Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


9. Valuable life lesson learned

Aria’s POV

``How was your day darling?`` Aunt Kate asked as we drove off. I had told her earlier where I was, around the time I tried running off after what Harry had told me and boy was she worried. Not only was the place I was just at unsafe, but the owner himself. Well that’s her opinion. I texted her after Harry and I solved our differences, to come pick me up at around ten at night and here we are.

``Fine Aunt Kate, how about yours?`` I answered as she shrugged. ``Your Uncle William tried to take me out on another brunch date this morning but that ended with the paparazzi crowding around us so we stayed behind at the palace to have tea with Grandma.``

I nodded and zoned out, laying back and reminisced today’s events. I had gained Harry’s friendship.

Before i knew it we were back at the palace. The same thing went down like every night. Say good night to grandma; get ready for bed, sleep.

By the time I entered my room, I had become so drowsy that I flopped helplessly onto my bed; sleeping right away without changing. Ain’t anybody got time for that.


``Aria....Aria darling... ROSARIA!`` I felt myself tumble onto the floor in a tangled mess, groaning in pain. ``Ughh... who oh hey Grandma...`` I yawned and stretched on the floor like a kitten before standing up and greeting my grandma with a quick hug.

``Aria it’s only eleven in the morning and your phone is making so much noise, no one in this palace can get a wink of sleep! Please see to it that you fix it.`` Grandma ordered before walking out of my room. I ran over to my phone and clicked the home button.

*13 messages from Harry babes <3*

Oh lord. I unlocked my phone and looked through his texts.

Ariaaaaaaa wake uppppp!! X

R u awake yet? X

Hello x

Hi x

Aria x

Hope x

Wake up now x

Im boredddd x

Wanna hang out today or something x

Aria Hope get your ass out of bed and text me :( x

Fine don’t wake up and text me back x


K sorry for calling u a bitch just please call me when ur awake :) byee x

I rolled my eyes and chuckled as I dialed his number. After a few rings the call was answered, but judging by the person’s pitched voice at the other end, I wasn’t talking to Harry.

``MORNING ARIA BABES HEART TEXT THINGY! HAROLD IS IN THE SHOWER RIGHT NOW AND CAN’T SPEAK TO YOU SO I ANSWERED THE PHONE! YOU CAN LEAVE A MESSAGE IF YOU WANT!`` Louis obnoxiously yelled down the speaker as I pulled my phone away from my ear in attempt to bring back my hearing. ``Jesus Louis, just called cause Harry texted me to call him when I woke up.`` I told him as he sighed in realization, quite loudly might I add.

``OH YEAH! Well he just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out with us today. By the way, you must mean something to him if he befriended you so quickly. Usually it takes him months to open up to a girl like last night`` Of course Harry would tell Louis what had happened last night. Their friendship is like no other and personally I envied that. I never really had anyone’s shoulder to cry on for a long time.

All my friends back in my country wouldn’t, go near me because they feared of being beheaded. Then some just fed off the cruel rumours saying I was a skank.

``I’d love to hang out with you guys today, but my shift starts at twelve and my break doesn’t come until three.`` I told him, feeling down. ``AWW MAN! Alright I’ll tell him, but no worries we’ll probably come by for a bit of peri-peri chicken for the little leprechaun. We’re doing literally nothing today. DAY OFF BITCHES!``

``Okay, well have a good day boys. I gotta get ready. Bye!`` I hung up the phone and let out an internal scream as I rushed to get ready. After a nice shower I dressed up in my casual wear which was I applied my makeup quite blindly since I was rushing to get my boots and coat on at the same time, but I think it turned out rather nicely. I never really put on a lot personally, but if it were up to my mum I would be caked.

I left the palace with Gerald (personal driver I old use when I got to work) that drove me to our usual destination which was the nearby bus stop. I don’t want to draw in any unwanted attention from by standers, so I took the bus to and from places any time possible. I arrived at work at exactly eleven fifty one and boy I have never let out a louder breath of relief.

``Afternoon Aria.`` Anna greeted me, already in her work uniform which I huffed at because I’d just gotten ready and now i have to change again. ``Afternoon Anna. I’m just gonna go change and I’ll be back to help.`` I told her before quickly making my way to the change rooms where the employees changed. I walked into the women’s change room and got ready.

I decided to ditch the hat today, for hair purposes then made my way back to Anna while I grabbed an apron, notepad, and pencil and tied the apron around my waist. ``Tables one and thirteen right?`` I asked Anna who nodded.

