Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


16. oh Henry!

Harry's POV

"She's a lying bitch." I muttered as Aria walked into the kitchen I was in. She rolled her eyes and shook her head at me as she grabbed a bowl of cereal and milk and began to eat.

"It doesn't matter anymore; I'm still out of a job." Aria sighed as I frowned.

Last night we'd spent our time downstairs talking up until three in the morning talking about the plan for the party and how Aria lost her job. Just like before we ended up sleeping downstairs in a pile of pillows and duvets. OH and Harold who's permanent spot in the house was the single seater.

"But you're too sweet and good natured to hurt a fly! Yesterday you saw a spider and instead of killing the damn thing, you let it out through the window! Surely Mrs. Grace would notice that." I protested through a mouthful of my breakfast in annoyance. If Anna was a bitch before this, I don't even know what I'd classify her as now.

Aria shrugged and licked her spoon thoughtfully. "Anyways where am I going to work now? Mrs. Grace contacted every Nando's in this region and even let other stores know not to hire me. They think I'm mental!"

"I don't know... I'm sure there's a job out there you can get in short notice." I insisted as I rubbed her arm sensually. "Until then though, I guess I'm the provider for both of us." I smirked, looking down at Aria who sighed sadly. "I don't like it when you spend money on me."

"Too bad little one, I'm older." I laughed as she pouted angrily. "Yeah by like six hours, so shush it." She ago back defensively as she pushed herself away from me and walked into the living room with her bowl of cereal.

"Aren't you supposed to see Louis now?" I asked her, walking into the living room as well and sat down beside Aria who shook her head. "Louis called and said he couldn't be bothered waking up at the ungodly hour of eleven so we're going out in the evening hours." She explained. I turned to her with a smile on my lips, cackling to myself as I eyed her mischievously.

"So I got you all to myself now?" I murmured, smirking at Aria who was still eating her cereal but nodded at my words. "Guess so..."

My eyes traveled the entirety of the living room until they landed on an old pair of skates. I gasped and turn to Aria in excitement. "I KNOW WHAT WE'RE DOING TODAY!" I beamed as I hopped up and down on my seat.

She eyed me weirdly but nodded and waited for me to speak again. "Wear something warm but not too layered. We're going ice skating!" I hopped off my seat and pulled her up. She balanced the bowl of cereal in her hand that she almost dropped and sighed. "Alright. Give me a few minutes." She grumbled before heading upstairs with her cereal.

Hmm... She seems more quiet than usual. Odd. I was already dressed in my usual unholy tight jeans and a warm sweater I wore on top of an old dark t-shirt. I grabbed my coat and put it on, just as Aria walked down, ready to go.

"Be a dear and help me put on my boots?" She asked as she tied her hair up in a pony tail. I nodded and grabbed her boots, walking up to her and bending low so I was facing her stomach. I united the laces and opened the boots wide enough for her to step into.

Using my shoulder as leverage, she pushed her foot in and did the same with the other boot. I tied the laces up again and stood up straight, dusting off my hands as I smiled at Aria.

"You good?" I asked her, opening the door and leading her out before locking it. She sighed again and shrugged as she pushed her hood over her head. "I'll be alright. So where are we going?" She asked as I took her hand and pulled her along towards the bus stop.

"Somewhere fun, trust me." I spoke quickly, turning to look at her with a reassuring grin. Aria giggled and shook her head as she walked faster to walk beside me.

When the by arrived, I recognized the driver right away. He was the same old man who drove the bus yesterday. He looked up from the steering wheel and beamed.

"Good morning Aria!" He bellowed. "Morning Dave! How are you?" Aria asked the old man while she paid the fare for the both of us before I could protest and pay. "I'm good darling, now that my favourite passenger is on board." He smiled at her warmly as Aria led us to the set of seats I sat at yesterday.

"I always sit here, if you don't mind." She blushed as she sat down on the window seat; the same seat I was sitting in yesterday. I didn't argue ad just sat down beside her.

As the bus started to drive off, Aria let out a cute yawn as she leant her head against the window. "You can sleep on my shoulder if you want. I'll wake you up when we get there." I whispered and instantly she brought her head onto my shoulder, nuzzling into it like Dusty would until she was content in the position she was in.

