Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


12. Mine

Harry’s POV

``WAKE UP HARRY WE HAVE A LAST MINUTE SIGNING TO DO BEFORE WE LEAVE!`` Liam’s voice boomed with harsh annoyance as he banged on my door, eventually moving on to the other boys’ rooms. I glanced at the time on the alarm clock on the nightstand and realized it was pushing three pm. Aria’s probably at work then cause that’s when her shift starts.

It’s Friday today and we were scheduled to leave at around six pm so we could get back to London by twelve; depending on traffic. That meant a three hour signing, surrounded by shrieking fans, no food, no Aria...

I groaned dramatically and rolled off my bed to start the day. After a nice warm shower- exnay the dirty thoughts about a certain someone- I changed into whatever Lou laid out for me to wear the night before then grabbed my essentials and headed out.

I met up with Niall and Louis who were just leaving their rooms as well, shoving on their winter boots. ``Morning.`` I mumbled as we walked down the corridors towards Liam and Paul who was holding up a tired looking Zayn. ``I’m starving.`` Niall moaned, as per usual, while Paul rolled his eyes at the short lad. ``There’s no Nando’s nearby but there is Starbucks so we’ll have breakfast there.``

``Pooey.`` Niall pouted as we all looked at him oddly before nodding at Paul. ``Starbucks sounds good to me. Now let’s go before Niall has an aneurism.`` Liam said while he pushed us along. We piled into the large black SUV and let Paul drive instead of Louis who seemed to want to do anything but drive us around. I haven’t gotten my license yet, but I plan to... Some day.

A few minutes later we arrived at starbucks and lucky for us not many people were there. Only a few business workers and couples of a variety of ages were there but no signs of screaming teenage girls... yet. ``You boys go order and I’ll find us a seat.`` Paul said before walking off. Getting into line now, my eyes trailed across the menu boards up above and decided on what to order.

Every time Aria and I have our unusual coffee days at starbucks, I always ordered the same thing which was a Tall Green Tea and a plate of cookies. Aria ordered her usual which was a Grande Gingerbread Latte and shared the plate of cookies with me. She’s always moaning and groaning about how good her latte was and that I should try it for once, but I always refused to because a Gingerbread Latte sounds a tad weird to me. She of course insisted that it tasted like heaven and I should try it but if I didn’t want to then its okay. It’s not that I don’t want to... I just think it’s more her taste than me.

But today I was breaking my usual and trying it out. After all I do love gingerbread houses which are made out of gingerbread. I’m sure in latte form, it’ll still taste good.

``Hi what would you like to order?`` The man asked as he looked at me before looking back down at the monitor in front of him. ``I’ll have a Tall Gingerbread Latte, B.L.T sandwich and a plate of cookies please.``

``Name?`` he asked as I shrugged. ``Harold.`` I paid the man before walking to the side to wait for my order.

A few minutes later my name was called and I retrieved my order from the counter then spun around to go to the boys who were now sitting with Paul. I took the free seat beside Louis and unwrapped my sandwich.

``what did you order?`` Louis asked me as he ate away at his bagel. ``Tall Gingerbread Latte, a sandwich and some cookies.`` I told him as he nodded. ``Cool I got tall green Tea and a bagel.``

``I didn’t know you were into Latte’s.`` Paul smirked. ``I’m not. Just trying something different is all.`` I muttered as he nodded. Conversation flowed nicely after that since Paul started ignoring me. Niall and Liam chatted about the food back in London that we were both excited to eat once again. Louis told an excellent joke about Zayn’s hair which left him covered in sugar from the packets.

I ate my cookies in silence as I watched them all talk to each other carelessly, like nothing could go wrong. I had nothing in common with them anymore, except for Aria but it’d be weird if I were to bring her up in a conversation with the lads. I wouldn’t want them thinking I liked her or something. I didn’t even realize I left three cookies on my plate until Niall asked for them. I remembered Aria wasn’t here with us so I didn’t need to keep three behind so i let him eat the rest.

It wasn’t long until we had to leave for the signing, which was probably going to be loud and irritating as always. For once in my life could the fans just calmly walk towards us, not screaming and not flaunting them at us? It’d be greatly appreciated.

We were set behind the white table once again, surrounded by sharpies and posters of us as we waited for the doors to open at the venue. ``It’s time boys.`` Paul said before walking off.

The screaming grew louder, and louder, and louder, to the point that I thought I’d gone deaf. My hand ached and my cheeks were in pain as I smiled, signed, repeat. I do love my job very much and the fans who support us, but when the consequences of working too hard harm you it turns into a pain in the ass.

``NEXT!`` I yelled, waiting for the next girl to come up. To my surprise she looked calm, almost like she rehearsed how she was going to meet us.

``What’s your name love?`` i asked her politely like the others as she smiled. ``My names Sierra.`` She said as I nodded. ``Cool, so what’s up?`` I asked her as I signed my name neatly on her CD. ``Nothing much. Heard you were in town and decided to skip school to see my boys.`` She giggled as I raised an eyebrow at her skeptically. Hmm. ``who’d you say is your favourite of us then babe?`` I asked as I began to write my name and number on her CD.

