Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


13. Perfectly Imperfect

Aria's POV

I shivered under the cold weather that the one up above castrated on the world down below. It was particularly chilly this morning and I may have stolen one of Harry's sweaters that was laying on the floor this morning. 

I'll be returning it eventually since I'm moving in with him. Moving in with him. 

Is this a good idea? Moving in with the Harry Styles of One Direction? I say it like that because well, he's not necessarily good with the female species. Sure he beds them frequently but he can never hold a girl for longer than a regular relationship should last. I know he sees me differently but what happens if he tries. He gets drunk and tries?

I'm not like other girls he can bed though. I'm a princess; a real runaway princess. He could get beheaded. 

I tightened my scarf and proceeded through the park towards the meeting place Liam and I had agreed to meet at. 

"Aria!" I chuckled at the sight of Liam who was standing on top of a park bench, waving his arms back and forth trying to catch my attention. I made my way towards him and the beautiful blonde beside him who looked equally as amused as I was. 

"Hey Liam!" I waved up at him before I looked at the girl beside him. "Hi, I'm Aria! Liam's told me great things about you." I smiled kindly as I pulled her into a hug, not accepting her outstretched hand much to her surprise. 

"Haha I'm Abbie. Nice to meet you Aria, I hope they were all good things." She smirked, looking between me and Liam. "Of course." I said, pulling away from the hug as Liam nodded at me thankfully. 

"I'd just like to say thank you for going through with this for the sake of the band. I know it might be a tad difficult at first but you'll learn to get use to it." I told her as she smiled sweetly and nodded. "Trust me, I've been a fan for a while now and the boy's success is all that matters to me. I wouldn't let them down no matter what. I'm literally an agenda most of the time, so organized and well planned haha." She chuckled as I nodded at her approvingly. 

"Well Abbie, welcome to the family." I said as she sighed in relief and nodded happily. "Thanks Aria. It means a lot coming from you." She said as Liam smiled down at her before meeting my eyes again, his honey brown orbs questioning me for my approval. "So Aria, do you want to join us for a walk? I'd like to get to know you better." Abbie asked sheepishly as if my answer would mean the world to her. 

But I think it meant more to Liam than Abbie. 





Liam's POV

"Sure!" She giggled, locking arms with her and began pulling her away from me as she launched herself into a string of stories about me. "This one time, we were all at a signing ad this little girl came with her brother and two friends and have Liam a right scare because she gave him a set of spoons-"

Their loud chatter could be heard from a mile away as I trailed behind them awkwardly. At least Aria and Abbie are getting along quite nicely. They look pretty close over there, smiling and uh laughing at embarrassing stories about me. 

For the band Liam. For the band. 

Eventually Aria had to go, claiming she had some errands to run by. She gave me a wink and an approval nod a she hugged both me and Abbie together. "You both have my blessings. Even if you two aren't a real couple but I see something there." She whispered before pulling away from us and walking off with one last wave. 

I blushed and looked down at Abbie who's cheeks were just as crimson as mine. "Soooo, Starbucks?" I asked, taking her hand swiftly in mine. 

"Sure." She said as I led us off to Starbucks. 





Harry's POV

Four hours into the day, and so far I've cleaned up the whole entirety of the first level of the house and now I'm cleaning the upper level. I decided my room needed a bit of a cleaning so I started with that first. I threw out empty condoms I left on the floor from nights long ago and threw out old lingerie I found strung across the headboard of the bed. 

Dusty had made herself comfortable on the large bed while I vacuumed the floor. I hummed along to the music booming from my iPhone and nodded along to the tune as I vacuumed. 

Before I knew it the bedroom was looking spiffy, no speck of dirt left unattended. Dusty meowed and leapt onto my chest unexpectedly, causing me to drop the vacuum. I chuckled and kissed the top of her forehead. 

"Okay baby time to do the guest room then dinner time okay?" I was stunned when Dusty meowed and leapt back down to the ground and began prancing towards the guest room. I sighed and picked up the heavy vacuum again before making my way into the spare room with Dusty.

