Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


18. She's my everything

Aria’s POV

``Right, well we better be heading home now. We have a lot of presents to wrap!`` Liam yelled over the loud conversation, snapping me out of my trance. I turned around and walked over to them, nodding in agreement. ``Yeah we should. Where will you be staying Sierra?`` I asked her nicely as she looked at Harry. ``I believe I will be staying with Harry at his place.`` She smiled at Harry whose eyes widened and nodded.

I rolled my eyes and mentally face palmed myself; he forgot to tell her I lived with him. ``Great! Well why don’t we take Sierra’s things and bring them over to your house while you two catch up? Coffee or two?`` Zayn offered the two who looked at each other then at Zayn and nodded with small thankful smiles on their face. ``That’s a brilliant idea! Here you go!`` Sierra placed her two large luggage bags in my arms, almost making me tip over if it wasn’t for Niall helping me stay steady.

``We’ll be back before the party. Bye lads!`` Harry waved at us before he took Sierra’s hand and walked the two off. When they finally left, i turned to Niall and let out a little grunt. ``H-Help M-Meee...``

He chuckled and took the bags from me, carrying them with ease. ``I can’t believe he did that!`` Liam muttered. ``Do what?`` I asked him as the five of us walked down the airport halls to get back to the car. ``Forget about you living with him and automatically letting her stay at his place when it’s the second time he’s met her. It’s not like him to do something like that. He let you move in after like a month of knowing each other...`` Liam said as I sighed. ``I know, and sierra seems a tad bossy don’t you think?``

``I guess but it’s Harry Styles we’re talking about here, of course she’ll act like the queen of the world with him as eye candy.`` zayn rolled his eyes as Niall’s eyes lit up at the mention of candy. ``Anyways lads, are we seriously bringing her stuff to Harry’s place? Where she gonna live?`` Niall asked as everyone turned to me.

``Don’t you boys have another spare room in that fancy mansion of yours?`` Paul asked the three who nodded and turned to me with large smiles on their faces. ``Hey wanna move in with us? You’re already like a sister to us and we don’t want you living on the streets or anything.`` Liam asked me as Niall nodded along. ``AND YOU’RE A WOMAN AND YOU CAN COOK! I HAVEN’T HAD A HOMEMADE MEAL IN SO LONG!`` Niall giggled as I shook my head at him. ``I don’t want to be a burden though. Aren’t your girlfriends staying with you?``

``Nope! They have their own apartment complexes near ours. We only have like two spare rooms and the girls wanted to stick together.`` Zayn explained as I sighed. ``Do you seriously want a girl living with you lot?``

``HELL YEAH! It’s so hard to have serious conversations with these lads and it’s nice to have a girl to talk to once every while.`` Liam smiled. ``So what do you say? Move in with us?``

I raised my hand to my chin and thought carefully. Niall pouted, his blue eyes filing with small tears as I whined. ``Oh fine! I’ll move in... but seriously don’t pull that face on me again Horan.`` i chuckled as the three cheered. ``YES!``

``YEAHHH BUDYYY! Okay so we’ll drop off Sierra’s stuff at Harry’s house then bring all of your belongings to the mansion. Sound good Paul?`` Niall asked Paul who nodded with his thumbs up. ``Great! We should get started then. Got a lot of stuff to do!`` Niall yelled as he took my hand and began to pull me towards the car as the other’s ran behind us.

I’m not a toy to be played with.


``HOLY SHIT HOW MUCH STUFF DO YOU HAVE!?`` Niall wailed as he carried my suitcases to the SUV. I laughed at him and helped him bring some. ``enough for me to live off of.`` i joked as he rolled his eyes and threw them in.

``Right, is that everything?`` He asked as he took some things from Liam and zayn who carried the smaller things like the posters, some of my books, phone chargers, my laptop, and my laptop charger. ``Should be. Hopefully Harry won’t be too mad aha.`` I chuckled lowly as Liam shrugged. ``He’ll be too occupied with what’s her face to realize.``

When the car was fully loaded, we all climbed in and began our drive back to the mansion. The streets became unfamiliar and the small town was soon out of sight. I sighed and leant against Niall for the rest of the ride.