The bus stopped again and an old couple stepped on, the wife I presumed leading her husband along to the pair of seats beside ours on the other side of the aisle.

"I'll be sitting at the window this time darling." The old man said but the wife only shook her head and sat at the window seat before her husband could sit down. "Oh Henry, you know I've always sat in the window seat. Even when we were young tikes!"

"How can I forget Gloria? You remind me every time we ride the damn bus!" The man coughed as I chuckled to myself. What an unusual couple.

"Oh honey, is that your girlfriend?" I looked at the couple and blinked twice before responding. "Uh no, she's my best friend." I told her as she gasped and place her hand to her heart.

"How adorable is that! We were like that once remember Henry?" She turned to her husband who nodded proudly. "Yes! Best friends for over 67 years and still counting and married for 46."

Gloria blushed and smiled up at Henry who was still smiling proudly. "That's amazing. You two really seem in love." I told them truthfully as I watched him wrap his arm around her.

"Well son, once you find that special girl of yours I'm sure you'll be the one telling me your love story." Henry smirked as I chuckled. "I'll hold you to it. But how do you know that you're in love with someone?" I asked him as he shrugged.

"Love isn't really an emotion you can instantly feel and it certainly doesn't come any quicker than infatuation. But trust me boy, you'll know you're in love when it happens. You won't see it but you'll feel it." Henry turned to Gloria and pecked her cheek before turning back to me.

"I found love in my best friend 53 years ago. You never know laddy, maybe you'll find love in that young woman beside you.

I turned to Aria shocked and shook my head. "Sorry sir, but she really is just my best friend."

"That's what I always used to say about Gloria." Henry smirked at me as the bus stopped. "Ooh! That's our stop. Come now Gloria." The man stood up and led his wife towards the front of the bus. Before they got off, Henry turned to me and smiled.

"When you and her get together, be sure to give me a visit, yeah?" And with that the couple left before I could respond.

I looked back down at Aria as the bus began to move again.

Nah... That can’t happen. It won’t happen.

When we arrived at the last stop, I gently tapped Aria awake. She woke up slowly, yawning into the palm of her hand as her eyes fluttered open. She looked up at me sleepily then looked around us. ``Are we there yet?`` She asked and I nodded and stood up, pulling her up by her hand as well. ``yeah, this is the last stop.`` i told her as we got off. ``Bye Dave!`` she waved at the bus driver and he waved back happily before he shut the doors and drove off.

``Uh Harry?``

``Yeah Aria?``

``Where are we?`` she asked worriedly, tugging at the hem of my sweater before she grabbed my hand. I sighed and inhaled the relaxing aura of the wonderful scene. I had brought Aria to the one place I promised myself I’d bring a girl to one day if I ever got myself one. Well Aria’s the closest thing. I used to come here a lot with my family to go ice skating in the winter seasons and it was perfectly secluded so no one could bother you.

It was a beautiful field of tall grass, with an amazing homemade ice rink in the middle. It was quite large for a homemade rink that flattened the tall grass it was located on and the owner of the property made a lot of money with the amount of people who’d come up here to go skating. There were a few people on the rink; mostly couples of both young.

The area was intimate and perfect for first dates and that sort of thing. ``Is that an ice skating rink?`` Aria asked as she pointed at the rink in the distance. ``Yes it is.`` I smiled at it and began to walk. Aria still held onto my hand as I brought her across the field. ``I used to come here with my family during the winter season.``

``My jeans are getting soaked because of the snow!`` Aria laughed as she hopped from one foot to another, trying not to wet her jeans. The tall grass reached just past her boots and soaked just the top of it. Me however was a different story. I was nice and dry. I sighed and bent down in front of her. ``Hop on then.`` I yelled over to her and got ready for her to hop on. ``But I’m quite heavy...`` she bit her lip and I scoffed. ``And I’m quite strong, now hop on! My offer only lasts for another ten seconds!`` I told her and she sighed in defeat and jumped onto my back.