I groaned loudly at the sight of books cluttered everywhere and papers strewn across the floors messily. This had originally been my writing room and the reading room but its been so poorly maintained that now it's more like a dump than a room. 

I sighed loudly and began to work on the messy room in front of me, muttering prayers to myself as I picks up sheet my sheet, book by book. 


"HALLELUJAH!" I rejoiced, laying down on the beautiful clean white bed. After what felt like years of cleaning, I finally finished the spare room. Clearing the place of books made me realize how big the room actually was. 

The walls were a nicely crisp white color, which matched the crème boarding of the bed that was white and the crème drawers and closet. 

This place needed a bit of colour. To my amazement I realized the whole wall behind the bed were shelves; shelves that were clean of books and looked way too empty. An hour later I had stocked the shelves with every single book I had that I found downstairs and upstairs while cleaning. 

Finally the whole house was done and all that was left was the empty drawers and closet in Aria's room. I looked at the time on the clock and sighed. 8:26 pm. Aria should be back soon.


``COMING!`` I yelled, jumping off Aria’s bed so I could sprint towards the door. I opened the door wide and smiled down at Aria who was carrying a large box. ``Is that all you got?`` I asked her, eyeing the box weirdly. ``No, there’s more. I got Louis to help me.`` She said, walking straight past me so I could get a view of Louis who was struggling with three large boxes among many others. My eyes widened and I shook my head in amusement as I went over to Louis to help him.

I grabbed and box from Louis who smirked at me. ``so... she’s moving in with you. Niall won’t be too happy about this.`` He said as i rolled my eyes. `` I don’t like her that way Lou. She’s not my type.`` I told him sternly, leading him into the house and up the stairs to where the spare bedroom was.

``You’ve only known her for two months Harry.`` He said knowingly. I sighed loudly and nodded understandingly. ``I know. It took me almost a year to ask... -whatever she’s gone now and isn’t my responsibility anymore. I guess I just miss having a lady friend around the house.`` I told him truthfully, a hard cold pain shooting through my heart as i thought about her.

``Okay I believe you. Aria’s like a little sister to me now harry. I don’t know why or how I opened up to her completely but I know that we’ve all taken a shine to her friendly personality and it’s made us a better people. All I’m saying is that don’t screw up your friendship with Aria mate. You two were friends first and if you two were to fight... I don’t even know what the consequences could be but they would be very bad.`` Louis had a good point there, and I couldn’t help but give him a reassuring pat on the back as he spoke to me. 

``I know Louis, and I don’t plan on losing her. She’s like my personal diary Lou, I feel like I can tell her anything.`` I told him, a small smile spread onto his face as he nodded. 

When all the boxes were moved from the driveway to the flat, Louis gave his goodbyes quickly before he rushed off, claiming Janelle was waiting for him back at the mansion. I closed and locked the door behind him then turned to Aria that was bringing some of the boxes up to her room. ``Here let me help.`` I insisted, taking the boxes from her and bringing them up myself since Aria looked like she was about to tumble over any second.

The process continued fairly quickly until all her stuff was in her room, ready to be unpacked. ``Do you need help unpacking?`` I asked her, leaning on the framework of the doorway as I watched her start to open the boxes. ``No thanks, I’m good here. Why don’t you take a nap, you look like you’ll pass out any second now.`` She chuckled as I sighed in relief and nodded. I was only being kind to her then but the truth was I really am going to pass out any second.

I walked into her room and hopped onto her bed before lying down. She rolled her eyes at me but let me rest on her bed as she put away her clothes. ``Wake me up when you’re done then we can have d-dinner.`` I yawned sleepily as my eyes fluttered shut. ``Of course Harry.``

My eyes were fully shut now, my heavy breathing slowing down to even breaths as I fell asleep.


Gentle shaking woke me up and immediately I felt somewhat better after my nap. I was still tired, but in a better mood. I opened my eyes and sat up, rubbing at them until my eyesight was focused again.

``Huh? Oh hey Aria. Are you done yet?`` I asked, stretching a bit as my eyes got used to the bright light shining above me. ``Yup! Still up for dinner?`` she asked.