When we finally arrived at the mansion, we stepped out and began to carry all of my stuff and the presents inside. ``I’ll show you to your room. You don’t have to put your stuff away yet since we still have presents to wrap and the party to get ready for but it’s up to you.`` Liam smiled at me as he and the two boys carried my things up the long winding stairs. I followed behind them closely and took in the breathtaking sight of London through their large windows.

We went down the large corridor until the very end. ``This was actually Harry’s room when we first moved in here but he moved out like a week later so some of his stuff is still in there but you can just leave it or take it out.`` Liam explained as he led us into a large bedroom with a queen size bed in the middle; the sheets still made but closet empty. The draws and the nightstand weren’t bare and had a lamp and a few sculptures on them.

``It’s lovely! Thanks for letting me stay here.`` I beamed at the three as I gave them each a hug. ``No problem Aria, you can stay as long as you want.`` Niall smirked as he licked his lips. ``and cook for us whenever you want.`` I laughed and hit his chest lightly before hugging him again. ``sure Nialler.``

``Right well we all have a busy few hours ahead of us, so why don’t we get started!`` Liam yelled as he, Niall and Zayn left the bedroom. ``We’ll be wrapping gifts and getting ready but don’t be afraid to ask for help lil red.`` Niall winked at me before he shut the door.

I sighed and ran my hand through my long-ish hair before jumping onto the bed, face first. I let out a long scream into the sheets before standing up. ``Presents... wrapping paper...bows...yeah`` I mumbled to myself as I took out everything i was going to need. I had brought over the materials for wrapping the gifts from Harry’s house so I could wrap my gifts and I guess Harry’s gifts as well. Being a certified princess, I naturally had to learn how to multitask. I started with Harry’s gifts for the boys first and put away some of my clothes after every gift I wrapped. By the end I ended up putting most of my clothes away into the walk in closet and the draws.

I started on my gifts for the boys next and after every gift I wrapped I also started putting some of my materialistic items away like my makeup, my laptop, the chargers, etc. After about four hours I was finally done wrapping the gifts and had mine and Harry’s in different piles. My room was also done and now all that was left was getting ready for the party.

*knock* *knock*

``Come in!`` I yelled as I sat myself down on the bed. ``Hey Aria, Sienna was wondering if you wanted to get ready with her and the girls because they asked Sierra and she said she was getting ready with Harry.`` Niall said as he poked his head through the door. ``Tell her yeah and I’ll be right over.`` i told him as he nodded and brought his phone to his ear. ``Hey babe you still there?... yeah she said she’ll be right over... okay... bye love.``

``Okay so Paul will drive you to their flat so just get yourself set then meet him downstairs.`` Niall shut the door behind him as he left and immediately I grabbed the gold bag that had my dress in it, along with the red heels I was planning to wear that I put in a separate bag. I grabbed my coat and shrugged it on before making my way down the corridors then down the stairs. ``See you at the party Aria!`` zayn said as he brushed past me; fixing his shirt. I chuckled and nodded before going to the main hall where Paul was waiting.

``Hello again Paul.`` I beamed at him as he nodded curtly and led me out of the house. ``Hello Aria, you settled in yet?`` he asked and I nodded. ``Yup!``

We both got into the large SUV and began our drive to the flat; Me mentally deciding it was time for me to get a driver’s license. We pulled up into a nice complex where an array form fairly large flats were lined up. ``here we are! Have fun Aria.`` Paul said, pulling up to one of the flats as I grinned and stepped out of the car. ``bye Paul!``

As he drove off again, I walked up the large steps of the flat and rang the doorbell. ``COMING! COMING!`` the door flew open and revealed Elle in her robe with green mushy stuff on her face. ``GIRLS! ARIA’S HERE!`` Elle yelled before she quickly pulled me in. ``Right so get undressed, then put on a robe and put this on your face. It’ll make it smoother than a baby’s butt trust me.`` Elle quickly handed me a robe and the mixture and ushered me into the living room.

