Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


15. My Little Cookie

My Little Cookie



Harry’s POV

``Are you sure you have everything?`` I asked Aria as she shrugged on her coat. ``Yeah.`` she NODDED, looking up at me before slipping on her boots. ``Bus fare?`` I asked again.

``Yep; in my pocket.`` she tapped her coat pocket and smiled childishly. ``Cookies?`` I asked again and she nodded, patting her other pocket. She needed to bring them since she’s probably going to get really tired today. ``Is that all?`` she asked quickly as she made her way towards the door. I gave her a look over from head to toe and bit my lip, trying to figure out what she was missing. A light bulb lit above me and I snapped my fingers before grabbing my beanie off the COFFEE TABLE and tossed it to her. She thanked me and pulled it over her red hair and placed her hands on her hips thoughtfully. ``now may I go?``

``Hmmm, who are you seeing again?`` i asked her as I opened THE DOORfor her. ``Zayn and his chosen one.`` she replied. I tilted my head to the side and looked down at her with a smirk on my face. ``Don’t forget, we’re going shopping later for clothes to wear to Louis’ party.``

Oh what a sight it’ll be to see aria wear a skin tight club outfit. Not that I look forward to seeing her skin that’s usually hidden under layers of clothing, but more like I WANT TO see if there is a secret party animal hiding beneath perfect and sweet little Aria. ``I won’t! Now may I go, I’m gonna be late!`` she giggled as she hugged my torso. ``You’re so tall holy-`` I cut her off by pulling her closer and swaying her side to side as I hugged her. ``And you’re so short, it’s actually quite adorable. My little cookie.`` I wink at her as I pull away.

``So now I’m an adorable little cookie?`` She smirked up at me as I shrugged. ``Your new official nick name! Now don’t you have a bus to catch?``

``Ooh you’re right, see ya Harry! I’ll text you when I’m done!`` and with that Aria walked out the door and began to sprint towards the bus stop where a bus was already waiting for any passengers wanting to climb on. I watched her step onto the bus and smile at THE DRIVER before sitting down. The bus drove off and I shut the door, turning back to walk towards Dusty who was mewling at her food in bliss.

I’d already eaten breakfast with Aria and forgotten to feed Dusty yet again, but aria being the organized angel she is took the time to feed Dusty for me. ``Baby eat slower, you might choke.`` I chuckled before picking her UP ANDkissing her forehead before setting her back down.

I sighed and glanced at the time on the wall. Almost twelve... what to do, what to do. I could call Sierra I guess... but then the time difference plus I’m too lazy to go find my phone. Hmm, maybe I’ll HANG OUT with the lads? Good plan Harry.

I grabbed the home phone that was within arm’s reach and dialled the mansion. I sighed and pulled the SPEAKER up to my ear and waited for someone to answer. 



``Hey Liam it’s me Harry.``

``Oh Harry! What’s up mate?``

``Nothing really. Aria’s gone out for THE DAY with Zayn and his girl so I’m alone at the flat with the cat.``

``Yeah Zayn’s just left and now we have nothing to do as well.``

``Who’s with you?``

``All the lads except Zayn.``

``Mind if I join you?``

``not at all, come on over!``

I didn’t bother answering him and just hung up the phone. I stood up from the position I was in and scrambled upstairs to get ready. After changing into a comfortable pair of jeans, and a jumper I found lying around, i put on my coat and shoes before making my way downstairs, grabbing my phone in the process and shoving it deeply into my pockets. Wouldn’t want fans taking it again.

I kissed Dusty goodbye then made my way out the door, making sure to lock it this time. I groaned and realized I had to bus and immediately patted my pockets to see if I had any loose change. Thankfully I did and I rushed towards the bus stop to wait for a bus. The bus arrived not a moment too soon and I hopped on, paying my fare before taking a seat.

I leant my head back against the soft upholstery of the seats and gazed out the window as the small town became smaller and smaller. I sighed and smiled to myself as I recognized the scent coming from my seat.

Surely more than one bus comes through the town and not just this one, but it seems like the bus that keeps driving towards that one bus stop is the same one aria takes. How I know this? I recognize her perfume Daisy Eau So Fresh. Being around her a lot, you tend to realize these things. I must be sitting where she sits all the time then. Cool.

Before I knew it we had reached central London. I got off the bus, as did everyone else and began the twenty minute walk to the boy’s mansion. You’d think they’d have buses going that way, which they do but they just have to stop 482049230 miles away from the actual building and have me walk 482049230 miles to get there.