Sighing to myself, I put on my best happy smile and proceeded to take table thirteen’s order first; they were the closest. Lucky for me they were a nice married couple who were more than willing to skip to desert, if you know what I mean. Still they paid a very nice tip which would go towards me buying my own place here, so win-win here!

Back and forth for the next two hours, I served tables one and thirteen which didn’t occur to me were quite unlucky numbers until just now. My break was just an hour away and I had to pull through. But it’s hard to pull through when you haven’t had breakfast yet, or lunch and you’re surrounded by food.

``They just keep coming and eating and going-`` Anna stormed through the kitchen doors, already tired as we both sat down on the stools. Our tables were currently occupied by people eating, so we decided to take a little rest. ``You’re so lucky your customers don’t order pounds and pounds of food.`` Anna sighed as I chuckled. ``and they’re pretty hot too.`` Both Anna and I trained our eyes on the three blokes who were noisily eating their food at table thirteen. I had to admit they were quite attractive, but most definitely Anna’s type.

``Why is that man waving at us?`` I whispered, pointing at a man who was waving his hands frantically from table eleven with empty dishes around him. ``Shit that’s my table. Be right back!`` she yelped, quickly sorting out the man’s dishes as he paid her then left. Anna returned to the kitchen, just as I had to go back to table one to do the same thing. Just as I left, another group of blokes arrived only they were calmer and more attractive.

I shrugged and went back to the kitchen to grab a few menus for them, but was stopped by Anna who dropped to her knees. What. ``You’re. Serving. The. Wanted.`` She gasped brokenly as I looked at her and shrugged. Who the hell were the wanted? Wanted for what exactly!?

``I guess... I don’t know...`` Her eyes widened and she stood up quickly before shaking my shoulders. ``YOU DON’T KNOW!? YOU. DON’T. KNOW. THE. WANTED!? HOW DOES ONE NOT KNOW THE WANTE- AWW SHIT SWITCH WITH ME!`` Anna yelled but lost her focus when a familiar group of boys walked in smiling. ``Why should I?`` I asked politely as I gently pushed her off of me and grabbed five menus. ``Causeeee, you’re closer to them than I am and they like you! Plus I wanna break me off a piece of Jay.`` Anna smiled so casually I felt worried for the girl.

``Fine.`` I said as Anna squealed. ``But-`` Anna groaned and stomped her feet. ``Can I have the rest of the day off after my break? I have things to sort out at home`` or rather someone else’s home.

``The rest of the day, tomorrow, all week, I DON’T CARE! Just pretty please switch with me!`` She whined as I sighed. ``Alright, but you have to keep your promise.`` i told her as she grinned and nodded before enclosing me in a tight hug.

``Now if you’ll excuse me-`` anna unbuttoned the first three buttons on her top and grabbed the menus from me. ``I have some men to serve.`` she smirked before turning around and walking off. Well there goes the last of her dignity.

Putting on a brave face, i grab five new menus and quickly make my way to table eleven where the boys were sitting. `` Hey boys, what do y’all want today?`` I asked them all happily as I gave them their menus and recited the special for today. ``And for Niall I’m willing to risk losing my job to get you a plate of brownies.`` I winked at him as he giggled and nodded.

``Guess we’ll just have the special for today.`` Harry mumbled, eyes focusing on the menu as Niall hit him. ``AND MY PLATE OF BROWIES!``

Harry rolled his eyes and nodded. ``and Niall’s plate of brownies- actually I’ll have a plate as well please.`` Harry smiled up at me as I wrote down their orders. ``two...plates of... brownies kay so what do you want for drinks?``

``Water’s fine.`` Liam said as I wrote that down as well. ``Oh God what are they doing here.`` Louis scowled over his menu as he eyed the blokes at table one who were too busy eyeing up anna to notice Louis staring at them. ``You know them?`` I asked as they gawked at me. ``yeah do you?`` zayn asked as I shrugged.

``I know they’re The Wanted but not really. Anna just explained to me and begged me to switch tables with her.`` I explained while Louis smirked. ``Smart girl. We’re better than them anyways.``

``Be right back.`` I told them before leaving to give their orders to the cook. He took them and read the papers out loud to his crew but stopped when he read the last sentence. ``Two plates of brownies?`` He whispered as I nodded discretely. ``Please Pablo, I’ll pay for it!`` I pouted as he sighed and shook his head. ``No, no it’ll be on the house. You’re new here and I haven’t properly welcomed you yet so consider the brownies a welcome gift.`` he smiled at me before going back to the orders.

