Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


6. hope is faith reaching out her Hands in the dark..

Harry’s POV

``I’m back!`` I yelled, walking into the small room the boys were being held before the signing. They all greeted me with quiet waves but focused their eyes on the floor in front of me.

``Where were you Harry? Did you- you know...`` Louis trailed off as his eyes traced the bulge in my pocket- well to him it was a bulge in my pocket whereas to me it was the result to a certain red head’s actions earlier.

``No I did not smoke, take drugs, or bang. I went out for coffee with someone.`` I didn’t necessarily think of Aria as a friend. More like a helper. In this case, she kept me calm. I’m sure she perceived me as an ungrateful bastard who seems to fit my personality just perfectly but I see no reason as to why she’s been friendly to me these past two days. She probably thought of me as a friend or maybe I’m just another charity case.

``Really? Who then?`` zayn crossed his arms. ``Just someone.`` I told him, wanting him to just let it go. ``Then how are we to know that you’re telling us the truth?`` Niall asked as I shrugged. ``You’re supposed to be my best mates and trust me.`` I answered, earning a glare from Liam.

``Oh no worries there Harold, we’re your best mates who have made sacrifices in order to keep this band in top shape. I’m sure you’ve been honest with us at some point.`` Liam seemed to growl sarcastically as I rolled my eyes. Sometimes he can be so uptight.

``She’s not even my friend guys. All we did was have a cup of coffee and a tray of cookies. That’s all.`` I said as Niall raised an eyebrow at he. ``So this someone’s a female huh? Gonna f*ck her and ch*ck her like the others?`` Niall sneered as I looked at him oddly. ``what makes you think I’m going to do that to her?`` I asked him.

``Well, remember Julia, your ``friend`` that we met a few months ago? Oh, and Alexia, Haley, Mona, Brittany, Alex, Melody-``

``Alright I get it. They weren’t even worth my time anyways.`` I shook my head. They were all once my ``friends`` but our friendships would go from hanging out to quickies in the nearest coat closet. In my defense we were just starting out as a band and the female attention escalated fairly quickly and i just had to cross threesome off my bucket list. Like any normal lad I craved the female body, along with the male but I would never admit to that.

``Well then Harry, I personally wish this ``someone`` luck because she’s going to need it.`` Liam smiled half heartedly as I sent him a melancholy smile. She’s different.

``Aren’t we supposed to be at the signing by now?`` i switched the subject and turned to the other’s who groaned loudly. ``Yes, but Paul said the girl’s outside are causing a riot and he’s generally fearing our safety right now. They’re very persistent on catching a glimpse of us.`` Zayn explained as I joined him on the recliner he was sitting on. ``So what did you and this mystery person do? Well besides drinking coffee and sharing a tray of cookies.`` Zayn winked at me.

``Nothing really, just chatted. Found out some stuff about her, found some things in common, finished eating then we went our separate ways.`` I decided on sparing him the details on the conversation Aria and I had, simply because I didn’t want to show him that I was in a good mood after my chat with Aria. He’ll only tease me, saying things like oh she’s changing you mate or oh you totally want her or something like that and the truth is I don’t. I don’t have any feelings towards Aria at all, I only tolerate her.

After a few minutes we were brought into an even larger room where a long plastic table was laid out in the back of the room, along with five chairs that were spread evenly behind the table. What irked me were the sharpies in front of the seats and the stacks of album posters that were at the beginning of the table. I groaned inwardly, as did the boys. Who can blame us? I’m sure you’d definitely love to sign what seems like millions of posters for hours. In my defense, I only hate it because I can’t wank afterwards due to the painful cramps in my good hand.

``How many girls will there be Paul?`` I asked him, hoping at a low number this time. ``Around one hundred, but we’re bringing in groups of twenty at a time.`` and at that moment i swear I’ve never hugged a man tighter than I did to Paul. Thank the Lord you had to buy bracelets to get in and they were limited. Not that I hate seeing our fans but a guys gotta have his down time at some point, right?