``Yeah of course! I’m fucking starving.`` I groaned, standing up too quickly which made me dizzier than I already was. ``HEY!`` She yelled suddenly, snapping me out of my sleepiness. I looked at her worriedly as she put on a mad pouty face. ``NO SWEARING!`` She snapped before poking my cheek. ``Girls don’t appreciate boys who swear all the time Harry.`` She said before poking my cheek again and chuckling. ``what now?`` I sighed as I pushed her hand away from my face. ``You have a dimple.`` she smiled, revealing her own dimples.

``So do you my dimpley friend.`` I smirked, poking her dimple with my own finger. ``Anyways, I’m starving.`` I mumbled, my stomach growling quite loudly begging for attention. ``Let’s order takeout. You got no food left in your kitchen I’m guessing.`` She said, leading me down the stairs and into the kitchen where her theory was proven right. There was no food left in the kitchen, except for Dusty’s. ``Yup I’m right.`` She said before chucking her cell at me. ``Speed dial 2 and tell them code purple.`` she said before walking into the living room and turned on the tv.

I called the number and waited for someone to pick up. Eventually someone did and I was pretty shocked when I heard who was speaking. ``Hello?``

``Um, Hi Anna this is Harry.`` I coughed awkwardly as I joined Aria on the large sofa while shooting her glares. She only rolled her eyes and motioned for me to talk. ``Harry? Why the hell are you calling from Aria’s phone?`` Anna’s rude tone annoyed the shit out of me, but I tolerated it because Aria had asked me to call. ``Doesn’t matter, Aria said to call you and tell you code purple.`` I muttered bitterly.

``FINALLY! I’ve been waiting outside some shitty apartment for over an hour with this crap in my car! Give the phone to Aria will ya?`` Anna yelled before i gave the phone to Aria who held it to her ear while staring out the window. ``Hola!`` Aria giggled, waving out the window before standing up and making her ways towards the front door. ``Hey Anna, just bring it into the kitchen.`` Aria said, standing to the side to let Anna through who was carrying multiple bags from Nando’s.

``Okay. By the way, your place looks way better inside than outside.`` Anna laughed, following aria’s orders and entered the kitchen. ``Oh it’s not my place. I’ve got a house mate.`` Aria smiled at Anna, keeping her eyes straight while she used her hand to signal me to hide. I gave her a questioning look but didn’t protest as I hid behind the sofa. ``Oh can I meet her?`` Anna asked excitedly, making me cringe. If only she knew.

``Um my house mate is actually a guy.`` Aria stuttered. I glanced over the sofa for a second and watched as Anna stopped in her tracks and turned to Aria. ``is it him?`` she asked bitterly, while Aria flinched and moved backwards a bit. ``Maybe.`` She mumbled, both of us now watching Anna as she let out a low growl.

``What did I tell you about hanging out with them Aria? Much less him! You’re only going to be disappointed in the end. Trust me on this one.`` Anna seemed persistent on Aria not being in our lives, and seemed to be making a big fuss about it. ``I don’t believe you Anna, I’m sorry. The boys have shown me nothing but friendship since I got here and I’m not taking that for granted.`` Aria sighed.

``They’re not good people Aria. They’re manipulative, rude, and life ruiners. They’ve made my life a living hell ever since I moved here from America. Harry’s been nothing but rude to you Aria, don’t you see? He’s using you.`` Anna muttered as Aria shook her head. ``Harry’s a total sweetheart to me and everyone around him Anna. You may not see it but I do. He would never use me.`` Aria shot back, her cheeks turning pink as she glared at Anna who was shocked. ``Think what you want Aria, you’re just another one of his skanks.`` Anna smirked, looking over Aria who was fuming. I wanted to jump out and just kick Anna out of my house. She has no right to accuse aria of this because she’s not anything Anna says she is.

``And you look like one too.`` She rolled her eyes at aria who’s face softened and looked down at the outfit she was wearing She didn’t look like a skank at all! Anna on the other hand...