Minutes later their food arrived on their trays and cautiously I took two at a time to them, leaving the plate of brownies for last.

The look of pure live in Niall’s said it all when his gaze landed on me and the plates of brownies in my hands.

Harry’s POV

I didn’t quite like the look Niall was giving Aria. They were full of love and lust; a look I’m pretty sure I’ve used on many type of women. Though I wasn’t sure if he was eyeing Aria or the brownies she was bringing us.

``Thank you!`` Niall beamed at Aria while his hands found their way to the plate in her left hand. He quickly took it and set it aside before continuing on with his feast. I rolled my eyes and snapped my fingers at Aria. She looked down at me in a quizzical glance. I motioned for her to come to my side with the brownies and nodded before walking around the table to get to me.

She placed the plate in front of me and turned to leave. Before she could go however, I took her hand like so many times before and pulled her back. ``What now Mr. Styles.`` She sighed tiredly and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. She seemed more tired than usual but looked more awake than Zayn over there. I figured there was only one reason as to why she seemed fatigue and skillfully I placed a brownie in the palm of her hand before letting her go.

She looked down at the object I’d given her and smiled at both the object and at myself. ``Thanks.`` She mouthed to me as I nodded. ``No problem.``

She turned and returned to the kitchen, nibbling away at the brownie I’d given her.

I felt Zayn shiver violently beside me as he took off his jacket. ``Damn I wish I brought a jumper-r.`` He shook as I chuckled and rubbed my jumper clothed arms. ``Well unlike you, I wear jumpers over my t-shirts.``

He shot me a glare and shrugged on his thick winter coat back on and continued to eat. Aria showed up plenty of times during our meal, but only when she had to serve her tables or just to drop by and say hi. The boys and I ate our meals longer than usual, just until Aria’s break.

I saved three of my brownies for her so she should consider herself a lucky girl.

``When’s your break again?`` Niall asked aria who was rushing by us. ``At three but Anna gave me the rest of the day off again!`` Aria yelled back as she went to another table. ``Three, alright that’s in ten minutes. We can wait longer.`` Liam said as we all nodded and continued to eat very slowly.

Before you could say Apple juice, Aria waltzed back to our table and made herself comfortable across Louis’, mine, and Niall’s laps. ``I am so hungry!`` She purred as she sat up in between Louis and I and frowned. ``Hey did you feed Dusty this morning?`` she asked me.

``No...I forgot to?`` I’d been in a rush this morning, and completely forgot to feed my baby girl. ``Can we go back to my place and feed Dusty really quickly?`` I asked the boys whose eyes were trained on aria the whole time. ``Y-Yeah sure mate.`` Niall mumbled and looked down at his plate of brownies that he began to eat. OOH that reminds me.

``Here.`` I pushed the plate of brownies I’d left for her towards her. ``I figured you’d want some more, knowing you.`` I looked at her pointedly, remembering how persistent she was to have another cookie when we went out for coffee at starbucks last week. ``You didn’t have to, but thanks.`` she smiled again before she quickly ate the sugar loaded sweets. ``I’m gonna go get another server to bring these plates back to the kitchen while I change out of my work clothes.`` She said as she stood up and left.

I smirked to myself as Maria and Marie, twins, spoke to Aria quickly before strutting towards us. I had to admit they were pretty hot and I’ve might have had some pretty kinky dreams involving those two.

I bit my lip seductively as the two tall girls began to take our trays of food away. Maria in particular had the decency to bend down in front of me, her perky breasts now all up in my facial region; not that I protested. Without hesitation, I reached out and placed a little present in her apron, making sure she’d seen it. Her eyes met mine and I winked at her, resulting with her cheeks turning brighter than Aria’s hair. Aria.

I looked behind Marie and Maria and chuckled at the sight of Aria practically waddling towards us all bundled up for the cold weather outside. Now my mind wasn’t focused on the two tall blondes in front of me, but the short red head that I was now subconsciously making my way towards to give her a hug.

We both pulled away and made our way back to the boys who’d already paid Maria and Marie and were now standing at the doors. Niall opened and held the door for all of us, and we stepped out all together.

