Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


14. I'll be there in two, anytime

I'll be there in two, anytime

Aria's POV

The distinct sound of someone singing woke me up from my strangely comfortable sleep and slowly I got up, rubbing my eyes tiredly. I looked at the time on my phone and jumped up suddenly realizing I slept through my alarm. 

It's 11:45 am and I'd promised Niall that I would meet up with him at Nando's at 12:00. I literally had fifteen minutes to prepare and get there on time. 

I sped into the ensuite and ripped my clothes off before jumping into the shower. After a record breaking five minute shower I brushed my teeth, did my hair and makeup and pulled on my clothing at the same time, putting my multitasking skills to the test. 

I shoved my feet into my boots, ascending down the stairs at the same time trying not to trip. But by the last step I'd lost my footing and fell forward. I expected to impact the hard surface of the floor but instead I landed on something soft and curly. 

"Watch your footing there." Harry yawned, holding me up by my arms. "Sorry, I'm in a bit of a rush." I told him, shoving on my coat that was hanging conveniently on the stairs. "Do I look okay?" I asked him, zipping up and wrapping my scarf around my neck. 

"Yeah you look okay. But wait here." He said before quickly running into the living room and returning with one of his beanies. "It's below freezing out today." He explained while he put it on my head. 

"Who are you meeting up with again?" He asked, leading me to the front door. "Niall and his girl. I'll probably head by Tescos afterwards to buy groceries because we can't live off take out." I told him.

"Text me when you're at Tescos and I'll help you." Harry said before pushing me out the door. "Have a good day Aria and don't let Anna get to you. If he does anything wrong just call me and I'll be there in two." He smiled before shutting the door. 

I turned and checked the time on my phone again and muttered to myself a prayer as I sprinted for the nearest bus stop. It was nearly twelve now and it usually took me about ten minutes to get here from Nando's. 

When the bus arrived I quickly texted Niall and told him I was going to be late. Lucky for me Niall was going to be running late as well because he'd woken up late as well and still had to pick up his girl.

I hopped onto the bus and took a seat near the front. I sighed and pulled out my earbuds from my pockets and plugged them into my phone before putting the buds in my ears. I put the music on shuffle and watched the little town start to disappear in the horizon as we drove away. 


I sighed and entered Nando's alone, all eyes on me. Well all the employee's eyes were on me. There were cold glares coming from everyone I had ever worked with but Anna's was probably the harshest, though my eyes were on the bruising around her eye that seemed to scream fake. To my surprise Mrs. Grace was still kinder than usual but still bitter like the rest. 

I sat down at a table and was approached by the twins, Maria and Marie. "Hi!" I smiled at them widely but only received a scoff. "Bitch." Maria snorted before her and Marie scampered off. 

I was confuse but left it alone as I waited for Niall and his girl to arrive. another three employees walked up to me with evident disgust on their faces. "May I help you?" I asked politely as they stood in front of me. 

"How could you do that to Anna? She's been nothing short of a perfect friend to you." David, one of the workers sighed in hatred as his companions agreed. "Yeah we thought you were better than that Aria." Mark said as David agreed. 

"And you had the decency to show up here after what you did to Anna? You're a horrible person." Julius, the last one said.

I looked at them confused and opened my mouth to speak. "I didn't do anything to Anna. What are you talking about?" I snapped defensively as they backed away. "Wow so you come in here after what you did and you lie about it. How nice." David scoffed before he, Mark and Julius left. 

What the hell did I do?!

I looked down at the cutlery in front of me and almost didn't notice Mrs. Grace sit in front of me. "Hello Ms. Hope." She spoke sternly as I looked up and sighed. "Hello Mrs. Grace." I replied. 

"Ms. Hope, Nando's doesn't tolerate bullying and/or abuse of the neighbouring employee. Due to this I will have to fire you for what you did to Ms. Faith." Mrs. Grace said as my face dropped. 

"What?! I didn't do anything!" I protested. "I'm sorry Ms. Hope but Anna has already told me you haven't been into work or a while now and you would often come the. Leave after our break. On top of that you've harmed one of the employees therefore I have to let you go anyways and make sure Nando's doesn't hire anyone as violent as you." Mrs. Grace explained before she stood up and walked away. 

I was left in shock but it was broken when Niall and his girl arrived. I quickly put on a fake smile and smiled brightly at the two who looked nothing short of adorable. 