``Oh Jesus you’re heavy!`` I pretended to fall forward but stopped myself when Aria squealed. ``HARRY EDWARD STYLES!``

``I’m joking Aria.`` I looked up at her before walking forward again. It was quite a windy trek towards the rink and my curls would often get in my face. Aria being the helpful angel she is, held my fringe back as I walked.

``Thanks Aria.`` I said as I slowed to a stop in front of the rink. ``Anytime!`` she piped up before hopping off. A few lads who were sitting by the side on the park benches were watching us intently... well more like checking out Aria but not only her but every female species within eye view. I propped my arm around Aria’s shoulder, and directed her to the large booth where the owner was sitting; eating a sandwich. I could use a sandwich at the moment.

``HARRY! LONG TIME NO SKATE! How are you? How’s the family?`` Jim, the owner bellowed as he put his sandwich down and attacked me in a hug. ``We’re all doing lovely Jim! Alive and healthy.`` I told him with a small smiled as Jim’s eyes trailed towards Aria who was looking back at the rink.

``And who’s this little beauty?`` Jim bent over the table to look at Aria who turned around and smiled at Jim as she shook his hand. ``Aria Hope, sir.`` She said as his eyes widened. ``Well, I don’t know if my eyesight is getting to me or plain old hallucinating, but you look like someone I know...``

Aria bit her lip and looked down at the floor nervously as Jim looked at her over and over. ``Oh I know!`` Jim exclaimed as he snapped his fingers at her. ``Ariel! You know from Disney!`` Aria breathed out in relief and giggled. ``Yeah... so I’ve been told.``

``Anyways love, are you Harry’s little girly friend?`` Jim wriggled his eyebrows at Aria as my jaw dropped. ``JIM!``

``Oh no sir, I’m just his best friend.`` Aria replied, ignoring my sudden outburst. ``Ohh! It’s just you’re the first girl Harry’s bright here and he’s always going on about bringing a special girl here once he knows she’s the one-``

``JIM! We’ll just have two pairs of skates. Size 10 and...`` I turned to Aria frantically who gasped. ``Oh, I’m a size 6.`` She spoke up as Jim smirked and nodded. He bent behind the booth and grabbed two pairs of skates. I gave the smaller ones to Aria then waved at Jim before pulling Aria back the way we came from. I found a bench that was unoccupied and well away from Jim who was still giving me the teasing eye.

Aria sat down quickly and began to take off her boots. I joined in and took off my boots then untied my skates properly before putting them on. I tied them correctly and moved my feet around a bit to get used to the skates until they felt comfortable. ``Uh Harry...``

I turned to Aria who still bootless and was staring down at her skates. ``You’ve never skated before?`` I raised an eyebrow at her as she shook her head. ``My parents would never let me. Scared I’d fall and crack my head open.`` She chuckled as I rolled my eyes. ``Well I’ll make sure you don’t fall and crack your head open.``

``Could you-`` I nodded and took the skates from her and bent down on the ground just like this morning. I untied the laces and helped her put them on before I tied them up correctly again. ``Now wriggle your feet so your feet won’t be too stiff.`` I told her and she obliged, wiggling her feet around for a minute or so before she stopped. ``now what?``

``Now, we skate.`` i smirked as I stood up and too her by her hands and helped her up. ``Harry?`` she whimpered as I began to lead her onto the ice. ``Yeah?``

``If I’m to be quite honest with you, I’m scared.`` She shivered as we glided onto the ice, Aria wobbling a little bit but I held her up. ``I trust you, so if I fall I’m bringing you down with me.``

I laughed loudly and pulled her close to me. ``Alright, it’s a deal. So now to start moving, push your feet outwards in a slight angle; left then right and repeat.`` I instructed as we both looked down at our feet. Aria followed and pushed outward slowly, foot after foot. ``To go faster, just push faster.`` I said as she giggled. ``That’s what she said.`` My eyes narrowed at the little girl who was smirking at her feet. ``How do I stop?`` She yelled as she looked up at me. ``Fall?`` she glared at me and I chuckled. ``Oka, ok, now seriously this time. Skate forwards, then turn either your left or right foot in a 90 degree angle then bring your other foot behind it in the same angle and you should stop. Remember to swivel your hips in the same angle too so you don’t fall.``

Aria mumbled to herself as she attempted to stop. Suddenly we weren’t skating anymore and instead we were on the ground, Aria lying on top of me. ``OOF! Sorry Harry!`` She breathed out as she rolled off me. ``It’s alright. You did pretty good for your first try.`` I said as I hoisted myself up and helped her up as well. ``If you want, we can skate around together and I can do the stopping.`` I asked her, and aria nodded thankfully before she hooked her arm around my own.