``I thought you were my friend...`` aria whimpered, pulling at the hem of her sleeves nervously as Anna scoffed. ``Me... be friends... with you? You make me laugh Aria. I was only nice to you because Mrs. Grace asked me to make you feel welcomed. I’m only here because I’m getting paid for this delivery. I never really cared about you and your worthless life or your shitty life choices. Go ahead and fuck the boys of One Direction for all I care, I still think they’re assholes. But don’t worry, every boy band needs a friend who’s a freak.``

Aria was taken aback, but she stood her ground as she stared at Anna. ``Any other flaws you want to point out?`` Anna smirked and pushed her way past Aria. ``Harry doesn’t fuck fat sluts.``

With that Anna left and slammed the door shut, the house quickly filling up with silence that I didn’t like at All. How could Anna say those things to Aria? I truly thought they were friends...

I noticed Aria hadn’t moved from her place near the door yet, which worried me slightly. I got up from my hiding place and walked slowly up to Aria who wasn’t moving at all. ``Aria?`` I whispered, tapping her shoulder lightly, expecting some sort of reaction. When I got none I used both my hands to turn her around to face me. Her head was facing the floor, unable to meet my eyes as she shook her head and brought her hand up to her face to wipe away what seemed like tears. She sniffled loudly and tried to stop her tears but they still kept flowing.

``Aria look at me please.`` I whispered, bending down to try to see her face but her hair curtained around her face, making it nearly impossible to see her. I stood up straight once again and used my finger to level her eyes with mine. Her sweet honey brown eyes were brimming with tears and her lips quivered as she tried to form a sentence. I only shook my head and shushed her, pulling her into a protective hug while I hugged her back comfortingly. She continued to sob loudly into my chest, and it hurt knowing someone who’s done nothing but good in this world is being told her life was worthless.

She continued to cry into my shirt until we decided to sit down on the floor, leaning up against the wall as I tried to comfort her. She was laying in my arms, still crying as I reassured her that I wasn’t using her at all and that she was myfriend, a perfectly imperfect friend who is not a fat slut.

Eventually she fell asleep against my chest, snoring lowly as she held onto my hand. I wasn’t use to being this close to a girl, well usually if I were close to a girl we would be doing other things that involved a condom and a bed. Looking down at aria who was sleeping peacefully, made me reconsider all the mean things I’ve said to a few people. Okay a couple hundred but hey who’s counting?

But it was no secret that Aria was very insecure about her weight. I don’t see why though, because to me she looks perfectly healthy. I just don’t understand girls.

I looked at the time on the clock on the wall and sighed. It was nearly ten in the evening now and ultimately too late for me to wake up aria and eat dinner. Deciding it was best to let her rest, I easily picked up aria and brought her to her room.

I pulled back the covers before placing her in the bed, then removed her boots and left them on the floor near her. I tucked her blanket up to her chin and kissed her cheek before getting up and closing the light.

I left her room and shut the door behind me, making my way into my own room now before closing the door and stripping down and changed into some pyjama pants and a tee. 

Getting into bed that night, I realized how much i cared about Aria. How much it pained me to see her cry. How I felt somewhat protective of her now because of what i heard earlier.

I never cared about anyone like this before and quite frankly it drove me insane. I like Aria, but not to the point that I want to date the girl. Correct me if I’m wrong but she’s definitely becoming one of my best friends. Maybe that’s why I’m so worried about her all the time; wondering what she’s doing, where she is, who she’s with, etc.

My mind was closing in on me and all I wanted was to sleep, but knowing that the girl next door to me was hurt because of our friendship kept me up all night wondering if Aria would still be my friend in the morning.



Heyyy sorry readers! sorry for the late update, I was gonna update yesterday but Tumblr was done and I was screeching because I couldn't update :( but no worries, I ended up making this chapter longer than it was suppose to be to make up for the time. So Harry and Aria are becoming closer and closer as you can see and Anna turned out to be a fake bitch. Soooo much more drama to come lovelies, please don't give up on me yet!! rate<3

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