``Hmm... Probably you.`` She winked up at me as i gave her the CD. The boys had already signed it so we didn’t need to worry about that.

Her eyes widened as she looked at my scribbled writing. When her eyes met mine I winked at her again and mouthed, ``call me later.``

She bit her lip before nodding then ran off.

She seems like girlfriend material. Brunette, evenly tanned skin, gorgeous eyes, sweet smile, and a killer body.



Later that night I met up sierra and explained to her why I gave her my number. She seemed fairly hurt at first but I assured her that she would most likely get paid at whatever price she bargained. That made her light up like Christmas and she began demanding me for countless amounts of fortunes that I seriously started to question why I chose her. Of course she was going to be like the rest.

``Seriously Harry, if I’m going to drop the life I have here in Glasgow, I’ll need a nice home to live in with furniture and OOH a whole new wardrobe!`` She squealed as I nodded sharply. ``hey am I the only fake 1d girlfriend? Cause if there’s others shouldn’t we be friends so that the fans have something to envy?`` Well didn’t see that one coming.

``Yeah the boys already found their fake girlfriends, but only one of them is real.`` I said, not mentioning any names because I wasn’t exactly allowed to. But since you are reading my life story, i guess I could tell you. Louis and Janelle had been friends since before the X Factor days and just recently they met together and gotten close again. One thing led to another and they started hanging out every time we had free time. He asked her out yesterday, and honestly the boy seemed whipped but his attitude today shows different.

``Cool. So I’m being sent over to London once your boss person accepts me.`` she asked and i nodded. ``Okay I’ll do it.`` She said as i nodded. ``I better go. See ya girlfriend.`` I winked at her as she rolled her eyes. ``Later doofus.``


We left for London later that day and I mentally reminded myself that i needed aria’s approval still. She’s a girl so she’s like a God at this sort of thing so I can get some pointers from her.

We were in the car right now and I pulled out my phone to form a new text to Aria.

Hey Aria can we meet up tomorrow or something? X

I waited for her reply and frowned when I saw what she’d texted me.

(Bold: Harry Italics: Aria)

Sorry Harry Liam’s already asked me :/ maybe some other time x

How about the next day? X

Can’t haha Niall’s just asked me to give my approval on the girl he chose :P x

And the next day? :( x

U suck harry zayn’s just asked me lol x


Can’t hanging out with Lou x

I see u already forgotten about me :( how about the next day? Pleaseeeeee I finally found the girl!!!!! X


I laughed at her response to me and put away my phone with a small smile on my lips. She put me before the other boys.

I locked my phone and tucked it back into my jeans while I rested my head back against the seat. ``did you text Aria?`` Liam asked as I nodded and glared at him. ``You guys get her for the whole week, so what the hell am I supposed to do while she’s busy with you lot?``

``Sorry Haz, first come, first serve.`` Louis winked at me as I frowned. Aria’s my friend. Mine.

I ignored the playful banter between the boys and decided to take a nap. What felt like hours later i was woken up by Niall who told me we had arrived at my flat. I smiled at them playfully, remembering Aria was waiting in my flat to talk to me first. Hah.

``See you boys.`` I waved at them before grabbing my bags in each hand. I smirked at them once more before making my way towards the front door. I unlocked it skillfully and stepped inside.

"I'm home!" I yelled, entering my flat and dropped my bags to the side so I could pick up Dusty who purred happily. "Finally!" Aria ran up to me and gave me a full blown hug before pushing me towards the stairs. "Now go upstairs, change, then come back down cause we need to talk."

I sighed and nodded, pulling myself away from her hands so I could go upstairs myself. I entered the bedroom and removed my clothing before changing into sweats and an old t shirt I found laying on the floor. I made my way back down the stairs and into the living room where Aria had cleared the mess to the side and instead multiple duvets and pillows were set up along with pints of Ben & Jerry's that were put to the side as well.

She motioned for me to sit in front if her and I followed. "So, who is she? Is she nice? Pretty? Fugly? Rude? Tall? Short? Sweet? What?" He stopped rambling when she noticed I was staring at her. "I'm just excited cause it took us like three hours last night to go through all the single ladies in Hollywood." She rolled her eyes at me as I shrugged.

"She's not famous. She's a fan." I told her as she gasped. "OH MY GOD I READ A FANFIC LIKE THIS BEFORE!"

"What's a fanfic?" I asked her. "Um... Don't worry your pretty little mind Harry it's nothing." She reassured me as I eyes her weirdly. "Okay then..."

"So what's her name?" She asked as I took out my phone. "Sierra."

I showed her the photo of Sierra and I and Aria let out the cutest little 'aw' at the screen. "Yeah she's kinda cute I guess." I mumbled as we both state at the screen. "Cute? Harry she can pass as a model or something. Like wow Harry you did good. High five." She raised her hand towards me and I returned the favor, chuckling while I did so.