``Alright, you boys get seated and I’ll bring in the first group.`` Paul said as we walked over to our designated seats and sat down, preparing ourselves for what’s to come. As soon as Paul left, Niall let out a squeak of fear. Last week at a signing some fans got a little too close to Niall and ended up going home with some of Niall’s lunch on them. He felt terribly sorry whereas I couldn’t stop laughing my ass off at his face and ended up throwing up myself. It was a good day.

As the screams grew louder, I felt myself wish I was back at Starbucks where peace was evident and Aria was there to talk to.

They marched up to us like an army, and for once in my life I feared I wouldn’t make it through the day- oh damn she fine. Have to admit our girls are very beautiful, even if some were over size or over skinny. I like my girls innocent and corruptible, if you know what I mean.


``Text me later babe.`` I winked at the next fan who simply fainted. She was carried off by security as I tucked one of many numbers into my jeans’ pockets that were already quite full. To my advantage, some of our more ``eager`` fans wore no more than tight booty shorts and crop tops, even in this awful weather.

The first group of girls come and gone, we were now onto the second group. They were- just like the first group- very persistent on giving not only me their numbers but the boy’s as well. We had chat’s with each girl individually, but it grew to the point where they were just being either plain creepy or playing dumb.

As the groups continued to come and leave, I found myself wanting to rip my hair out of my scalp and just burn it. I felt violated and annoyed by some of the fans, especially the ones who talked shit about my mum. No one and I MEAN NO ONE calls my mum a MILF.

``Guys I’m about to throw myself off a cliff any moment.`` Zayn spoke through his teeth as another girl flashed her tits in front of us, expecting us to want them. Have they heard of the phrase self respect?

``Oh hush Zayn, they’re just being nice.`` Liam smiled at the girl who winked at him.

``Next girl who tries to touch my damn hair again, I won’t hesitate to walk away lads.`` Zayn muttered as I scoffed. ``You and I both mate.``

``I’m hungry! When do we get a break!?`` Niall whined to Paul who shook his head. ``It’s only been three hours boys...`` THREE HOURS!?

``Just please tell me the next group is the last one for the day! I’m so tired and hungry plus we’ve got a concert tonight!`` Louis yelled to Paul who nodded. ``Yes, the next group is the last one.`` We mumbled our joys and praise a we signed poster after poster, album after album...

Maybe it was just the fact I’d woken up so early and had an interview and coffee before all this. I’m probably stressed. But an empty feeling was occurring inside me but I didn’t know why. Don’t get us wrong, we love the fans... but sometimes they get a little too much.

At first I loved the fact most of the girls speaking to me wore such revealing outfits, but now knowing their reasons why I’m looking out at the crowd trying to find one sane girl in a normal outfit for this kind of weather to talk to.

Goose bumps often rose onto my skin when the door would open and I discretely cursed myself for not wearing a sweater underneath my jacket earlier.

Soon the group left and for once silence was all we heard for only the short minutes we had. ``I’m starving lads.`` Liam groaned, giving in to the hunger we all pretty much shared and face planted his face onto the plastic table. Niall looked like he was going to break down any moment, so i got my phone ready.

``I hope by some miracle the fans bring us food or something because I feel like my stomach is trying to eat itself now.`` Niall groaned dramatically as I rolled my eyes. ``well if we hurry this last group, maybe we can go over to Nandos and grab a bite to eat.`` I told him as I got my sharpie ready. Niall nodded sadly and got ready as well.

As anticipated, the group of girls crowded in once again- looking like girls from previous groups- their heels clicking loudly as the strutted towards us. This group seemed larger than the others but I didn’t seem to care. One girl tried to touch Niall and ended up clawing his arm where an evident scar was forming. Paul was furious and led the girl out who was thrashing and hissing at every one who looked at her. Well then. Feisty.

Through the loud crowd of screaming fans I heard one small voice come from the crowd that seemed familiar. ``Excuse me! Pardon me! Thanks! Ouch sorry! Sorry love! Gotta get through!``

``HEY I WAS HERE FIRST!`` A girl yelled as she stomped her feet loudly at whoever she was screaming at. I couldn’t see the other girl in the mass of fans so i figured she was a younger fan who was shorter than the other’s. ``I’m truly sorry about this babe but here have some chips.`` chips. cHIPS!?

