighed. ``We’re just looking out for you. Besides, if Edward even tries to touch you we’ll just release Harry on him.`` Liam sniggered as Harry rolled his eyes but nodded.

``Gosh guys, you have nothing to worry about because no guy wants this.`` I grunted and pointed at my heart. ``And I know how to protect it. I’m not one to fall for facades but if I do then it’s a life lesson learned. Sometimes you just need to say no to get the things you want.``

Zayn nodded at me approvingly and gave me a side hug. ``Deep words buddy.`` he said as i smiled faintly.

``We’re here.`` Paul said and opened the door for us. ``Stay close Aria and bow your head a little to hid your face. There’s quite a lot of paps out.`` Pual said and I nodded.

One by one we got out; First Zayn then Niall, Liam, me, and Harry. I kept my head down and away from the cameras. If these paps get a picture of my face, then I would be plastered on every magazine, newspaper, tv show, etc. Out there and then my parents... ooh my parents... they could find me.




I felt someone tugging on my sleeve and a hand creeping up my lower back. I squeaked and backed away into Harry who glared at the paparazzi who touched me. ``Hey back off mate, don’t touch her.`` Harry spat at the man who gasped and took picture of both me and Harry, even if my face couldn’t be seen.


At mention of the word girlfriend, more paps started taking photo of us as Harry shook his head.




As we entered the safety of the airport, Liam wrapped an arm around me and pulled me away from Harry who looked more than ready to throw a few fists at the paparazzi and had Paul holding him back.

``Ignore the paparazzi Aria, they’re just trying to get a story. Nothing they’ll say about you will be true.`` Liam told me as I nodded and followed him closely. Niall and Zayn weren’t too far behind, but they were looking around us like dogs guarding a man’s house.

After a while Liam stopped at the waiting area and told me to sit down. I obliged and sat down between him and Niall who threw his arm over my shoulder. ``Don’t listen to the paps babe. You don’t look half Harry’s age at all, otherwise I’d be killed for thinking you’re pretty hot.`` Niall winked at me as I blushed and hit him lightly on his chest. ``Killed by law or by Harry? He really doesn’t like it when guys hit on me.``

``Well duh, cause you’re his best friend and when it comes to you he’ll always be defensive. That’s just how Harry’s mind is hardwired. Caring about certain things over other things.`` Niall said as I sighed and leant my head against his shoulder. We both watched as Paul finally led Harry away who had his head down and hands dug deep into his jeans. ``Oh shit he’s pissed again.`` Zayn muttered as he glanced me and Niall. Niall looked at him weirdly before realizing he still had his arm around my shoulder. Oh.

``You ok mate?`` Liam asked Harry who scoffed and ignored him. ``Are you okay?`` Harry asked me as I looked at him guffawed. The man had only placed his hand on my lower back, not hit me or pull me away like a kidnapper. ``I’m fine Harry, but are you okay? You look like you’re about to hit someone...`` I looked up at him through my lashes as Niall looked at the two of us and scooted away. Harry would never hit a girl, and Niall seemed like the nearest option.

``I will be once you tell me where that annoying prick touched you.`` Harry’s tone was sharp as he bent down to my level. ``He just placed his hand on my lower back. No big deal Harry.`` I told him as he sighed in relief. ``Good. Otherwise I’d be in jail for what i was planning to do to him.`` Harry chuckled lowly as I sighed. ``Can i hug you?`` I asked him as he smiled faintly but shrugged. ``Why even ask?`` and with that he embraced me and as I rested my head on his shoulder, I turned to whisper to him. ``Thank you.``

``Anytime.`` He whispered back before pulling away from me. ``Alright moving on, sierra has already landed so I’ll just text her to come find us.`` Harry said cheerfully before getting up to call her. He had a large smile on his face as he spoke to her but was hidden as he turned his back on the four of us.

``What the hell...`` Niall mumbled as he looked at me. ``what did you tell him? Why’s he suddenly so happy?`` Liam asked me as I shrugged. ``I don’t know... I just hugged him and said thank you.`` I said as zayn smirked. ``I see.... I see VERRYY CLEARLY!``

Harry walked back to us and stood in front of me as he anxiously waited for Sierra to come. ``I’m nervous, what if she doesn’t like me?`` Harry bit his lip as I laughed loudly. ``Harry you’re in the biggest boy band in the world and you’re British, how can she not like you?`` Harry smiled down at me quickly as Niall frowned and crossed his arms. ``great, boost his ego more for us will ya.``

``You too Nialler, girls love the Irish.`` I winked at him as he nodded approvingly. ``Oh my God, there she is!`` Harry gasped as he pointed at the average heighted brunette. ``Oh my God she’s coming closer, how do I look?`` harry turned to us quickly and began to pull at his clothes. ``You look fine Harry.`` I told him and he nodded in self reassurance. ``but fix your hair, it looks like a nest.`` Niall chuckled as Harry frantically shook at his hair.

``Harry?!`` Her loud voice broke our fussy silence and Harry quickly turned and smiled awkwardly at Sierra who jumped on him and hugged him tightly, wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. Very forward I see.

``Sierra! Good to see you again love!`` Harry chuckled, hugging her back as she giggled loudly. Harry put her back down on the ground and immediately she flung herself on the three boys who were bracing themselves for the initial contact. The wind was knocked out of me as she crushed me in a long hug. I hugged her slowly but she pulled away before I could and beamed at me. ``Who’s girlfriend are you? Oh, it doesn’t matter because I’m sure we’ll be great friends.`` she beamed sickly at me as I chuckled and shook my head. ``Oh I’m not one of the girlfriend’s, I’m actually their friend.`` I explained to her as she looked down at me and nodded. ``Oh sorry, it’s just you’re way too pretty to be single.`` she smiled at me as I laughed.

``Are you kidding me? Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately? How could Harry get a girl like you?`` i joked as Harry rolled his eyes. Sierra blushed and glanced at Harry whose cheeks were turning pink as well. ``Besides the only reason why I’m single is because they would have to get through these four and Louis in order to even make eye contact with me.`` I grunted as I jokingly glared at the four who raised their hands up in defeat.

``That’s so cute! I wish I had someone who was protective and looked after me like that.`` Sierra smiled at the four but mostly at Harry who was speaking to Niall about something. ``You do Sierra.`` I told her as she blinked. ``Really? Who?``

``Harry.`` I smiled as she giggled and brushed passed me to go to Harry welcomed her into their conversation. However my smile didn’t stay on my lips for so long and soon began to slip as realization hit me.

Harry has a girlfriend now. A fake one who has feelings for him, but the feelings would be mutual in a few weeks time. He won’t need someone to comfort him at three in the morning, to eat ice cream and stay up all night talking to with or to tell him to wear a sweater underneath his coat because soon he’ll have Sierra who’ll be there to tell him.

You didn’t really think this one through, did you Aria?

Chapter End Notes:

Truly, madly, deeply (haha) Friday was my birthday and saturday I was sick for the whole day :'( I feel like shit. Anyways, I hope you likes this chapter even if it's a bit of a filler :) The next chapter will have all the juicy stuff like the party and a certain character's little secret (not Aria). Plus Edward is further introduced and a little saucy talk between him and Harry is at hand. More fluff to come with you rate+comment on this chapter! for ) thanks for reading! toodleloo lovelies!

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