I exhaled a long praise to Jesus as I walked up the marbled stairs of the mansion then rang the doorbell multiple times. ``COMING! I’M COMING! HOLD YOUR HORSES!``

The door swung open to reveal Louis with a blanket wrapped around him from head to toe so that only his face was showing. ``BABY CAKES! We’ve been expecting you.`` She beamed as he let me in. I chuckled at his childish antics and walked straight in and towards the living room, where the other two were in the same blanket covered  position as Louis. ``What are you all up to now?`` I asked them, shaking my head as I made myself comfortable beside Niall who greeted me with a small smile.

``Nicholas Sparks movie marathon. You in?`` Liam spoke up, pointing at the pile of movies on the center table. ``No toy story this time?`` I raised an eyebrow at him as he scoffed. ``I’m not obsessed you know. Only once every full moon.`` he joked  as he went over to put the first film in which was the Notebook. Oh dear. ``So you in or not Harold?`` Liam asked again.

``Damn straight I’m in.`` I yelled as I grabbed a spare blanket off the sofa and wrapped it around myself as well.  We each had a bowl of popcorn and as soon as the movie began to play, we each hand our hands buried beneath the buttery goodness.





A few hours later...

Aria’s POV

``So what did you think?`` zayn asked worriedly as he ran his hands tirelessly through his hair. We’d just dropped off Ambrina after our fun filled day and now zayn was worried about what I thought about the girl he chose as his fake girlfriend. Not that my opinion really mattered, but it touched me that the boys trusted my opinion.

``She’s perfect Zayn. Trust me, I can see this fake relationship lasting.`` I smiled at Zayn playfully as he chuckled and blushed. I don’t see why he was so nervous! ``Thank goodness.`` zayn breathed out in relief as I looked at him oddly. ``If you don’t mind me asking, why did you seem really nervous when I met Ambrina?`` I asked him.

``Um well-`` I stopped him and raised my hand in front of his face. ``You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I was just curious.`` I reassured him as he grinned and nodded. ``Thanks Aria. Maybe some other day when we’re not in the public eye.`` we both laughed and continued our trek back to the mansion he and the three lads shared.

``No offense, but isn’t it quite weird living together without Harry?`` I asked him as he shook his head. ``Nahh not really. He likes being on his own; secluded from the real world. He’s been that way for a long time so I guess we just got used to it.`` Zayn shrugged, as if he didn’t care.

``Oh, well it must be weird then. The thought of me and Harry living together...`` i trailed off as zayn shrugged. ``Kinda. No offense. You’re just so innocent and sweet and Harry’s-``

``an egotistical bad boy and an ass hole, I get it.`` I laughed as he chuckled uneasily. ``i guess it’s just weird cause you’re total opposites but you both seem to find friendship in each other nonetheless. I guess opposites really do attract huh?``

``I guess.`` I smiled softly as we walked up the marbled steps. Zayn pulled out his key and unlocked the door before leading me in.

``NO WHAT WHY WHO WHERE WHAT THE GENERAL- HOLYYYYYYY NOOOOOOOO!`` Loud sobs were heard bright as daylight from the living room which scared the doodle nuggets out of me and startled Zayn only slightly. He rolled his eyes and shook his head at me. ``They’re probably having a movie marathon. Wonder who it is now.``

I chuckled at his dull expression and followed him to the living room. ``hey boys, look who i brought!`` Zayn yelled through the pile of boys and suddenly I felt myself being grabbed by two of the lads. Who? I did not know, but I did know that I was slowly being torn apart. ``LOUIS! NIALL! LET THE POOR GIRL GO!`` Zayn yelled but the two resisted and cried into my chest. ``HE DIES ARIA! HE DIED IN THE CAR CRASH I AM SO FUCKING DONE WITH THIS!`` Niall wailed as I bit my lip and looked at the screen. Charlie St. Cloud; of course.

I turned over to Zayn for help, but realized he was too busy comforting Liam who was sobbing violently into his shoulder. Zayn looked just as distressed as me but he continued to comfort him.

Suddenly I felt two strong arms pull me from behind, away from the two crying boys who smashed into each other in a hug full of tears. The arms didn’t go away though, and instead they just wrapped themselves around me tightly, pulling me into a tight yet intimate hug. I didn’t need to turn and look behind me to know who was hugging me. ``Hey Harry.`` I sighed.

