Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


4. Love is like friendship on fire

Harry's POV


I rolled over in my amazingly comfy mattress and slammed my fist on my retched alarm clock. Ugh.

I looked at the time- 8:40 a.m -and inwardly groaned as I clutched my head in pain. The air around me still held the intoxicating smell of burnt weed coming from my bong but what really made it better was the messy trail of white powder I had accidentally left on the nightstand along with my credit card. Sarcasm noted, now I have to clean the shit up before the boys find out yippee.

I threw the thin covers off me, letting the cool air meet my sweaty birthday suit as I shoved myself off my bed and proceeded to my ensuite to wash up. Stepping into the shower, I turn the knob and let the warm water cascade down my back.

Sighing in content, I lather up my body until every inch is covered in soap. My morning wood often knocked the wall as I rinsed, making me moan quietly. Gosh Harry you f*cking Horndog, you have an interview today. Don't want the boys taunting you.

Unable to deal with it, I let my hand trail down my soaked body, taking it desperately by the base and giving it short pleasurable pumps. Throwing my head against the wall in a daze, I bite my lip to hold in my moans of sheer pleasure.

My mind racked through images in my brain until it stopped, suddenly turning blurry. A girl, small and innocent with red hair found its way to my inner visions but I could not make out who the person was.

As the familiarity of heat churning in my stomach began to arise, my jaw dropped open instantly, heavy breaths and silent gasps spilling from my lips as I finished off. Finally feeling at ease, I finish up my shower and step out not bothering to use a towel.

I waltzed gracefully into my room and change into the usual band shirts and dark washed jeans and converse I usually wore. I shake my still wet curls away from my face then grab my phone, checking to see if I have any messages.I make my way out into the hallway and suddenly bump into a smaller figure.

I glance up from my phone and met eyes with Louis who had looked up from his phone as well.

"Morning Harry!" He beamed happily , receiving a lip sided alike from me as we walked down the hallway. "Morning Louis."

By 9 am, everyone had arrived at mine and Louis' place. Niall of course made his way to our over stocked fridge, Zayn kept himself busy in the bathrooms, and Liam was contacting Paul about the interview.

Niall was still avoiding me about my comment on him yesterday whereas Liam and Zayn were just a little touchy and tried not to show thy they were picking sides.

Louis being indecisive, got over the whole situation and just wants to forget anything was said. Truthfully I was a little hard on the lad but for f*cks sake the lad is older than me and hasn't had a girlfriend since he was sixteen! Surely that says something?

Ah whatever, not my love life not my problem.

"Alright, so today we have an interview at 10 am, then a quick signing at the park across from the building we're doing the interview in. After that we get a little break until the concert starts at 7pm." Liam explained as he hung up the phone and motioned for all of us to crowd around him in a circle.

"Until our interview, Paul said we can go out and have breakfast." He finished as Niall began to hop up and down excitedly. Of course.

"NANDOS! NANDOS! NANDOS!" he eagerly whined to Liam who was rubbing his temples and closing his eyes as he muttered to himself. He finally looked up at Niall and rested his hands firmly on his shoulders, keeping form hopping anymore.

``If you promise to behave for the next few hours, then yes we’ll go to Nandos for breakfast.`` Liam told Niall who immediately stopped jumping and stood straight obediently. ``Yes sir!`` he saluted Liam who sighed in relief and motioned for us to walk out the door. I shrugged and mindlessly walked ahead of the boys, slipping my ray bans on and digging my hands deeper into my pockets until they were wrapped around my phone.

Climbing quickly into Louis’ rented car, I notice Niall looking nervous, rather than excited. Everything about him screamed coward. I smirked and tapped him lightly. ``Yah?`` He asked, making me chuckle. ``You look nervous.`` I told him and sat down in the seat in front of him. The car doors closed and Louis began to drive off to Nandos, while Niall blushed and shook his head. ``Nah I’m not nervous.`` He denied, drawing his eyes away from me and towards the windows.

``Really? So, it has nothing to do with a certain red head...?`` I smirked as Niall’s cheeks turned rosy red, and he hid his face in his hands. ``Ah mate you got it hard!`` Zayn laughed, provoking Niall who resorted to punching zayn in the balls.

``Shut up ya c*nts, we only met her yesterday.`` he muttered while keeping a straight yet annoyed face. ``That didn’t stop you with Ge-`` I was cut off by Niall slamming his hand over my mouth and Liam chuckling lowly as Niall semi freaked out. ``That was in the past. A stupid mistake I’ll always regret. Look where it’s got me now. Single and unwanted.`` Niall frowned, making me frown as well.