"Hey Niall!" I beamed at him, pulling him into a quick hug before turning to his mystery girl. "Hi there love, I'm Aria Hope! Nice to finally meet you." I said as happily as I could while I hugged her as well. 

"Nice to meet you too Aria. I'm sienna!" She giggled just as enthusiastic. Unfortunately I felt rather uncomfortable due to the workers staring at me like I was a virus as I sat down at spoke to both Sienna and Niall. 

We ordered our food and talked about the upcoming album and Sienna's duties as Niall's fake girlfriend. When the food arrived, Anna had been the one to give it to us as the whole time she had a smirk on her face. 

"Fat pig." She whispered to me while she place my order in front of me. I looked down at my lap on shame as she sniggered and walked away. 

During our meal I felt like a third wheel, watching Niall and Sienna talk and eat like I wasn't there. Though they tried to include me in their conversation, I just wasn't in the mood anymore. I guess he fact that the workers here all hate me for something I didn't even do threw me off. 

When I finished eating, I hurriedly left the building. I gave Niall and Sienna my blessing and hugged them both editor walking out. I passed by Anna and Maria who were laughing loudly together while they shot me knowing stares. "Bye freak." Anna smirked, revealing her bruise less face. Makeup; she faked the bruise. She got me fired. 

I ignored them both and raced past them towards the bus stop, looking up at the sky trying not to cry. I need to be a fighter. I can't let them have the satisfaction that they've made me cry. They're just a bunch of bullies. 

I arrived at the bus stop and breathed in and out deeply as I tried to catch my breath. The bus arrive moments later and I stepped on, paid my fair then took a seat. I pulled out my phone and pulled up Harry's name in my contact to text him. 

Hey Harry just finished with Niall and Sienna :) I'm off to Tescos now x

I crossed my arms for extra warmth as the bus began to move. My phone vibrated in my hand and I glanced down at the screen as read Harry's message. 

Cool. I'm already here so I'll be waiting 4 u x

I sighed and texted him an okay before putting my phone away. The drive there was short and quickly I got off and walked into Tescos. I kept my head down as I walked through the doors but was stopped by a large body. 

"Oof! Oh sorry babe my mistake." I looked up at the tall blonde who was smirking down at me. I rolled my eyes, recognizing his smirk. "No it's my fault, sorry." I said quietly. 

"A beautiful girl like you should never say sorry therefore I'm sorry. My name's Jake by the way." He said, winking at me a he held out his hand. I smiled at him hesitantly and shook his hand. "Aria."

"Nice to meet you Aria!" His smirk played on his lips once again as he dug his pockets deeper into his pockets and walked closer to me. "How about you give me your number and we can get to know each other a little better?"

I've never been in a more uncomfortable position than I was now. I wasn't used to being so close to strangers, especially guys whose notion was to get into my pants. I could tell this Jake boy had that determination because of the way he was smiling sickly at me, biting his lip as his eyes roamed my body like an predator watches its prey. 

"Uhh-" I was cut off by a familiar pair of arms wrapping around me from behind before I was pulled into their chest with their chin resting on my shoulder. "Hey Aria been looking for you everywhere!" Harry smiled as he friendly kissed my cheek before looking up at Jake who was gobsmacked. "Can we help you?" Harry asked him shortly. 

"No I was just uh leaving. Yeah bye." Jake muttered and walked off before he broke out into a sprint out the store doors. I sighed in relief and turned around so I could hug Harry properly. "Thanks Harry." I sighed. 

"Anytime." He said, taking me by the hand and led me towards a cart that was already half filled with food. "I've gotten some of the essentials already but it's not quite filled up yet." Harry explained, scratching the backlog his head sheepishly as he began to push the cart. 

I looked inside and gaped at the amount of food he already had. He had vegetables and fruits, cereal, lots of bacon and a bunch more I couldn't possibly list. 

"Looks like you've got the food covered already. But you forgot the milk." I told him, laughing to myself. "DAMN IT! I knew I was forgetting something! Thanks Aria." Harry yelled before he raced off with the cart towards the dairy section. I shook my head and followed after the tall lad. 