``Alright. We’ll do left foot first, then right.`` I told her and soon we began to skate smoothly across the ice in synch. Aria had let go of my arm by then and held my hand tightly, our fingers weaving through each other as I held on even tighter. Deciding to feel spontaneous, I let go of Aria’s hand and allowed her to skate by herself. She looked at me frantically and grabbed my hand again. I chuckled and held onto her again as I brought us to a complete stop. ``Don’t do that ever again Harry.`` she muttered and held onto me tightly.

``I promise.`` I smiled down at her as she looked up at me uneasily but nodded. ``SEE YA!`` I smirked and skated off, leaving Aria standing alone like a deer in head lights. I skated around the rink a couple of times; passing by Aria who was still standing there giving me the evil eye. Half way across the rink again, I turned back to look at aria and noticed she had fallen.

I sighed and began to skate back to her to help her up but I was beaten by another lad who looked more than willing to help her before anyone else did. I stopped within hearing distance and frowned. ``Hey are you alright?`` he asked Aria who nodded. ``Yeah.``

``What’s a pretty girl like you doing here standing alone with no man on that pretty arm of yours?`` he flirted quite horribly as Aria cleared her throat. ``Um actually I’m with someone. He’s my-``

``Boyfriend!`` I yelled to the pair as I skated towards them and stopped, icing the guy who looked quite smitten. ``I’m her boyfriend... so can you not hit on my girlfriend? Thanks.`` I snapped at him as his eyed widened and he raised his hands up in surrender. ``Can’t blame a guy for eyeing her. She’s a pretty catch.`` He winked at her once more before skating off.

``How rude!`` I shouted, startling aria who had her arm wrapped around my own again, trying to pull me away. ``Calm down Harry, let’s just leave it alone.`` She sighed and I nodded uneasily, turning back to the bench where our boots were. I undid my skates first and put on my boots, then went and helped Aria who was watching me intently.

``Why do you keep saying you’re my boyfriend? I mean, saying you’re my best friend would be fine...`` She trailed off and I shrugged and looked up at her as I helped her put on her boots. ``I don’t know... it made them go away faster didn’t it?`` She nodded understandingly and hopped off her seat, her boots landing with a thud in the snow as she took her skates from me. I grabbed my own and led her back to Jim who was now reading a newspaper.

``Oh kids! Done for the day?`` Jim asked and both aria and I nodded and gave him our skates. ``I hope to be seeing you again Aria.`` Jim smirked at Aria who nodded and smiled at Jim. ``see ya soon Jim.`` I waved at him again before grabbing Aria’s hand and pulling her back towards the large field.

``Wanna hop on again?`` I asked aria before we began walking. She nodded and I bent down low enough for her to climb on. Being short had its advantages. When she was settled on my back, i stood up and began to walk across the field again. We arrived at the bus stop not a moment later and the bus was just pulling up. The doors opened and Dave welcomed us back. ``Hello kids! Had a fun day?`` He asked as Aia and I got on.

``Yup! I went skating for the first time ever and it was so so so much fun! I even-`` Aria began to ramble on to Dave about today’s events so I took this time to pay for the both of us before Aria could even take out her little coin bag. When Aria finished, we sat back down in our regular seats and sighed as the bus drove off.

At some point during the drive back, Aria had fallen asleep on my shoulder again. This reoccurring moment triggered a memory from this morning with the old couple. I sighed and looked down at Aria who was breathing evenly. If I had feelings for her; which I don’t, I wouldn’t date her. I’d only hurt her or do something for her to leave me and the boys and we all know that we need her more than she needs us. I can’t risk losing her.