All the girls were there (except Sierra of course) and were in their robes applying the mixture to their faces. ``just set your clothes off to the side and undress in the bathroom then put on the robe.`` Ambrina said as she scrubbed on the mixture to her face. I chuckled and obliged, heading into the bathroom. I stripped out of my clothing and thanked the lord that i decided to wear a matching red lace set today instead of my embarrassing Disney underwear.

I put on the robe and tied it tightly before tying my hair up into a high ponytail. I splashed a bit of water onto my face then made my way back to the girls. I sat down beside Sienna and applied the mixture to my face. ``Turn on some music!`` Elle yelled as she touched her face carefully. ``Amrbina nodded and turned on the stereo. Ke$sha’s 'Die Young' started to play and I found myself moving to the beat as i wiped at my face.

After a few minutes we let the masks sit then we washed it off. Holy cow my face felt smoother than a baby’s butt. ``Okay there are two showers available in the flat so we’ll have to take turns. I already took a shower before so I’ll just wait for all of you to finish.`` Elle said as we all nodded. Ambrina and I hit the two showers first then Sienna last. We had less than two hours left for the party and we were barely ready. Oh well, fashionably late as always then.

When we were all showered, we stood in a line in front of all the cosmetics and hair curlers/staighteners in front of us. ``Okay, so who’s good at this stuff?`` Elle chuckled awkwardly as I shrugged. ``I’m good with hair.`` I perked up as sienna nodded. ``And I’m pretty good at doing makeup.``

``Brilliant! We’ll do Ambrina first, then me, then you two. Sound good?`` Elle asked us all as we nodded. ``wow Elle, you’re already like the leader of the group.`` Sienna joked as elle chuckled. ``well I am the oldest.`` she winked before motioning for Ambrina to sit down in the chair we placed in front of the large mirror.

``Let’s get started!`` Elle cheered as Sienna and I both nodded at each other with devious smirks ok our faces.

Let the makeovers... begin.


Ambrina’s usually straightened hair was put into a cute waterfall braid that was then curled at the ends to look soft yet fierce. Sienna had done her makeup on the au naturel side with a bit more eyeliner and mascara than usual

For Elle I straightened her long brown hair and put into a high ponytail with her fringe pinned to the side to make her look older yet ready to party all night long. Her makeup was done completely the same as Ambrina’s but with a hint of blues in her eyeshadow.

Sienna looked completely stunning with her hair was made into a braided headband which was then put up into a messy bun; Very chic and vey her. Sienna did her own makeup and gave herself a more older look with highlighted cheekbones.

And finally it was my turn. Oh dear.

I was sat down onto the large chair in front of the mirror and grabbed the hair straightener. I brought it up to my hair and began to straighten it about a quarter from the top before waving it through to give my hair soft curls. I continued to do this until my whole head was done then parted it so most of it was to one side but some of it to the other side; I began to pull some of my hair back and pin it down to it was half up-half down.

When I was satisfied with my hair, I turned to Sienna who nodded and grabbed her makeup. I gulped when Sienna brought her makeup supplies to my face, especially when she told me to close my eyes. ``what are you going to do?`` I asked her as she murmured. ``Smokey eye.``

A few minutes later, sienna pulled away the brushes from my face. ``Oh my God!`` She squealed as I gasped. ``WHAT!? WHAT HAPPPENED!? IS IT BAD!?`` I yelped as the three chuckled. ```Not at all! It,s just- you look hot hun!`` Elle yelled as I opened my eyes.

Well for starters that girl in the mirror is definitely not me. My makeup was odne with finesse that made my hair look more vibrant and more or so made me look way older than I really was. My cheekbones were visible and most of my blemishes were covered. ``Holyyyyyy....`` I mouthed as I smiled lightly; and there’s the dimple.