As Harry placed two jugs of milk into the cart, I passed by him and walked towards the desert section of the isle that was filled with tubs of ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, and more. ``Hey Harry, can we buy ice cream?`` I asked him. ``It’s winter Aria, are you sure? We can just buy chocolate instead you know.`` Harry reasoned as I sighed in agreement. ``I guess you’re right. Let’s go.`` I replied, urging him forward to push the cart. He nodded and pushed along side me, walking down the aisle until we found the sweets.

 I was set on getting a bag of my favourite chocolate; Hershey kisses, but Harry decided to go full out and grabbed about five which was more than enough. I raised an eyebrow at him and received a shrug as we continued to walk. ``What, it’s my favourite chocolate!`` he protested. ``Same.`` I smiled at him.

``You know, we should get something for your room. Something to make it more colorful because it’s so blank right now.`` Harry suggested as I nodded in agreement. We passed through the aisles and soon found ourselves in the music section. ``You have our album right?`` He asked, picking up their album and the yearbook addition that was on the shelves and turned to face me. ``On my phone yeah, but not the CD.`` I told him. Harry chuckled and placed both in the trolley. ``And I thought you were a fan of us! I know exactly how to punish you.`` harry smirked playfully before running towards the end of the aisle and picking out five rolled up posters before rushing back to me. ``I am, I just haven’t got the time to buy it- Harry you did not.``

I gawked at the five posters and recognized the faces on each one. ``Do you realize how uncomfortable it’s going to be for me to change in my room now?`` I glared at him causing him to laugh loudly and cover his mouth. ``I never thought of that. Now it’s even better. You’re getting those and putting them up in your room, end of discussion.`` Harry laughed as I sighed in defeat.

``Have we got everything?`` I looked down at the cart then at Harry who nodded to himself. ``Yeah I think we do.`` he said after a few minutes then pushed the trolley into the nearest line. After we paid for our items, we pushed the trolley out the store doors and sat down at the curb, realizing we had no car with us. ``I’ll call Lou.`` harry said before dialling Louis’ number.

``hey Louis, it’s me Harry... yeah mate I’m good... went grocery shopping with Aria and we need a ride back because we bought a lot... thanks man... okay see you soon...bye.`` Harry ended the call and turned to me with a half hearted smile. ``Louis said he’ll be here soon, but it might take a while depending on traffic.`` Harry explained as he shivered under the night’s cold hair. The moon was shining brightly in the sky now, full and round as its light cascaded down on us. I nodded understandingly and shuffled closer to harry for more warmth. 

``So how was your day out with Niall and his girl?`` Harry asked, reminding me of what had happened in Nando’s that I was starting to forget. I frowned and shrugged. ``Nothing much really, we went to Nando’s and we ate and talked; found out some lovely information about Sienna, I approved of her then I left.`` 

``Her name’s Sienna? Pretty name I guess. Is she hot?`` I turned to Harry in disbelief, emotionless as I shook my head at him. ``I’m a girl, how should I know?``

``I don’t know, like is she attractive?`` Harry asked as I shrugged. ``I guess. But she’s Niall’s girlfriend not yours.``

``But they’re not really dating are they.`` Harry smirked, which tempted me to slap him across the face. ``You haven’t met the girl and already you’re going for her.`` I stated, looking at Harry in slight disappointment. ``I’m just messing with you Aria, you gotta let loose for once you know. I’m glad Niall found a girl though; I swear it’s been almost three year since he dated anyone.`` Harry insisted while I looked at him questionably but nodded. ``whatever you say, but really three years?``

``Yeah, him and his last girlfriend ended on a bad note so now he isn’t really into getting into a relationship, but he has his fair amount of crushes here and there.`` Harry explained whilst I nodded sadly. ``Poor Niall. At least he has sienna now. Somewhat.`` We both chuckled and shuddered, our teeth chattering now as we tried to stay warm. We would have gone back into Tescos by now, but the store was closing soon and everyone had to leave.

``When is Louis going to be h-here.`` I stuttered, pushing the hoody of my jacket over my head to stay warmer. ``I-I don’t k-know...`` Harry shook as he covered his ears with his gloveless hands. His cheeks were burning pink and his nose was runny. He looked colder than I was. I was in fact warmer in what I was wearing so I decided giving up the beanie he’d given me this morning would suffice. I removed the beanie from my head and pulled his over his curls. He thanked me with a small smile and shoved his hands keep into his coat pockets.