I sighed and leant my head against hers gently, feeling my own eyes start to droop as sleep overcame the both of us.

Aria’s POV

I was being gently pushed awake by none other than Harry who was rubbing his eyes at the same time. ``We’re home.`` He yawned and I nodded, standing up and following him off the bus while I threw Dave a sleepily smile.

Just as I was about to get off the bus, my phone buzz indicating I got a text. I unlocked my phone and read the text sent from Louis. I sighed and yawned before looking down at Harry who was already off the bus. ``I gotta go. Louis just texted me where we’re going to meet at.`` I said to harry who yawned again and nodded. ``Yeah okay. I’m just gonna stay at home and get some shut eye.`` He looked up at me once more before walking up to me and giving me a hug then letting go so Dave could shut the door again.

I sighed and turned around to sit back down and leant my head against the window as the bus drove off yet again, leaving Harry behind under the dim lighting at the bus stop.

I was so tired; my butt was aching from falling so much and my hands felt like they were on fire. Harry had quite the death grip when he needed one.

But for the sake of Louis and all of my boys, I was going to pull through and be there for them. Anytime.


``ARIA HOPE! ARIA WHATEVER YOUR MIDDLE NAME IS HOPE! OVER HERE! ME! LOUIS! YOUR SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER! MEEE! HEY! YOU! LITTLE ONE!`` Louis yelled frantically through the growing crowd of teenagers as I shook my head and slowly approached him.

``I heard you the first time Lou. We all did.`` I told him as I greeted him with a short hug. Louis being the young tyke he is, decided to meet up at a bowling alley in London that was quite popular for our generation. ``Oh PHFFF whatever! Anyways, this is my fake girlfriend Janelle. Janelle, Aria!`` Louis said, pointing at the tall brunette beside him who had her arm propped around his shoulder lazily. ``Call me Elle! For all the years I’ve known Louis he’d always introduce me as Janelle then call me Elle seconds later.`` She glanced at Louis who shook his head defensively and stomped his feet.

``I do not! Stop lying Elle. OH!`` Elle and I both laughed at the immature boy before heading up to the Main area where you get your bowling shoes. Louis went ahead and got our shoes while I stayed back and spoke to Elle. Turns out she’s the exact replica of Louis except she has boobs and know...down stairs. She was very funny and sweet and I really felt like we would be great friends in the next few weeks.

``I’m back with the shoes milady’s!`` Louis yelled as he came back with three pairs of shoes. He gave me the smallest ones first, and then gave Elle’s hers. ``We’re in lane eleven. I’m just gonna go find me a black ball.`` Louis told Elle and I and we both nodded before making our way there.

Elle took the liberty of inputting our names; Elle put her as Ellie boo, Louis’ as Kim K and I as Aria since I refused to put my name in as a cheesy nickname that couples give each other. Louis and Elle are the couple here.

Louis returned with his black ball and his shoes in the other. He’d already put on his bowling shoes, so he just threw his casual shoes to the side before posing with the black bowling ball close to his face. He cocked his hips out to the side and gave Elle a duck face. ``how do I look babe?`` he asked her and she laughed loudly before shaking her head. ``I’m friends with an idiot.``

``HEY!`` Louis pouted and placed a hand on his hip. ``Okay... a sassy idiot.``

Louis glared at Elle then at me as I let out a short laugh. ``Alright let’s start this game!`` Louis yelled as he stood to the side with the bowling ball. Elle put on her shoes quickly then grabbed a maroon colored ball and stood right behind the beginning of the lane. ``You can do this Elle!`` I cheered and she nodded at me before bowling. She got a strike.

Louis dramatically fell to the ground in tears and pounded the floor before standing up with the black ball ready in his hand. ``You’re going down love.`` Louis smirked at elle who rolled her eyes.

Louis bowled and got a strike as well, pumping his fists in the air in victory before he hugged both Elle and I victoriously. I rolled my eyes and grabbed a hot pink colored bowling ball and stepped up to the lane. Truth be told, I’ve bowled many times and have gotten the hang of it; even if those times were during my rebellious months when I’d sneak out.