``Let’s put on our dresses and shoes and see the finished product.`` sienna suggested as she brought our clothes to us. I took my dress from her and shrugged off my robe before putting it on. I expertly zipped it up by myself then slipped on my red pumps that I hadn’t worn since that one holiday ball I was invited to back in Genovia. I fixed my hair a little then joined the girls who stood in front of the mirror. ``HOLY JESUS CHRIST!`` Elle gawked at our reflections as we all laughed and fixed our dresses. ``I actually don’t look like a troll! YES!`` she laughed as we laughed as well. ``Dang Aria how tall are you in those heels?`` Ambrina asked me as I shrugged.

``About 5’9.`` I told her as the three looked at me. ``Wow.``


Sienna took out her phone and read the text before looking up at us. ``Abbie just texted me and told me she’s already there with Liam and the boys. Harry and Sierra’s just arrived and they’re waiting for us now.`` she said.

``Right then, we better go!`` Elle said as she led us out of the flat and into her car. It wasn’t too special but nice enough for us not to be recognized in. Praise the lord for tinted windows.

And so began our short journey to the Funky Buddha where a party was going to change someone’s life... in more ways than one.

Harry’s POV

``Where are they? It’s been nearly thirty minutes!`` I whined as I held onto sierra’s waist. She was dressed beautifully in a black and white dress and black wedged booties that made her almost as tall as me. ``They’re girls Harry, what do you expect?`` Edward smirked as I scoffed and stepped away from him. I still don’t like him.

``Look I just texted Sienna and she said they’re almost here. Calm down.`` Abbie scolded as she glared at me and Edward. Wow okay just because you’re dating daddy direction doesn’t give you the right to boss us around too... but if it saves us from Liam’s even more awful terror then okay.

``Come onnnnn I wanna partay!`` Niall cheered as he waved his hands in the air and danced from side to side along with the heavy bass of the song that was playing. ``Me too!`` Sierra whined as she pulled on my sleeve. ``Come on Harry, let’s go dance!``

``No, I need to wait for Aria to arrive.`` I told her, causing her to grunt and cross her arms. `Why do you need to anyways? Edward is her date, not you.``

``So? It’s her first time going clubbing at all and I promised I would be there to look after her... from a distance.`` I told Sierra cautiously who glared at me. ``Is it a crime to look after my best friend?`` I asked her as she shook her head. ``No, but it is a crime to care more about some girl over your girlfriend.`` She smirked as i rolled my eyes. ``We’re not even dating for real-``

``FINALLY!`` Abbie screeched as she grabbed Sierra’s arm and dragged her through the large crowd towards the front doors of the club. People crowding around had turned their heads towards the doors where the two girls were standing and squealing as they hugged whoever just entered through the doors. `Who are they huggin- Oh.`` Louis’ throat closed up and for some reason so did Liam, Zayn, Niall, and mine’s as we gawked at the five girls who were making their way towards us, dressed differently than usual (

Louis quickly turned to me and breathed in my face. ``how does my breath smell?`` he asked as I chuckled. ``Like fish.`` I told him jokingly as he squeaked lowly and sprayed the inside of his cheeks with breath mist. Liam, Zayn and Niall took the spray as well and puffed their mouths to the fullest and handed me the empty tube.

I rolled my eyes at them and turned back to the five girls. ``You five look lovely.`` i told them as I grabbed sierra and brought her to my side again. ``Oh uh thanks Harry.`` Elle smiled faintly as Louis hugged her to his side.

``Happy birthday Louis!`` the girls beamed as they hugged Louis tightly. ``Yeahhh got them bitches surrounding me!`` Louis yelled jokingly, causing the five to hit him lightly on the shoulder before going to their respective dates.

Through the busy chatter and compliments, I realized Edward was still standing alone. ``Hey where’s Aria?`` I asked Sienna who was standing nearest to me. ``She probably chickened out.`` Sierra smirked earning a glare from Sienna. ``No she’s just shy about how she looks.`` Sienna said, using mine and Niall’s shoulder’s for leverage to see through the crowd. ``Oh I see her now! I’ll go get her!`` Sienna beamed as she let herself down to run back into the crowd.