Both Harry and I looked up and praised the high heavens at the sight of Louis and Paul who was driving the large range rover. Louis got out an over to us, grabbing some of the groceries. ``Sorry it took so long. The traffic was really horrid.`` Louis smiled sheepishly as he helped us load the groceries into the car. Harry opened the door for me and helped me in before he clambered in as well. The warmth of the car was total bliss and soon we were off.

``So, what’s all this for?`` Louis asked from the front of the car. ``We were low on food so we went grocery shopping.`` Harry told Louis who nodded. ``Speaking of shopping, my birthday party is this Saturday.`` Louis turned to look at both me and Harry and smirked. ``You’re both invited of course. It’s going to be at the Funky Buddha by the way, which is a club.`` Louis explained as my I frowned. A club? As in booze, dancing, sex; club? “Oh and you need to bring a date.” 

“I don’t know Lou, I’m not much of a clubber...” I trailed off but Louis, as persistent as he was shook his head. “Nonsense Aria, you’re invited therefore you’re coming and that’s that.” 

I sighed and nodded, resulting in Harry and Louis cheering as they high fived each other. “But who will I bring as my date?” I bit my lip thoughtfully, racking my brain for a guy to ask. “I can be your date.” Harry said as Louis shook his head. “No you can’t.” Louis said.

“Why not?” Harry frowned while Louis shrugged. “I invited the girls too, so you’re taking Sierra.” He explained, Harry turning to me thoughtfully. “Well shit then, you need a date.”

I sighed and nodded, searching my phone for a friend who was willing to go out Saturday night. I gasped and scrolled down to his name in my contacts and pressed call. Harry and Louis watched me intently as i spoke to him.

(bold: EdwardItalics: Aria)


“Hey it’s me Aria!”

“Haha Aria you know I have caller id right? Anyways, what’s up library girl?”

I blushed and giggled before speaking.

“Oh sorry, so listen my friend is celebrating his birthday at the Funk Buddha Saturday night and I was wondering if you wanted to be my date.”

“Isn’t the man supposed to ask out the pretty lady?”

“Is that a yes or a no?”

“Yeah of course Aria, just text me the deets and I’ll be there.”

“Alright, thank you so much Edward!”

“No problem love.”

I ended the call and looked up at Louis and Harry who were looking at me with accusing eyes. “What?” I asked, feeling uncomfortable under their stares.

“Who is this Edward fellow?” Louis questioned, Harry nodding along as he waited for my answer. “someone  met...”  trailed off. “Where?” Harry asked as well. “At the central library.”

“When?” Louis pulled a face at the word library. “While you guys were away in Glasgow.”

“Is he your boyfriend?” Harry asked awkwardly as I shook my head. “Heavens no.” Harry sighed in relief and nodded. 

“Good, I thought I was going to have to punch someone on my birthday this Saturday.” Louis chuckled as I shook my head at him with a small smile. “I still have nothing to wear though.” I frowned. “We can go shopping again tomorrow after you’re done with whoever you’re meeting up with. I need a new outfit anyways.” Harry suggested as I nodded.

“Alright, so you’re coming for sure?” Louis asked me and I grinned. 

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Harry threw his arm around my shoulder and gave me a rewarding hug before whispering into my ear. “I’ll probably be with Sierra the whole night but please don’t hesitate to come find me if you want to go home.”

He pulled away and smiled softly before turning back to face the front. The ride home didn’t take long and soon we were waving Paul and Louis off before we entered the ratty looking apartment.

“I’ll start on dinner and you put away the food.” I instructed Harry before grabbing pasta noodles and the can of sauce and carrying it over to the counter so I could begin. He nodded and started to put away the food. I took out the pans and pots and set them out before getting to work. While I boiled the pasta, I prepared the pot to make my family’s secret sauce. My mum had taught me and none of my siblings because I was really into cooking when i was younger, whereas my siblings would rather play outside with their friends than stay in and cook. I was the complete opposite.

“That smells really good.” Harry said from his spot on the counter that he was sitting on. He must have finished putting away the groceries and was now watching me cook. “Thanks. It’s an old family recipe that my mum taught me.” I told him as i stirred the pot. “Must have taken you a long time to perfect then.” He said as I nodded. “yeah, i spent most of my time cooking rather playing like my brothers and sisters.” I said.