``H-Hi.`` His voice cracked, indicating he was crying as well but was trying to stop. ``You okay?`` I asked him but only received a shaky sigh. ``N-No... hug me properly?`` he whimpered and I mentally aww’d at him before turning around so he could properly mourn over my shoulder. Lowly and quietly, Harry cried against my neck as I rubbed his back soothingly. I don’t think the boys were crying any more, judging by the quiet noise coming from behind me.

``His dad died in a car crash a few years ago...`` Louis whispered to me as I gasped and turned to him with a pout. And in the movie, the brother dies... ``I’m so sorry Harry.`` I whispered to him but he only shook his head and sobbed harder. ``Please don’t. I’m over it. Just emotional I guess, Nicholas Sparks is a fucking genius.`` He muttered into my neck as I giggled at the sensation it gave me. ``harry your curls are tickling me.`` i told him as I slowly pulled away from his death grip.

He chuckled and sloppily wiped away his tears. ``sorry. You kinda have my tears on you now.`` he blushed sheepishly but I shook my head at him. ``It’s fine. I like being people’s personal handkerchief.`` I smiled up at him jokingly as he laughed and smiled, revealing his dimples. ``YAY FOR DIMPLES!`` I screamed, poking his dimples and poking my own as I turned to show the boys who laughed as well. 

``Alright! Alright! We better be heading off now, don’t ya think Aria? Have to go shopping still.`` Harry spoke up as the boys frowned. ``Aww but we never get to hang out all together like this anymore! How about we join along?`` Louis jumped up and down excitedly s harry and I shrugged.

``if you want, then sure.`` Harry said and together the four boys cheered and rushed out the door and into Louis’ car. I turned to Harry with a soft smile and took his hand in mine. ``Come on!`` I told him and pulled him out the door, Harry locking it quickly before we joined the others in the car.

Due to the odd seating arrangement, I had to sit on Harry’s lap for the ride there. He didn’t seem to mind, of course, and only held me against him protectively as we drove off towards the mall.


``How about this one?`` Niall held up a brilliant red number and instantly my eyes widened and I shook my head. ``way too red!`` I yelped as he chuckled and put it back.

``I think you’ll look nice in this one.`` Zayn spoke up as he held up what looked like a skin tight pink piece of clothing. ``something I’ll breathe in please!`` I told him as I continued to look through the racks.

The boys had already bought their outfits before me, so now they were fussing over what i should wear. ``You’d look great in yellow.`` Louis held a fluffy yellow dress in front of me but it seemed way too small to even fit a five year old. ``I’ll look like a... dirty person... if I wear that.`` I protested as he grunted a nd threw it aside.

``How about this?`` Liam asked as I chuckled and frowned at what he held up. ``That’s a floor length dress with long sleeves and a turtle neck.`` 

``Exactly. Nothing on display except for your pretty face!`` Liam shouted as he threw it at the maybe pile. ``I AGREE!`` Harry yelled from his spot against the store wall. ``Nothing short, tight, or remotely too sexy or else I’ll be up all night scarred for life.`` harry winked at me as I rolled my eyes and pouted. ``shut up, I’m probably as sexy as a penguin and penguins are not sexy. They are awkward and like to waddle.`` I barked at him before sticking my tongue at him. Meanie.

``Hello, may I assist you?`` A nice salesman butted in as he stepped in front of the lads and smiled down at me cheekily. He was young and quite handsome but back to the point... he was more than willing to help us in our dilemma. ``Yes actually! I’m looking for a dress.`` I told him.

``OOH! For what occasion and what place?`` he asked, ignoring the five boys who were trying to get his attention. ``Um my friend’s birthday at the Funky Buddha.`` I told him sweetly as he gulped and nodded. ``I’ve got just the dress for you.`` he smirked before walking past me, slapping my butt in the process. WELL!


I turned back and sighed, pushing Harry back who seemed a bit furious. ``You really need to stop doing that.`` he muttered. ``Doing what exactly?`` I asked him as he pulled a face at the direction the salesman went. ``Be too nice and come off so innocent. He was staring at you like a lion does at a deer. I can’t believe he even touched you!``

``Chill Harry, I didn’t like it any more than you did.`` i told him as I stood beside him. ``I cannot simply ‘’chill’’ after watching some guy practically grope my best friend’s ass! I’ll keep my hands to myself as long as Mr. Salesman over there keeps his hands to himself.`` Harry muttered before putting an arm around my shoulder.

``I agree with Harry. Can’t have him touch our best friend.`` Louis puffed out his chest and stood in front of me and Harry and soon I was surrounded by five, tough looking, protective lads who were eying the returning salesman warningly.