``Hello boys.`` Aria huffed as she set five bags of Nandos down on the table. ``I figured you boys were getting hungry so I did my research and brought over some dinner.`` Aria smiled at us as she tugged the sleeves of her sweater nervously. She was wearing what she wore earlier and the sight of her made me feel right.

Before any of us could thank her, Niall was already breaking down in her arms, sobbing about how hungry he was and how we’d been here for hours with no food and how violated he felt. Aria simply giggled and comforted him, earning glares from some older fans who muttered rude words about her, including ``slut`` ``bitch`` ``attention whore`` and ``c*nt.``

Aria didn’t seem to care though as she walked to the side and waved good bye. ``WAIT!`` I yelled, getting up and running over to her. The boys were surprised and so were the fans who eyed me mischievously.

``Why don’t you stay for a while? The boys would like to get to know you and thank you for the food.`` I asked her sheepishly, expecting a no. ``Sure.`` she said as she walked back and sat down on my chair. I raised an eyebrow at her warningly and she sighed, getting up and going to Paul who looked at her in disbelief.

She spoke to him quickly and to my surprise he smiled and patted her head before grabbing an extra chair for aria and placing it beside Liam who greeted her with a hand shake. I was disappointed however at the fact that she probably chose to sit beside Liam rather than myself and we were literally five people away from each other and she was the only girl I could tolerate having a conversation with right now.

``With all due respect girls, please wear something that won’t give you pneumonia.`` aria told the girls who’d bad mouthed her earlier and their eyes seemed to warm instantly but still icy cold as they nodded and proceeded to leave. Her affect on our fans was impeccable.

The last few fans were probably the most normal in my opinion; three guys and a little girl.

``Hi I’m Jessa.`` the little girl who looked no older than nine waved up at us and awkwardly, i waved back while the other’s practically melted around her. I’m not very good with kids you see... their mother’s wouldn’t let me near them. ``hey.`` I spoke up and the little girl blinked up at me for a moment then looked up at one of the three guys she was with and spoke to him. ``My future husband Maxy! Go say hello!``

This Maxy fellow rolled his eyes and gave me a slight nod. ``Sup I’m Max, Jessa’s older brother. These two are my best mates Matt and Dylan.``

I smiled at them curtly but frowned when Dylan leant over the table to whisper to me. ``Hey who’s the babe?`` he asked. ``What babe?`` I asked him back, confused. ``Her.`` He pointed one of his bony fingers at Aria who was busy speaking to jessa now. ``Definitely not your future girlfriend mate, so don’t even try me.`` I smirked as Dylan raised his hands up in defeat. ``Whoa mate, sorry for hitting on your girl I didn’t know.``

``Who whoa whoa she is not my girl. She’s not even my friend.`` I shot a glare at him. ``Then what is she doing here?`` He asked. ``Brought us dinner.`` I muttered, wanting him to get out of my face and bugger off. ``So I can hit on her yeah? Bet she’s easy like the others.`` Dylan smirked as he walked up to Aria who smiled at him innocently. If only she knew.

``OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! LET ME GO!`` We all turned and looked up at Aria who had stood up and was quickly walking towards the exit doors with Dylan’s ear in her grasp as she muttered incoherent words to him. ``You will NEVER try to touch me there again you hear me? I will not hesitate from suing you for sexual harassment! I am not some Barbie doll you can play with Dylan.`` she spat at him before pushing him out the exit door. Max and Matt’s eyes widened as they watched the tiny girl tell off the built boy. Jessa only giggled in contentment and pulled Matt and Max towards the exit. ``Bye boys!`` She yelled as she, and the two lads followed after Dylan.

``Didn’t know you had it in you.`` I stared at Aria blankly who was dusting off her hands. ``well Mr. Styles when a boy attempts to grab your ass and expects you to give in to his demand, you tend to get defensive.`` She spoke back smartly as I shrugged. ``Wouldn’t know because I’ve never been groped by a male fan before.`` I shot back as she rested her hands on her hips.

