Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


11. not what it seems.

Aria’s POV

The next morning I was rudely awaken by the ungodly rays of sunlight streaming through my thin curtains. I groaned loudly and pushed myself off of my bed while looking at the time. It was just pushing eleven am which meant I had exactly five hours until my shifts starts at Nando’s.

I was about to text Harry if he wanted to hang out and go for breakfast but realized he’d probably have left already for Glasgow, leaving me behind for a week. I muttered incoherent words to myself as I hovered over to my bathroom to get ready for the day. After a nice warm shower, I proceeded into my closet to choose my outfit for the day. After careful picking, I put on before brushing on a bit of makeup. I left my hair to dry on its own and leave it down untouched for the day.

Satisfied with my casual wear today, I grabbed my essentials for the day and traveled down to the large kitchen where the chef’s crew were busy working. I passed through, grabbing an apple on the way while I greeted some of the workers and maids who were kind enough to smile at me and let me take the apple.

At the end of the room I bumped into Aunt Kate who was looking around frantically for something. When her eyes landed on me however, her eyes widened and she quickly took my hand before pulling me away.

``WHOA- Aunt Kate slow down! Where are you bringing me?!`` I yelled, trying to pry myself away from her tight grasp. ``I’ll answer your questions now sweetie, but for now you need to hide.`` She ushered me quickly through the grand hall, not looking back. 

``Well I have to leave for work soon aunt Kate, so this better be quick.`` I sighed as i let her pull me along like a rag doll. ``Just tell me why we’re in such a hurry!``

``Your parents- they’re here.``

My jaw dropped to the floor as my eyes widened like saucers. "What?!" Aunt Kate's usual sparkling eyes turned into a dull pool of fear as she pulled me every which way around the palace. "Why are they here?!" I shout whispered as Aunt Kate dragged me towards the forbidden end of the palace. 

The stairway heading up to the towers. 

"They're looking for you love, they're very worried. They're planning on searching the whole world for you! They figured they'd start here because we're family." Aunt Kate explained as she threw open the rusted metal door and continued to pull me away. 

The doors lamed shut behind her but I couldn't look back since Aunt Kate was very persistent on bringing me to safety. After what felt like miles and miles of steps, a large stoned platform and a small wooden door became visible. 

"Whoo, you'd think they'd have elevators for this retched tower." Aunt Kate mumbled as she dug her hand into her pockets. Alas she pulled out a chain; an old key attached to it. 

She used the key to open the door and both of us coughed as the door slowly opened, a cloud of dust and dirt surrounding us in the process. "Aunt Kate why are we here?" I asked her. 

"Shhhh. Just follow me." She said, pulling me through the door. It was dark in the area we'd entered, which gave me shivers simply because of the eerie feeling the tower gave off. "Stay here." Aunt Kate instructed before she walked away. 

"Wait, dot leave me here!" I yelled but it was too late. She was gone. 

I groaned loudly and attempted to adjust my eyes to the dark so I could at least somewhat see. "Aunt Kaaaate!"

"Yes?" Aunt Kate spoke out through the darkness as I groaned. ``It’s so dark in here, is there a light switch or something?``  I asked out as I stayed completely still, just in case if there was a random hole in the floor that I could possibly fall through and die. ``This is a very old tower darling, there are no switches in here.`` a scratching sound could be heard before light shining from hidden windows behind large dirty drapes hit me like a female dog.  ``LORD JESUS THAT’S BRIGHT!`` I yelped, closing my eyes immediately with one hand. 

``You can open your eyes now love.`` aunt Kate said and I obliged, letting my arms hang loose at my sides as I gaped at the area around me. The place was definitely a tower. The walls were plastered with floral wallpaper that was slightly peeling and a bit mouldy, however the ceiling itself had intricate carvings that I couldn’t possibly describe in just a few words.

The place was generally clear, except for an old bed, and a few drawers. The sunlight shown through the large window beside the bed that was framed in the old maroon colored drapes that Aunt Kate had pushed aside.