Minutes later Sienna came back, but held onto a girl who was more than reluctant to come to us. ``No, I don’t wanna go!`` the girl wailed as she pulled on Sienna’s arm. ``Too late little one, you’re already here!`` Sienna cackled as she pulled on her arm. ``B-But-``

``Oh my God Aria is that you!?`` Edward yelled over the music as he approached the girl. Wait Aria!?

My eyes landed on the tall red head that was leaning against Edward in a friendly hug. When she pulled away however, that was when the total effect of her beauty really hit me. She was clad in the dress she had bought a few days ago, fitting her like a glove and showing off just the right amount of skin to make a guy go crazy in wonder but satisfy the hungry eye. Her red heels really made the red in her lips and the red in her hair *pop* and her eyes look fierce and hypnotizing; staring into your soul like a death eater. (

She didn’t look like my innocent little cookie any more. She looked like a sexy, ferocious little beast that was more than ready to pounce. Her dark eyes showed little of her honey brown ones but if you looked closely you could tell she was a bit worried. ``What? Is there something on my face?`` she looked at me and Edward worriedly, the heels causing such a height difference that she didn’t need to look up at me anymore.

``N-No... it’s just yo-you look-`` I was cut off by Edward who held onto her hand. ``Beautiful! You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on.`` Edward smiled at her happily as aria blushed and faced the ground. But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell you don’t know... you don,t know you’re beautiful.

I smirked at the song lyrics that ran through my head but frowned when i realized the group had no dispersed into their own little worlds, Edward now pulling aria towards the huge crowd to dance.

I grunted and grabbed Sierra’s hand before quickly following the couple. I brought Sierra over to the bar and ordered twelve shots; six for me and six for Sierra. ``To Louis’ birthday!`` I said before downing my first shot. Sierra grinned and gulped down hers. This went on until all our shots were gone. I was a bit tipsy and so was Sierra, but that didn’t stop me from watching Edward and Aria dance closely. A bit too close in my opinion.

I growled lowly and took sierra by the hand and led her to the dance floor; a good meter away from Aria and Edward. I clutched onto her waist tightly and swung our bodies to the beat of the song playing through the club. Her arms found my neck, playing with my curls at my nape as her lips rested against my neck. As the bass dropped, her hips swivelled and ground deeply into my groin, her actions repeating as she trailed kisses down my collar bone. The next few songs were spent like this, our sweaty yet clothes bodies dancing together like no one existed.

I was so occupied by the pleasure I received from sierra’s actions that I failed to realize that Aria and Edward were nowhere to be seen. I quickly pushed sierra off of me and walked towards Liam and Abbie who were sober and having a nice chat. ``Hey guy, you seen Aria anywhere?`` I asked them, steadying my balance by leaning on the table in front of them. ``Yeah, she just left a few minutes ago with Edward. He had to go home because he has to baby sit his younger sister so Aria left as well because she said she was tired.`` Abbie explained as Liam nodded along.

``Oh.`` I said as I turned back to Sierra who was busy at the bar, downing shots. ``You uh, think you can look after sierra for me? I kinda want to check if Aria’s okay.`` I asked the two who raised an eyebrow at me and looked at each other before nodding slowly. ``Sure Harry.`` Liam said as i grinned at him in gratitude. ``Oh by the way, Aria doesn’t live with you anymore.`` Liam said as I choked on my spit. ``What? Since when?``

``Since Sierra offered to stay at your place and you said yes...`` Liam trailed off. ``Did you forget already?`` I groaned in realization and face palmed myself. ``She’s not mad at me is she?`` I asked him and he shook his head. ``No she understands. Anyways she lives with us now in the mansion, so you can here are the keys.`` Liam said, giving me the keys to the mansion. I took them from his hands and gave him my keys before giving him a curt nod and walking off.

I walked out into the familiar chilly night and hugged my blazer closer to my body as i raced down the street, keeping an eye out for a taxi. ``TAXI!`` I yelled when the yellow car passed by, stopping at the end of the street. I sighed in relief and raced towards it, quickly opening the door and hopping into the warm taxi. I greeted the driver and told him the directions to the mansion.

