Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


8. lost cause waiting to be found

Harry’s POV

Something snapped in me and I glared at her playfully as I crossed my arms as well. ``You’re not my mother.`` I shot back as she burst out laughing. ``THAT’S THE HARRY I MET AT NANDOS!`` Her infectious laughter had me in stitches as well.

When we’d both calmed down, I decided it was time I properly apologize for my actions earlier. ``Hey listen Aria... I’m so f*cking sorry about what I said earlier. It was out of line and completely rude and I know I shouldn’t be forgiven just yet but please just know that I didn’t mean it. It’s just the f*cking anger inside me builds up and I tend to bre-`` I was silenced by a small finger being pressed against my lips.

``Oh hush it Harry, and stop swearing! I only took offense to it because well-`` she stopped for a moment and let out a heavy breath while leading me towards the porch where a rusty old bench was poorly placed. We both sat down and she continued.

``When I was younger, I had a best friend named Tyler. We were really close and I trusted him with my whole life. Problem was, no one approved of our friendship because he was a criminal. He went to jail so many times for the drugs he sold so, my parents practically forbade me to see him. I didn’t even like him in a romantic way. He was my rock, I guess you could say. He went down the wrong path when his parents died in a car accident. Since then, he’s been different. He started sleeping around, knocked up a few girls here and there, until finally he made me his target. Sadly- in his case- he’d died of alcohol poisoning before he could even try.``

To be honest I truly felt sympathy towards her, which is rare because I usually don’t listen to other people, much less feel any emotion towards it.

``I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t want you to turn out like Tyler. You just remind me so much of him, that I’m generally worried. But unlike Tyler, you’ve got the weight of over a billion girls worldwide wanting you on your shoulders that if you were to leave, many terrible things could happen.`` She emphasized the word ‘terrible’ while she gave me a look of care.

``Why would people care if I was gone? The streets would be safer and girl’s can have their firsts with someone special.`` I muttered. Aria sighed and rested her head on my shoulder. ``You’re a good guy Harry. This bad boy image you have going on is only a facade of who you really are. You don’t need drugs to feel that high. You don’t need sex to feel that euphoria. Hell, you don’t need anything except a little hope.``

She sat up a little and pointed at herself. ``And that would be moi.``

I chuckled and shook my head at her while I brought an arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to me. ``You’re the first girl I’ve ever only been friends with, and the first girl Dusty has ever approved of so consider yourself lucky.`` I smirked as Aria jokingly cheered and clapped, causing Dusty to prance out the open doorway and pounce onto Aria’s lap, only this time she purred and got herself comfy on her lap. I was shocked by this happening, simply because Dusty wouldn’t even go near any of the boys and she’s seen them here more than she’s seen Aria.

The afternoon continued with me and Aria getting to know each other better. I told her things I could never tell the boys- ever, and she returned the favour with her own little secret. ``Have you ever been to a party before?`` I asked her curiously as she shrugged. ``How would you define a party?``

``I don’t know, booze. Dancing, sex?`` Parties were parties; a period of time when you let loose and bring out your inner slut.

``Then no, I have never been to a party.`` Aria answered as I looked at her not surprised. Aria’s way to innocent to swear, much less go partying. Though I can’t help but imagine what she would look like in a tight dress. ``Then remind me to bring you next time I go.`` I told her as she rolled her eyes and shook her head. ``No way Styles, I’m not going attending any parties with you any soon after what you told me. I’d very much like to keep my innocence.`` She crossed her arms stubbornly as I sighed. ``I promise you that if we go, I’ll be there for you to talk to and if some douche decides to hit on you, we’ll leave right away.`` I told her as her eyes narrowed at me.

She was skeptical about the whole party thing and probably thought I was lying, but truth was Louis’ birthday was coming up; a week to be specific, and knowing Lou he’ll probably have a house party and invite the whole damn neighborhood by accident and I’m probably not going to be in the mood to get laid at that time, plus talking to Aria satisfied me more than talking to a girl trying to get with me by acting dumb.

``I’ll go to party with you, if-`` I accidently cut her off by coughing into the palm of my hand before sneezing rather loudly, eliciting a giggle from Aria. ``You stop smoking and doing drugs. It’s not worth it Harry, trust me.`` Her words were serious which surprisingly got to me. How many countless times have the boys and management told me to stop, and I’ve never listened. Now Aria tells me to stop, and I oblige?