``Wow.`` Was the only explanation for everything. It was like a fairytale.

``I know right. William showed me this tower on our first date.`` aunt Kate smiled as I grinned back. How romantic. ``How long will I have to stay here?`` I asked her as she shrugged. ``well you can hide here for now, unless you have another place to stay. Your parents will be staying for a week then they’re off to France to search there.`` aunt Kate explained as I frowned. I had no place to stay, and as beautiful the tower seemed, it needed a lot of handy work in order for it to be eligible to live in.

``I guess i could stay here, make the tower a little- cleaner.`` I picked off a piece of dust off the rotting wood of the bed and flicked it away and sighed. ``are you sure?`` aunt Kate asked as I nodded. ``yeah, I can do with it for now I guess.`` I smiled at her as she nodded. ``Okay, I’ll have your things brought up. No one will know you were even here.`` she winked at me before she left.

I sighed once again and looked around at the amplitude amount of space the tower had that was consumed with cobwebs, dust and probably spiders. I grabbed a broom that was on the floor and began to sweep.

And sweep.

And sweep.


I ended up calling in to work absent for the day, making up a reason that I had to help my Aunt Move houses. In a way I was telling the truth because I really was helping my Aunt Kate move; Except we were bringing u all of my stuff from my bedroom to the tower that was just about clean.

For the next three days, Aunt Kate helped me redo the wallpaper on the tower walls, bring the old furniture into the cellars then bring up my own furniture, change the drapes, and wash the windows. By Wednesday we had finally finished redecorating the tower to my taste and it was now liveable. Thank the lord we hadn’t gotten caught yet or else that would be one loud argument. I actually don’t mind living in this tower. With the new arrangements i think the place looks cosy and girl appropriate.

This brings us to today; a shockingly warm Thursday morning in the beautiful city of London. I was currently residing at a classic wooden table in the central library, surrounded by many books about many different princesses. I was hoping they could tell me if there is a happy ending in real life. I was always a book worm, even back at home. Father had a wall of shelves built in my room to keep all my stories.

Of course I have to live through the central library for now since I have no access to the stories i have back home. It was nice and calm here in the library. There was barely any sign of human species except for me, a guy at the far end table, and two girls who were trying their best to get his attention.

They were both wearing tight jeans and type tops to math, although I wonder how their boobs can breathe with the tightness of their tops. They were clad in heeled boots and furry coats and it was fairly clear that they probably have never been in a library before judging by their loud laughter.

Unlike them I was wearing and as weird the combination was, I felt comfortable and warm.

``why are you staring at her? She’s not even that pretty.`` I looked up from the book I was reading and glanced across the room at the three. The two girls were practically hanging off him, trying to get his attention but his eyes were set on me with a small smile. That is until our eyes met, he quickly looked back down at what he was doing.

I giggled at the cliché moment before going back to my book.

Well into the first ten chapters of the story, i felt a gentle tap on my shoulder breaking me from my momentum? ``yes?`` I looked up to see who it was and silenced myself when i realized it was the guy from earlier with the two girls.

``So you’re a Disney girl huh?`` He motioned to the pile of books in front of me which were stories about said princesses... from Disney. ``i guess, but I do enjoy myself some Harry Potter books when I’ve read them all.`` I said smartly as I pointed at another pile I’d made with all the Harry Potter books for when i was finished with the book i was still reading.

``Cool.`` he smiled at me before holding out his hand. ``I’m Edward by the way. Edward Collins.`` He smiled at me politely while I reached up to shake his hand. ``Aria Hope, nice to meet you Edward.`` I said as he nodded and used his hand to ask me if he could sit beside me. I nodded and let him pull out the chair beside me.

``So what book are you reading right now?`` he asked as he looked over my shoulder.

``Umm... the little mermaid...`` I blushed, cursing myself mentally for reading a children’s book in front of such an attractive lad.