A quick drive later we arrived and I paid the man. I quickly got out of the taxi and rushed to the door, unlocking it and running inside not wanting to endure the harsh climate any longer. I closed the door and locked it then rushed up the stairs. ``ARIA, ARE YOU HERE!?`` I yelled as I looked into every room I passed. ``ARIA!``

I reached the end of the hallway, standing in front of my old room before I opened the door. ``ARIA ANSWER ME ARE YOU- oh there you are.`` I breathed out in relief and ran my hands through my hair as I stood in front of Aria. Her room was dim; only the light from the lamp on her nightstand was on showing Aria who was in her bed.

She was lying down in bed, the blankets up to her waist as she was sat up a little; reading a novel. She had her earphones in and her reading glasses on; still not noticing that I was standing in her new room. All her things were in here and it surprised me that she moved in so quickly. ``Hey Aria.`` I spoke louder but her eyes were still trained on the book she was reading. ``Ariaaaaaaa...`` I tapped her shoulder and finally she broke out of her trance and look up at me.

Her dress was replaced by her cupcake pjs and her face was clear of makeup. Her hair was in a messy bun, some strand falling on her face. ``Oh Harry!`` she pulled out her earphones and smiled at me warmly. ``Sorry didn’t hear you come in.`` obviously. ``Wait, why are you here? Why aren’t you at the party?``

``I should be the one asking you that. Why did you leave?`` I asked her, remembering what Abbie said before I left but just wanting to hear it come from Aria just to be sure. ``Oh Edward had to go home to baby sit his little sister and me not wanting to be awkward and alone decided to go home as well since I’m not much of a party animal. I’m as social as a chair and it gets more action than I do.`` she said with such a straight face I couldn’t help but chuckle. ``Now answer my question, why aren’t you at the party with Sierra?``

``I left to come check on you.`` i told her as she rolled her eyes and slapped me lightly on the head. ``For God’s sake Harry you can’t just leave your date alone at a club! What if she gets hurt?`` Aria raised her voice as I sighed. ``Don’t worry too much Aria, I asked Liam and Abbie to look after her. I promised I would look after you and this is me looking after you.`` i told her as she laid the novel open on her chest. ``Harry I am exactly six hours younger than you; you don’t have to look after me.`` She said, breathing in and out slowly as I shrugged. ``And I am exactly six hours older than you but no matter what I am still going to look after my little cookie.`` I smiled at her as she giggled and patted the spot next to her. ``Come sit.`` She said and I nodded before climbing onto her bed and laying down in the same position as her.

``It’s really cold out isn’t it.`` I said as I looked beyond her misty windows at the cold night sky of London. I laid my head against hers and stared down at the book on her chest. ``Yeah... it’s freezing. That’s why I’m all bundled up here in bed with my book and tea.`` Aria pointed down at her book and her cup of tea that was set on her nightstand near the lamp.

``Before I forget, I just wanted to tell you that you looked really nice at the party. Edward couldn’t keep his eyes off you.`` I muttered into her hair as she sighed. ``I know. He was staring at my chest for most of the evening like a dog thinking I wouldn’t notice it but I did. He’s so cheeky.`` She smiled as I rolled my eyes. ``At least he wasn’t grinding on you. I mean, it felt good at first- duh- but then she got really into it and I think she damaged the goods.`` I said, awkwardly bringing my hand down to massage my pained package.

``Ooh sucks for you, but please don’t do that when you’re in bed with me.`` She chuckled and I stopped. ``Thank you.`` She smiled at me cheekily before raising the novel back to her view so she could read the small lettering. I scooted lower in the bed so my head was leveled with her stomach, the lettering so small I had to be at this range to read it. No wonder why she’s wearing reading glasses.

``What are you reading?`` I asked her as she turned the page. ``One of my favourite novels ever by Nicholas Sparks.`` She mumbled as she read the words in a trance, not bothering to even say the name. ``Do be specific.`` I looked up at her as she shut the book but held her place with her thumb. ``A Walk to Remember... nice.`` I smirked as she nodded and opened the book again to continue to read. I watched her face contort into different emotions. One filled with adore and happiness, another one of frustration and disappointment, and another with love and sadness. Tears spilled from her eyes as she read parts of the story, worrying me a little but I understood why she would cry. I mean, Nicholas Sparks is a fucking genius.