Sure Niall was annoying, loud, starving, and special, and we bicker a lot sometimes, he is still my brother. ``Niall, it takes a real man to stay single and wait for the right girl. Be proud of what you are.`` i told him sternly, keeping a straight face whereas Niall looked at me confused.

``Then why do you sleep around mate? You saying you’re not a real man?`` He asked me as the car grew silent. I sighed mentally and looked down at my fingers that were brushing against the zipper of my jeans.

``If I was a real man, she would have stayed.``

Louis’ POV

I first met Harry in the loo at the X Factor. We weren’t put together as a group yet, hell we didn’t even know each other, but his simple, ``Hi I’m Harry!`` and happy smile had instantly made him my best friend. Of course I told him, ``If I could have someone’s pee splashing onto me, it’d be you.`` and that’s where our friendship really began.

Throughout the first few weeks we were put together, we already had a name. Larry Stylinson. Strangers turned bestfriends, and now best friends turned into brothers. I don’t know what happened to Harry that made him change, but one day after we got signed, harry arrived at the studios dishelved, reeking of beer and smoke, and his expression held anger, guilt, and annoyance.

Ever since that day, Harry would be the same person he was during the X Factor in public, smiling and hugging our directioners, and completing their lives. But when it was just us two, or us five, just away from any windows really, Harry would become this beast. This animal that none of us boys or management could control.

Obviously we couldn’t risk the girls finding out their idol despised their shrill screams and eager intentions to be noticed, so we made up a plan.

A plan that was so ingenious, I believed I deserved a medal for my fabulous idea. It was a plan that could potentially change Harry Styles.

Glancing at Harry from the car mirror, I notice him fidgeting and rolling his eyes every time Niall mentioned Aria. Something tells me this girl has no problems in regards to tapping into young Harold’s mind.

``We’re here!`` I cheered as I slammed on the breaks and took my keys out of the ignition, all of us hopping out and closing our doors shut before running through the dark alley way and stopping in front of a black door. The words on the door clearly read Nandos, and already niall was excited. Zayn knocked loudly on the door then stepped back to Harry who was too busy kicking a stone to notice the door open and hit him in the head.

``OUCH!`` Harry yelled and gripped the throbbing bump on the side of his head, as we all laughed a little. ``Oops, sorry Harry!`` We looked up at Aria who was giggling into the palm of her hand as she glanced at Harry. Oh dear God. What happened next was clearly unexpected. Harry laughed it off and greeted aria with a short hug. Looking at him oddly, i follow after him and hug Aria as well.

After our little reunion, Aria led us through the kitchen and towards one of the back tables, table eleven. ``Nice to see you all on this fine morning! There’s barely anyone here, so someone should be coming here to take your order in a bit.`` she smiled at us as we all sat down.

``Wait, aren’t you going to be our waitress?`` Niall asked her shyly as she shook her head. ``No, I’m in charge of table one and thirteen. You guys are table eleven.`` she explained as we all nodded, truthfully in sadness. I had hoped to get to know this young girl who had Harry and Niall craving for her attention.

``YO ARIA!``



We moved ourselves so we could see where the commotion was coming from. A group of boys were laughing loudly amongst themselves while hooting and hollering aria to go to them. ``Oh dear...`` she sighed uneasily as she brought her eyes back to us. ``I gotta go.`` She frowned and walked towards them.

``Poor girl.`` Liam sighed as I nodded in agreement. *thud* ``Oooh poor guys balls.`` Niall winced as we all laughed and watched aria storm angrily passed us, muttering some very weird words. ``fudging little coconuts all touching rubber and chicken legs phfff if only they knew who i fudging am...``

Turning ourselves back to our table, we sit patiently waiting for someone to take our order. Eventually Anna came and quickly took our orders, saying she wanted us to finish first so we could leave. How rude.

Our orders came back and Niall dug in without a care. Although our feast was cut off by loud giggles coming from the table of pricks earlier making us turn and look.

Another waitresses was with them now, nope make that two- wait three... they were giggling and practically dry humping the damn table as they flirted with the group of boys. The boys were very much feeling the waitresses up who had no care in the world.

``Why in the hell would she let them touch her there?`` I winced as the boys shook their head and inored the whole situation. ``Well they are kinda attractive.``

``AHH!`` we whipped ourselves around to face Aria who was laughing loudly as she brought up a chair and set it down next to our table. ``sorry.`` She apologized.