"I thought you didn't want me objectifying women?" I smirked as I poked her waist. "I don't! Which is why you're taking this lovely Sierra out for dinner when she comes to London." Aria narrowed her eyes at me as I raised my hands in defeat.

"We're only fake dating Aria but okay. I'm probably gonna get laid by the end of the night anyways." I winked at Aria whose face twisted in disgust. "Ew Harry, keep that one to yourself. Anyways, I wanna meet her." Aria shuddered before grabbing the giant teddy bear from behind her then set it next to her so she could lean on it.

"Why did you bring that giant thing here anyways? You gonna sleep over?" I asked as she yawned and cuddled the bear closer to herself.

"Can I? It's late now and it's below freezing outside." She looked up at me with a pout on her pink lips. I sighed and nodded. "Yeah sure. We can sleep down here if you want. I'm too lazy to go upstairs now." I fixed the pillows up to rest beside the large bear and slowly laid myself down, pulling one of the many duvets over me to keep me warm.

I noticed Aria was slowly falling asleep but her eyes fluttered every once in a while as she smiled into the bear. "By the way, how did you get in here?" I asked her, pulling the duvet over her body as well so she was warm too.

"You left the door unlocked again." She yawned before turning over. "Night Harry."

"Night Aria." I yawned, turning around as well so my back was towards her.

Damn it I really need to start remembering to lock the door. Life would be easier if I had a house mate or something. None of the boys would want to move in with me here and I sure as hell don't want to move into the little dainty mansion they already live in. Too much people and so little privacy.

"Hey Aria you awake?" I whispered and felt her move a little. "For this moment yeah. Why?"

I turned to face her and frowned. "Where do you live?" I asked through the darkness and silence was all I got. She's been to my place plenty of times already and I haven't once been to her home or met her aunt who always picked her up.

"With my grandma and Aunt Kate but I'm looking for a place at the moment. Why?" She yawned sleepily as my eyes lit up. "Wanna move in with me?"

"I don't know Harry..." She sighed. "Why not?" I asked as she opened her eyes to look at me. "I've only known you for like two months Harry. Plus I'm fine with finding my own place." She said as I shook my head.

"So what if you've known me for two months? We can get to know each other better if you move in with me! It gets lonely here with Dusty you know and maybe I'll start to remember to lock the door again." I rolled me eyes as she shrugged again. "But I don't wanna be a burden on you Harry. You'll be feeding three mouths and that means money." She groaned, forgetting the fact that I was a member of the world’s biggest boy band.

"Are you forgetting who I am? Please! For me? You should be considering yourself lucky that I'm actually asking you, you know." I scoffed, making Aria laugh into the teddy bear.

"I know Harry, and I am honoured but do you really want a nineteen year old girl living with you?" She raised an eyebrow at me and immediately I understood what she meant.

"I'm not gonna hit on you or try you or anything, it's just nice to talk to a girl who's just a friend you know?" I explained as her lips twisted in thought. "Hmm promise that's all there is?" She asked as I nodded. "I promise."

"Then ok, I'll move in with you." She yawned before turning back around. "Now go to sleep Harry."

I chuckled and turned around again, quickly falling asleep as I cuddled closer to my pillow.


The next morning I woke up to the glorious smell of fresh cooked bacon and eggs. I yawned and slowly rose up from my position on the floor and rubbed my eyes tiredly.

I got up and made my way into the kitchen where Aria was stood cooking breakfast. "Morning Harry." She smiled as she slid a plate of bacon, eggs and French toast towards me. "Eat up Harry cause you have a busy day today." She said before grabbing her own plate and stood in front of me, quickly eating.

"I'm not doing anything today so I don't know what you mean, and why are you in such a hurry?" I asked through my mouthful of food. "Eat, chew, swallow Harry and you're gonna be busy cause you'll be spending the day here tidying up the place. If Sierra is coming, she's going to have to see what a clean gentleman you are. Plus I'm not going to live in that pig sty you call a spare bedroom." She winked at me as I nodded. I guess she had a point.

"Hey where'd you get those clothes?" I asked her, realizing she was already changed and ready to go.

"Oh my Aunt dropped them off this morning." She said. "This morning? It's the afternoon?" I glanced at the clock on the wall and read the time. 1:34 pm.

"How long have you been awake?" I asked her because she must have been awake for a long time to find food, cook it, and get ready for the day. "Since eleven." She answered while slipping on her boots. "You could have woken me up you know."

"Yeah but you looked really tired so I decided against it." She looked up at me before standing up straight. "Who's 'girlfriend' are you meeting again?" I asked as I pulled her into a quick goodbye hug.

"Liam's. We're going to meet up at the park near their mansion and have a chat then I'm heading to my Grandma's place to get my things." She hugged me back before pulling away and grabbing her phone that was resting on the counter. "I'll see you later Harry. Behave." And with that she walked out the front door.

"Well." I looked around the dishelved kitchen, the cluttered mess in the living room, and the trail of clothes leading up the stairs. Then at Dusty who was resting on Harold the bear.

"Looks like it's just you and me babe."

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