I felt myself start to grow sleepy as I watched her turn the page again and again. It was almost hypnotizing, the way the pages flipped easily and how her face would show a different expression from what she read. ``Read to me.`` I grumbled into her side. ``Huh what?`` I chuckled at her confused expression, knowing I had just broken the connection she had with the book. ``Read to me... what you’re reading.`` I told her as I rested my head cautiously on her stomach and stared forward at the novel she held in front of my face.

``But I’m almost finished...`` she pouted down at me. ``Then read some of your favourite parts to me. Just read to me. I like hearing your voice.`` I yawned as I brought my arm over her waist. ``Okay then. Hold on.`` She yawned as well and flipped through the pages of the book before her finger stopped at one good section of the book. ``This is the part where they’re having a bit of a quarrel after Jamie; the main female character suspects that Landon; the main male character confronts Landon after he begins to show interest in her. Jamie thinks he knows nothing about her, but he does.`` Aria explained as I nodded.

She opened her mouth to speak again and slowly I succumbed to sound of her voice as she spoke. ``But I do, I do. We've had all the same classes in the same school since kindergarten. Why, you're Jamie Sullivan. You sit at lunch table 7. Which isn't exactly the reject table, but is definitely in self-exile territory. You have exactly one sweater. You like to look at your feet when you walk. Oh, oh, and yeah, for fun, you like to tutor on weekends and hang out with the cool kids from "Stars and Planets." Now how does that sound.``

``She was surprised right? I mean, I would be surprised if the person I thought didn’t know I existed actually knew a lot about me.`` I asked Aria who nodded. ``Yeah she was.``

``Read me another part?`` I yawned as I closed my eyes and rested my cheek closer to her warm figure as I tightened my hold on her waist, but not too tight that she couldn’t breathe. ``One last part okay. I really want to finish the story.`` She mumbled as I stayed still, waiting for her to speak again. She turned the pages and stopped at the right section yet again, almost like she memorized the whole damn novel. I sighed and waited for her sweet voice to fill the room.

``I held her close to me with my eyes closed, wondering if anything in my life had ever been this perfect and knowing at the same time that it hadn’t. I was in love, and the feeling was even more wonderful than I ever imagined it could be.`` I felt myself slip into abyss at her words, my breath evening as I fell asleep.

My mind reinstated the deep words Aria had spoken and for some reason it applied to what I was feeling at the moment. Having her in my arms right now really was simply perfect. However I wasn’t in love with Aria; she’s too special for me to jeopardize the already fragile relationship we both shared. Despite our obvious personality differences, Aria and I had just an equal amount of things in common which probably helped me befriend her unlike other girls. I loved the moments we shared, like the times she’d stay up with me to talk over ice cream in our living room, surrounded by duvets and Harold.

I love how she’s generally caring and finds friendship in Dusty who would most likely claw the skin off any other girl who tried to touch her. I never used to care about anyone but myself, until Aria came along. Something about her lights a certain part in my brain which makes me react as a protective person rather than a careless fool. There’s no doubt about it; Aria is special.

I love Aria, but not the kind of love a boyfriend tells a girlfriend but rather the kind of love a man tells its dog. Not to be taken as a literal term though; I don’t think of Aria as a pet. I love her like a caring, considerate and loyal best friend would.

I think she’s my everything. Yeah.

Chapter End Notes:

Thank you soooo sooo much for being patient with me these past days :) I finished half of the chapter yesterday but had to get off because my dad had to use my laptop to do some business stuff so I finished the chapter today but I couldn't post it because he took my laptop yet again BUT obviously he gave it back and here it is. Chapter seventeen! I really hoped you enjoyed this chapter and are more excited to see what beholds in regards to Harry and Aria's ''Friendship'' I assure you there will be some relationship status changes for some of the characters and who will they be? You'll just have to wait and read on :) Hopefully it'll be worth it aha. Hope to see you all soon :) .x

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