“How many siblings do you have?” he asked curiously. “Five sisters and six brothers.” I told him shortly as he gasped in shock. “WOW! I only have one sister and we’re already both a handful! I can’t imagine how your parents must feel.” He joked as I shrugged.

“I’m actually the youngest out of all of them. They’ve already moved out of the house and gotten on with their lives then there is me.” I explained to Harry who grinned. “Hey we’re both the youngest in our family. When’s your birthday?” he asked, leaning over the counter to grab a banana from the fruit bowl. “February first.” I told him as he gasped again. “SAME! BIRTHDAY BUDDIES!” Harry yelled through his mouthful of banana as he bent over to give me a high five but since our hands were quite full in the minute, it ended up being high elbows. 

We both laughed and leant on opposite sides of the kitchen, talking about nonsense while we waited for the pasta to be ready.




Harry’s POV

“ever broken a bone?” I asked her and she shook her head. “Never in my life. I’m not very daring or anything.” She laughed as I nodded. “I’ve only broken my nose before but that’s because Liam hit me in the face with his mic by accident.” I told her.

“Yeesh that must have hurt a lot. The only interesting thing I’ve done in my whole life was probably learning how to speak Spanish.” She said as I grinned. “Multilingual; that’s nice. I speak French but that’s about it. Have you ever had a boyfriend?’’ I looked at her curiously, wanting to know because she seemed so negative about guys who try to ask her out and it just made me wonder if maybe she has a past like Niall’s.

‘’Nope. Never had any of my firsts as well. I guess you could say I’m waiting for my perfect prince to sweep me off my feet.’’ She chuckled.  ‘’ I think it’s nice that you’re actually waiting for the right guy to come along, unlike most girls I know.’’

‘’I guess, but I do get asked out on dates or asked for my number like any other girl and I just refuse to give in. Guess I’m so used to saying no to guys.’’ She said. ‘’But you gave Louis your number.’’

‘’Actually he took my phone without me looking but I didn’t think for a second he would have given my number to you all but I just shook it off because you boys seemed different from the others.’’ She explained as i rolled my eyes. Typical Louis. ‘’To be honest when I first saw you, I knew you were different from the others as well. Every time we go to Nando’s, we’re always treated horribly by the staff but you actually spoke to us and befriended us that day even when you knew how horrible we were.’’

``I guess I just need to see if the rumours were true or not and they were definitely not true at all.’’ Aria smiled as I grinned as well and nodded. ``You really have given me an ounce of hope, no pun intended. I trust you with everything and it’s so hard for me to trust someone after everything people say about me. So many people in the world have been so rude to me that, I decided that if they were rude to me then I’ll be rude right back. But since I met you i realize there’s more to the story that meets the eye. You have to read between the lines and consider other people’s thoughts and feelings as well. Ever since I met you I’ve been happier and I’ve been clean for two months. You answer my calls at three in the morning and you’ve moved in with me. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m really thankful that you’re in my life now Aria, because I wouldn’t have asked for a better best friend than you. You’re always there for me Aria and I like that.``

Aria giggled and smiled up at me as she walked forwards and hugged me tightly. ``Anytime.`` She mumbled into my chest while I wrapped my arms around her tiny frame and hugged her back. ``So I’m your best friend now?`` she smirked, pulling away from the hug so she could put the now cooked pasta on the plates.

``You bet, but only if you gimme that pasta right now because I will die of starvation and that smells sooo good omg.`` i groaned as Aria laughed and gave me a plate f her pasta. ``tell me how it tastes.`` she said as she got herself a serving as well.

I grabbed a fork and shoveled the pasta into my mouth. I chewed on the food and let out a satisfied moan while I hopped up and down in my spot. It was like a rainbow of spices in my mouth and the lemon gave me a tangy feeling that ran through my body as the texture of the sauce just overwhelmed me, bringing small tears to my eyes. ``So?`` aria asked as she ate as well.

``Marry me?`` I spat out before eating another bite.

She laughed and shook her head at me as she walked away. I followed after her and both of us sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV. The news was on and the breaking story left both Aria and I shocked as we watched. 

``Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift confirm rumours regarding their relationship. The pair were seen kissing by time squar-``


I tuned to Aria and comforted her as she watched her future husband and Taylor swift make out behind a tree.

Must admit I was a tad traumatized as well. Good thing I live in Londonthen.

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