I nodded and smiled faintly at Aria who grinned and patted my lap proudly. ``Awesome! It’s gonna be hard, but I’ll be here to stop you because your actions not only affect you but everyone else around you.`` she smiled proud of herself as I laughed and shook my head at her. ``Good luck, but I’m kind of a lost cause.`` I frowned, remembering the title I’d been given by Simon.

``There is no such thing as a lost cause. You’re just a cause waiting to be found, is all.`` The way she sugar coated her words would usually irritate me because I knew exactly what she was hinting at, but this time they were reassuring and it left a warmth in my heart knowing that there was someone like Aria who still believed in me.

``Maybe.`` I breathed out. My eyes traveled to the area in front of us and frowned at the sky that was starting to set. Had we been sitting here outside for hours without knowing? ``Wanna stay for dinner?`` I blurted, regretting it when the words slipped out of my mouth. Honestly, I didn’t want Aria to leave just yet.

``Sure.`` Her eyes brightened immediately as she stood up and ran back into my flat. I breathed out in relief and followed her inside, locking the door behind me. I made the mistake of not locking it a few weeks ago and had almost half of my stuff stolen. I called the popo and they retrieved most of my stuff, except for my laptop and other personal items.

I walked into the kitchen where Aria was stood rocking on the heels of her feet. ``so what’s for dinner?`` She asked as I shrugged. I’m pretty sure everything in the cupboards has gone bad...the only food in the fridge were cans of cat food for Dusty. Well, might as well order a pizza.

``If not, let’s just order a pizza or something.`` she spoke up, reading my mind which scared me a little. ``Yeah just dial them up and order.`` i told her and she nodded and took out her phone while she walked towards the living room area and sat back down on the sofa.

I took the liberty of preparing Dusty another bowl of cat food while she called. ``Dusty! Here girl! Come to daddy!`` I yelled, waiting for Dusty to appear. To my annoyance however, Dusty did not come when I’d call her so I tried again. ``Dusty I’ve made you some dinner! Yummy!`` again she was a no show so i huffed and made my way towards Aria.

To my surprise, Dusty had made herself comfortable in Aria’s lap as Aria spoke calmly down the phone before hanging up. She must have sensed the presence of food because before I knew it, Dusty jumped towards me. I put the bowl down in front of her and walked around the cat so I could sit beside Aria. ``what the f*ck was that!?`` I yelled in disbelief as Ari looked at me confused. ``What the fudge was what?``

``She was sitting on you like a throne! She won’t even let a girl I bring home breathe around me!`` I explained, while both aria and I focused our attention on the cat in front of us who was licking away at the bowl.

``What can I say? I’m special.`` She smiled at me, making me roll my eyes. I guess she is.

After another hour of talking about Dusty and her cat Squeaky, the doorbell rung loudly, meaning the pizza was here. I willingly answered the door, paid the man, signed a photo of myself which worried me cause as I said before he was man, then shut the door. I joined Aria who was switching through the channels on the television which was most likely the only technology i had that wasn’t stolen.

After a long search she decided to leave it on a cartoon channel, her eyes lighting up as she watched squidward run after sponge bob. I shrugged and sat down beside her, opening the pizza box then grabbed the nearest slice.

And so our night was spent in a comfortable aurora of sponge bob and pizza, although our night was cut short because aria had to go home. I insisted however to drop her off but she then refused for me to do so, saying her Aunt was going to pick her up soon. Well her loss then.

``Harry my aunt’s here. I gotta go now.`` she sighed, hugging me quickly before bolting out the door. ``BYE!`` I yelled. ``SEE YA!``

I watch her hop into her aunt’s car, waving at her as they drove off. When I was sure they had left, I closed the door and locked it smiling like a goof. That is until I remembered I had forgotten to invite Aria to Louis’ party. I’ll be sure to text her in the morning I suppose.

A yawn escaped my lips as I made my way past Dusty and up the stairs before stopping in front of my bedroom. I opened the door slowly and shivered. I hadn’t been in my room for a while and it was freezing unlike the temperature downstairs which was normal. The lights were still off as well, giving off a feeling of loneliness.

I grunted and decided to f*ck it and shed off my clothes before hopping into bed, naked as per usual.

I shut my eyes and strained myself to fall asleep, eager to meet the mysterious red head girl in my dreams again.

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