``She’s my favourite Disney princess to be honest with you.`` I added, wanting to slap myself for that additional comment.

``I see the resemblance between you two.`` He winked as my heart fluttered. He seemed like a really nice guy. Edward Collins.



But of course not everyone is who they seem to be.




Later that day....

Harry’s POV

The next few days in Glasgow were jam packed with signing, meeting fans, concerts, and interviews. After the success of Up All Night, we were ready to hit the world again by storm with Take Me Home, our second album. But to do that we need publicity, and good publicity at that.

And so management suggested i get a girlfriend. A hot girlfriend, of my choice...

But in the growing world of Hollywood, there’s just so much to choose from, I needed help. The boys tried but only failed. The girls they chose were too fake, or way out of my reach. So in the end I turned to Aria who I was currently skyping right now in my hotel room.

``How about that model, Cara Delevingne? She’s pretty!`` Aria suggested as she nibbled on her strawberries thoughtfully. After that night in the bathroom, I still never thought of Aria differently. I’ve wanked over thousands of my friends that were female, even my male friends which was completely normal. Sure she’s attractive and wank worthy, but all I want right now is a friend.

``Yeah but she’s dating that other guy. Give me more options!`` i whined, running my hands through my hair. ``Hmmm, what about Taylor Swift?`` she asked, after typing at her keyboard.

``And have a song written about how much of a douche I am? No thanks, I already receive that shit from management.`` I scoffed as Aria rolled her eyes. ``Shut up Harry, they just don’t know you like I do.`` I smiled at her words but quickly covered it with a frustrated groan. ``GOD! WHY ARE ALL THESE WOMEN EITHER TAKEN OR LESBIAN!?`` I yelled in aggravation, closing all the tabs on my browser except for Aria’s.

``How about that Madison chick from one of your music videos?``  Aria suggested as i shook my head frantically. ``hell no that chick couldn’t keep her hands off my curls. She met up with me once and had scissors in her hands.`` i shivered from the thought.

``We’ve been through half of the female population in the Hollywood industry already Harold, please choose already!`` she said, just as her phone rang. She rolled off her bed and crawled off screen before returning with her phone beside her ear. ``Hello?`` She said as I watched her. ``No... No... Ew... Anna-`` Aria pulled the phone away from her ear and looked at me in fear. I chuckled at her expression while she continued to talk to Anna.

``Anna...ANNA CALM DOWN!... Explain it to me slowly...uh huh... he did?...awww that’s adorable!`` She cooed as I rolled my eyes. Typical girl talk. ``HE WHAT!?... NO FUDGING WAY!... wait until I get my hands on her... Anna please stop crying, you’re only giving him the satisfaction of hurting you... well I’ll speak to Maria tomorrow at work... hey paws of honey... yeah she is pretty rude... Harry had a crush on her ya know?-`` She turned to the screen again and winked at me as I blushed. ``yeah I’ll tell him... no he’s in Glasgow... No... Stop saying that.-`` Aria frowned as she moved herself off the bed. 

``They’re my friends just as much as you are and I’m not taking crap from you or anyone on how to live my life and who I should be friends with ok, this is my decision so if you’ll excuse me...``

Moments later Aria returned looking more tired than ever. After all it was nearly three in the morning. Aria of course met all her promises to me so when I decided to randomly skype her at three in the morning, she answered. No one really does that anymore, but it’s a nice gesture.

``i better let you go to sleep Aria, you’re probably really tired.`` I yawned as she nodded sleepily. ``Night Harry.`` she mumbled, tucking herself into bed with her laptop facing her. I yawned and got myself into bed as well, draping the thin sheets over my bare torso as I turned the laptop towards me. ``Night aria.`` I chuckled at her sleeping figured before shutting the screen.

I closed my eyes and drifted off into dream land, but found myself drowning in a sea full of eligible girls who I had to choose one to be my girlfriend for the sake of making the second album reach number one again.

God and I have to choose by tomorrow night. 

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