From a safe distance i glance back through the windows of Nando’s and at Maria who was looking at the piece of paper I’d slipped into her apron. Her eyes widened while her lips were settled between her teeth before they rested in a playful smirk while her eyes met mine.

I smirked back and turned around, putting my hands in my pocket as I smirked at the ground.

I felt an arm stop my from walking and soon Aria and I were walking behind the boys. ``what’s up with you?`` Aria’s gentle tone interrupted my thoughts and i shrugged. ``Maria and Marie are pretty hot.`` i ended up saying and I wanted to slam myself against a car right then when Aria frowned. ``Well it’d be weird for me to agree with you but I guess. You like them?`` she asked, much to my relief that she wasn’t too disappointed in me.

``Just Maria. I don’t like her-like her, just attracted to her I guess. I slipped her my number.`` I was being completely honest with Aria right now and it was weird because I was never known to be the honest one in the first few days of a friendship. ``are you planning on taking her out on a date? That’s why you gave her your number right?`` she asked me innocently as my air supply broke off and I panted.

``Uh...uh yeah..totally...``

``Don’t lie to me Harold.`` The way her tone turned hard as stone made me flinch. I was not used to this side of her at all. She was usually so gentle about things. ``You have until the count of five. One-`` Oh God. ``Two`` shit. ``three`` ooh I love threes! ``four`` jesus mary and joseph! ``five-``

``Alright, Alright I’ll tell you! Iwantedtogetlaid.`` I mumbled out the last part and quickened my pace. ``Repeat that for me please, I didn’t understand.`` Aria yelled as she caught up with me and took me by arm. ``tell me Harry, please just tell me and don’t lie. I trust you.`` Trust. What did she know about trust.

I ignored her and continued to walk. Eventually her sweet tone turned into an annoying buzz in my ear and I just couldn’t even anymore. I stopped so suddenly that she walked straight into and would have fell backwards if I didn’t catch her. I pulled her back up and sighed. ``I gave her my number so i could text her later to come over for some fun.`` i told her truthfully in a small voice as she looked at me confused.

``Fun? Why would you bring Maria home for fun- ohh.`` she looked up at me in realization with wide eyes and lips parted in shock. She looked adorable right now but I pushed that thought aside as I nodded and continued to walk slowly again beside Aria who was quiet.

``But you’re taking her out for a date first right?`` She looked up at me uneasily and furrowed her eyebrows anticipating my answer. ``Probably not. I’m not into the whole wine and dine thing just the desert that comes afterwards. Ben doing it all my life, not gonna stop now.`` I winked at her, expecting her to left but instead shook her head at me and sighed.

``I know you may not care what i think about this one Harry, but please listen to me.`` She started. ``A girl is not a toy you can play with then set aside for a new toy to play with until you’re bored and want the old toy back. Though every girl in unique in their own beautiful way, no matter if you’re a whorish, sluttish little creature or an innocent curious being like me, we all want that one fairytale love story where prince charming will swoop us off our feet and love us like we should be loved.``

``so what are you saying?`` I asked. ``I’m saying, take Maria out for a date first. Then you two can have your fun.`` She smiled at me hopefully as I sighed. ``i don’t know Aria. I don’t think she’s one of those girls.`` I was about 900% sure that if I were to take Maria out on a date, she would be drinking something else rather than wine, if you know what I mean.

``Trust me on this one Harry. Take her out, get to know her, and then do what you need to do. You’ll get to know her better and if you don’t like her afterwards, that’s one girl off your to-do list!`` She explained as I looked at her skeptically. I think she may have a point here.

``Okay let’s say I do take her out on a date first. What would be the point of all this getting to know her shit?`` I asked as she shrugged.

``Love with the heart Harold, not with the eyes. A valuable life lesson I learned myself.`` She grinned sadly at me before walking ahead to the boys who eagerly pulled her into their conversation about how vicious Dusty was and that she should hide behind Liam. Aria only laughed loudly at this and explained what went down yesterday between her and Dusty.

Watching the happiness swim around the five of them, I realized that management could go f*ck themselves. I didn’t need to date a girl to show people that I was responsible. I didn’t need to act like a completely different person to be accepted by other people who probably care more about a dying ant than me.

Aria had filled the void of both a girlfriend and friend even though she was only under the second category. She was the only girl i trusted, the only one I talked to nicely that day at Nando’s, and she’s the only one who’s ever had the power to knock some sense into me.

All I needed was Aria Hope and I’m not switching her for another girl any time soon.

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