I bowled the ball and watched as it soared straight through the middle pin, knocking everything down. ``Yay! I still got the power!`` I cheered and clapped for myself and was son joined by Elle and Louis who were screeching along to the dubstep playing in the bowling alley.

``Your turn again Elle.`` I told Elle who nodded and grabbed a midnight blue colored ball and stepped up to the lane. ``Here I go.``


``That was SOOOO much fun!`` Elle gasped out of breath as the three of us sat down after our two hour long game. In the end Louis had won, much to his pleasure but for being a sore winner he ended up being the one to buy dinner. Louis returned with a box of pizza and three drinks; A water, apple juice, and a beer.

I thanked him and grabbed the apple juice and opened it before taking a long hard sip. ``I LOVE APPLEJUICE!`` I groaned loudly in bliss while Louis looked at me with a lazy smirk on his face. ``So does Harry. It’s his fave.`` I nodded and began to eat, throwing away my manner for a second so i could devour the food properly.

``Oh my God, Aria?``

I nearly choked on my food as I looked up at the tall lad behind Louis. ``Oh hey Edward!`` I beamed up at him after I swallowed the pizza that was in my mouth. I noticed he was wearing a uniform which meant he probably worked here. ``I didn’t know you worked here.``

``Oh it’s just part time. I need the money to help pay for my tuition.`` He explained as I nodded understandingly. ``So.`` Louis stood up and puffed out his chest. ``You’re the infamous Edward Collins.`` He glared at Edward who nodded. ``The one and only! Hey you’re Louis right? Your party’s tomorrow right? Gonna be pretty sick.`` Edward patted Louis on the shoulder, causing Louis to stumble a bit but regain his posture. ``I sure hope so.`` Louis replied harshly.

``so why are you here again?`` Louis asked Edward again as I mentally face palmed. Oh here we go. ``Oh I just recognized little aria here and decided to drop by to say hello. I’m actually working overtime right now so I can earn more money. My little sister’s turning three soon and my parents can’t afford to buy her a gift so I’m hoping to save enough so I can get her the Barbie doll she really wants.`` Edward smiled brightly at the mention of his little sister and quite frankly Louis noticed and smiled back at him warmly.

``I know how you feel. I have four younger sisters but the youngest two are only seven and I feel so bad sometimes that I’m not around to see them grow up so I try to send them a nice gift every once in a while.`` Louis explained to Edward who nodded in sympathy. ``Well I better head off now. Nice seeing you again Aria. I’ll see you tomorrow.`` With that Edward left and drowned himself in the sea full of bowling teenagers.

Louis turned back to me and held back a smile. ``He’s really nice.`` Louis said as I grinned and nodded. ``I approve.`` he said and I looked at him confused. What does he mean ‘he approves’? Approved of what exactly?

``OOH same! He’s so hot.`` Elle giggled, earning a glare from Louis. ``I mean he’s got a temperature... chill Lou.`` she said uneasily as I smirked and high fived her under the table.

``What do you mean you approve?`` I asked him with a raised eyebrow and he shrugged, sipping at his coke. ``I approve of him being your date to my party.`` He said and I smiled happily and nodded. 1/5 of one direction down, four more to go.

`Hey Aria I forgot to ask you, wanna meet up tomorrow morning and hang out?`` Edward came back, running his hand through his hair frantically. I smiled and nodded yes while he sighed in relief and chuckled. ``Right, I’ll just text you when and where okay? I’m risking my job talking to you haha. Bye!`` Edward rushed before he ran back to where he was.

``On second thought...`` Louis trailed off but was cut off by mine and Elle’s glares. He cleared his throat and raised his hands up in defeat. ``HE’S SO HOT!``

Chapter End Notes:

Superrrrrr long chapter tonight because I won't be updating tomorrow! Soooo... thoughts on Haria? Yay or nay? Who should Aria be with: Harry or Edward? You can vote right now if you want ;) I hope you enjoyed this chapter cause it was soooooo longgggg onnnnn worddddd but it's filled with plenty of fluff to last you two days ;)

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