``But you’ve been groped by many of your female fans yet you do nothing to stop them, same with you boys. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Most of these young ladies are no older than sixteen and quite frankly they have fathers who would be more than willing to beat the poop out of you all for trying to get on with their daughters.`` she glared at all of us, Niall and Liam giving in to her lecture and bowed their heads in shame while Louis, Zayn and I shrugged. Their fathers won’t ever know though.

``To put it in perspective, you boys will have kids one day. I’m sure you boys wouldn’t want your daughter being groped or groping another gentleman, am I right?`` Louis turned in his cards and mumbled in agreement. Zayn was skeptical but still I didn’t give a shit.

``How about your girlfriends, or future girlfriends?`` Aria eyed Zayn who let out a shaky breath. His last girlfriend had cheated on him you see.

``I still don’t care.`` I smiled cheekily at her. ``I’m never going to get a girlfriend anyways, I don’t do relationships nor will I get married because Love is just a bunch of bullshit.`` i told her truthfully as she shook her head.

``Have you no faith? No hope that you’ll find a girl?`` she asked as I shrugged. ``They’re all the same anyways. They just want me for my fame or my money, oh and especially for my body. Same goes with the lads.`` I told her as she sighed.

``Hope is faith holding out her hand in the dark.`` She seemed to quote as she got up and walked around the table. ``I’ll see you boys soon.`` She grinned at us before leaving the building.

We sat mind struck by her words that she had spoken. What does she mean Hope is faith holding out her hand in the dark? I didn’t rack my mind for any explanation to her words and simply sighed just wanting to go home and relax.

``That’s it for today boys. You have the rest of the afternoon to rest at your flats but please be at the venue in four hours.`` Paul said as he led us out the building and into the car. We shrugged mindlessly and obliged to his instructions.

I was dropped off first, seeing as I lived alone in a small part of London whereas the boys all lived together in what seemed like one large mansion. As an individual who’s exciting part of the day is his time alone with his hand or nose stuffed with traces of crack, I decide to live in a rutty old apartment as opposed to a large posh like building like the others. I have to admit my flat needs a little TLC but being my own person I refuse to spend so much as a small amount of money on my flat when i could spend it on more weed.

But of course, I’ll probably die a lonely sex addict here if I don’t fix up the place. Sure I had enough money to spend, but that money was reserved for when i needed it. Like when I was to actually get a girl who’d love me for me.

Not a cheeky goody two shoes freak modest management want me to be.

I entered the dirty old place and was greeted by Dusty, my cat. My one true love you could say. She’d gotten a bit skinny due to my lack of being here to feed her but she has six lives left so I wouldn’t worry about a thing.

``Hey baby girl.`` I cooed, picking up the fragile cat into my arms and carrying her around towards the kitchen. ``daddy’s sorry for not being around to feed you.`` I mumbled, rubbing at her head as she purred in my arms. I set her down on the floor and took out her kitty bowl and some cat food. I emptied the contents of the tin into the bowl and placed it in front of Dusty who devoured it immediately.

I watched amazed as the kitty finished not to long after her first lick. She was hungrier than Niall. The boys barely visited me here due to dusty being a bit of a fighter and scratching them all the time whenever they tried to go near me. She’s like an over protective girlfriend you could say and she’s all I need. Not some stupid girl. I let Dusty be to go murder another mouse that was residing in my bathroom and crashed onto the sofa.

I was dead tired and just wanted to escape this world. I closed my eyes, my breathing evening as I fell asleep. The same fantasy I admittedly had this morning in the shower had crawled its way back into my mind, only this time I wasn’t imagining her in a nice set of pink lingerie on my bed.

Instead we were sitting at a small table by the beach and were sharing a tray of muffins along with cups of tea. Her face was still blurry to my intrinsic vision but the same red hair flowing in the wind looking beautiful as ever in a stunning white summer dress was still noticeable through the blur.

Who this girl was, I didn’t know. But I did know that she’s been appearing in my dreams since I met Aria Hope.

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