Niall stepped forward and took the dress from the salesman before shooing him off. The salesman was shocked but grunted as he walked off in defeat. ``Go try it on then come out.`` Niall said, giving me the dress before he pushed me into the nearest changing cubicle. I sighed and nodded to myself before undressing. I looked at myself in the mirror intently as I pulled on the dress. It was tight, but it seemed to hug my figure nicely; holding the extra fat in so I looked somewhat curvy.

My legs weren’t exactly model perfect, but they seemed fine under the dress. The dress was comfortable, but the cut outs at the side and front left me a bit self conscious. Nonetheless I like the dress and was willing to buy it.

``COME OUT WHEN YOU’RE READY!`` Harry shouted from the other side, startling me from my trance. I sighed to myself and muttered nervously before stepping out of the cubicle.

``I still think that yellow dress is pretty goo-OH MY JESUS CHRIST ARE MY EYES FUCKING DECEVING ME OR DO I SEE A FUCKING ANGEL RIGHT NOW.`` Louis dramatically bowed down in front of me as the boys gasped in shock and openly checked me out.

``You look hot.`` Niall’s jaw was dropped open as I blushed and shook my head. ``No I’m not.``

``yeah you are. Holy shit.`` Zayn muttered to himself as he bit his lip. I turned to Harry who smiled proudly at me before running up to me and hugging me tightly, lifting me into the air and throwing me from side to side as he chanted, ``MY LITTLE COOKIE IS SO HOT! EDWARD IS DEFINITELY GOING TO EAT YOU RIGHT UP ON SATURDAY!`` 

When all was settled, we turned to Liam who was having a mental breakdown. ``Um hell no Aria, you are not wearing that piece of clothing to the party. You are nothing but a child; so innocent and in need of protection. That dress is completely inappropriate and will attract too much attention.`` he rambled on, shaking his head furiously as he ran his hand over his shaved head.

``Don’t worry Liam, I already promised Aria ages ago that I’d look after her! Nothing to worry about!`` Harry insisted as he pulled me in for a side hug.

``But what about Serra and Edward?`` Liam asked as Harry shook his head. ``We’re still going to be with our dates, but I,ll keep an eye on my little cookie.`` Harry smiled down at me before smiling at Liam who sighed in defeat and nodded his head.

``Alright. You can buy the dress.`` he said as the boys cheered. ``YAY!!! NOW ARIA TAKE IT OFF AND GIVE THE DRESS TO BE! I’M BUYING!`` Niall yelled before pushing me into the changing cubicle again.


``UM NO I AM!``


The screaming continued as I took of the dress and changed into my regular clothes. Deciding it was the only way to settle this, I closed my eyes and yelled. ``CATCH!`` I chucked the dress over the door and listened carefully to see who caught it. ``I GOT IT I GOT IT! I’M PAYING! HAHA!`` Harry,s unmistakeable laughter rang through the store as i stepped out and walked over to the tall boy who was quickly paying for my dress.

``You don’t have to pay you know.`` I told him as he took out his CREDIT CARD. ``It’s the least i can do for cheering us all up.`` Harry said as he paid. ``Thank you by the way.`` he smiled as I nodded. ``Anytime.``

``Plus you should save the MONEY you earn at Nando’s for other things. I don’t mind spoiling you.`` Harry said as he kept his eyes at the lady in front of us who was putting the dress in a bag.

``Oh yeah about that... I kind of got fired.`` I told him truthfully as he turned to me in shock. ``WHAT!? WHY!?`` He boomed as I shook my head and pulled him away. THE BOYS were walking behind us, giving me about a split second to tell Harry.

``I’ll tell you tonight.`` i told him and he GAVE me a look as to say ‘ice cream and gossip? I’m in’

Harry gently took my hand in his and continued to walk beside me as the boys caught up and hung their arms carelessly around our shoulders. ``can’t wait until Saturday! Gonna BE THE BEST party of the year right lads!?`` Niall laughed as the boys all agreed and hollered loudly to one another like most excited guys would.

I only sighed and looked down at the bag holding my new dress.








This part is most definitely going to be one memorable party.


Chapter End Notes:


A little bit of Haria fluff in this one cause you know, next chapter is gonna be pretty eventful if you ask me ;) So Harry has a nickname for her which is: Little Cookie! Cause she of the little moments they had regarding cookies. (i.e, when they shared their first plate of cookies, Harry leaving some cookies for Aria, etc.) 

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