``Cute? How in the world are those pricks cute?`` Zayn asked Aria who shrugged. ``In a bad boy kind of way I guess.`` aria shrugged as Harry smirked to himself. ``Eurghhh all these girls are flinging themselves at them like ragdolls.`` Liam stated as he pointed at the large group of waitresses forming around the group of boys who had smug looks on their faces. Surprisingly Anna was there as well, in fact sitting in one of the boy,s lap. Well ain’t that a shocker.

``Why aren’t you over there as well then?`` Harry joked as Aria chuckled and stole a chip from me. ``Uh maybe because I have such things like self morals and some dignity.`` She said as we all smiled at her.

``Plus, I’d rather sit here with you lads than flaunt myself towards them.`` she added with a smile before dusting her hands against themselves and standing up.

``Well i better get back to work now.`` she said before happily hugging us once more. ``But hold on....`` she looked at us before cupping her hands around her mouth and screaming, ``HOLY CRACKERS AND CHEESE STICKS IS THAT OPRAH!?`` while pointing outside of the restaurant windows where a fairly good looking oprah look alike was walking down the street.

``OH MY GOSH OPRAH!`` The group of boys all shot out of their seats and ran out of Nandos, chasing the poor woman. ``OPRAH LET ME LOOOVE YOU!`` One of them sang as they practically tackled her to the floor. Moving on...

``Ladies get to work, we have orders to fulfill and mouths to feed!`` aria yelled at the waitresses who all groaned but resumed back to their previous jobs. Anna had joined us and draped her head on Aria’s shoulder. ``sooooo dreamyyy...`` She sighed happily as Aria laughed and petted Anna’s head. ``there there young one.``

``But I’m older than you. And taller.`` Anna giggled as aria face palmed herself before smiling at Anna. ``Andrew Garfield’s face.``

We all looked at the girls confused but what really scared us was Anna’s sudden outburst. ``OH MY F*CKING GOD HOW THE F*CK DO I EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN THAT CHISSLED PIECE OF PERFECTION. HIS FACE UTTERLY FLAWLESS AND HIS BODY HOT DAMN HIS BODY IS SO F*CK-``

``Breathe anna breathe.`` Aria said slowly as she and anna breathed in and out together. ``What a good friend you are.`` I smiled up at her as she shrugged. ``Thank you. She would have done the same for me if it came to Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.`` Aria chuckled while leading Anna off to her job.

``Hey aria!`` I yelled after her before she could leave. ``Yeah?`` she asked as I gave her my phone. ``Put your number in and I’ll send it to the boys. We really wanna hang out with you sometime, outside of Nandos of course.`` I smiled politely at the short girl who nodded and took my phone. After tapping her number into my phone, she handed it back with a sweet smile before turning away and walking into the kitchen.

She’s so different from the other’s.

Harry’s POV

``What’d you ask her?`` I asked Louis uneasily who shrugged. ``I got her number in case we want to hang out sometime. I’ll text you guys her number.`` Louis said as I sighed in relief. Whoo*


Aria babes <3 (number here)

I smiled and saved her number on my phone. Opening up a new text, I type away then wait for a reply.

To: Aria babes <3

From: Harry babes <3

Hey this is Harry :) just wanted to wish u a good day x


To: Harry babes <3

From: Aria babes <3

U 2 :P x


To: Aria babes <3

From: Harry babes <3

Hey wanna hang out with me l8r? We have an interview and a concert later, but maybe we can get a coffee after the interview? X


To: Harry babes <3

From: Aria babes <3

Sure C: just txt me where and ill meet u there x


To: Aria babes <3

From: Harry babes <3

Alri! See you l8r then Ms. Hope ;) haha x


To: Harry babes <3

From: Aria babes <3

Until then Mr. Styles ;P x

I grinned to myself as I put my phone away and resumed my eating. Something about her filled me up with joy, washing away my anger, annoyance, fury, and sometimes passive behavior towards the world and just replacing it with happiness.

She wasn’t like other girls, and I like that about her. She’s different and she’s not afraid to say so. I never really was into girls clad with makeup, or the typical blonde and blue eyed models directioners assumed I hooked up with. As a matter of fact, I’ve only had sex with two woman, one of them being my ex girlfriend and the other Caroline flack BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT! Sure it was multiple times but I was as a matter of fact not sleeping around Niall so ha.

I don’t know how to explain my feelings towards Aria. Sure she’s very attractive with an even better personality to accompany it, but I know for a fact that what I feel every time she smiles around me is not romantic at all. At least i think so? She’s more of a friend. A. FRIEND. F R I E N D.

``Love is like friendship on fire. Some can't tell the difference.``


I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far!

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