Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


19. forever

Changing Mr. Styles by A_16

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Harry's POV


My senses kicked in and my eyes opened to be greeted with the scorching sun seeping through the open window. The burn was too much that I felt myself tip over to the side and suddenly I was falling.

My side hit the hardwood floor and immediately I got up and closed the curtains that her spread apart. I turned back to Aria who was clutching her sides and hyperventilating. "Jesus Aria are you okay?" I asked her as I walked back to the bed and lied back down.

"Yeah.... I-I'm fine." She answered but only clutched her stomach even more and doubled over in pain. "Just morning cramps that's all." She smiled faintly and got up, her body bent forward as she made her way to the ensuite.

"Then why are you walking like that?" I laughed as I rested my hands beneath my head and watched her as she slowly made her way inside. "Mother Nature calls." She sighed as he shut the door behind her and I winced, knowing exactly what she meant.

Having a few dozen one night stands really do educate you. Especially when you're about to go in them and they tell you it's their time of the month. Or they don't tell you at all. They just scream because of their cramps and you just know.

"Well, I'll be leaving in a bit so if you need anything just let me know before I go." I told her as I got up and made my way out of her room to see if the lads were awake. If they ever came home that is.

I bumped into a smaller body and recognized the awful breath. "Morning Lou." I greeted him as I directed his tired body to the bathroom. "Oh *yawn* morning Haz. I'm just gonna *yawn* brush my teeth then-" he walked into the bathroom then shut the door before e could finish his sentence.

"Morning mate." I turned around and yawned as I bro hugged Niall whose hair was quite a mess. "Morning Nialler. How was the party?" I asked him as we both made our way down to the kitchen where Liam and Zayn were already dressed and eating breakfast looking both sober and a bit hung over.

``It was so sick man ya should have been dere!`` Niall yelled, causing Zayn to wince. ``By the way where were you the whole time? I only saw Sierra who was pretty much drinking the whole time but you, nadda.`` Zayn raised an eyebrow at me as I rubbed at my starry eyes. ``Aria left the party early so I left to go check on her. A promise is a promise.`` I told him as he nodded.

``Oh by the way Harry, Abbie and I dropped off Sierra at your place so if you want you can go check up on her and bring her over. The girls are all coming over in a bit so we can open all the gifts.`` Liam explained as he handed me a plate of freshly made breakfast. ``Thanks mate, I’ll pick her up after breakfast.`` I told him as I began to eat.

``Where’s Louis? LOUIS! GET YOUR ARSE DOWN HERE AND EAT YOUR BREAKFAST SO WE CAN OPEN THE PRESENTS!`` Liam yelled up the stairs before loud crashes and a few objects falling could be heard until finally Louis arrived, tumbling down the stairs fully dressed in dark washed jeans and an ugly Christmas sweater. ``THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVED! Now give me my food before I cut someone.`` Louis sassily pushed past Liam and grabbed his own food before sitting beside me in a huff. ``Morning Lou.`` I told him but only received a grunt. ``What’s wrong? What did I do?``

``You left my birthday party early. For another woman.`` Louis scoffed as he continued to eat angrily. I rolled my eyes and patted his back. ``It was only for one night Lou, it’s not like we did anything.`` I told him but he continued to ignore me.

``It was my birthday.`` he muttered. ``It was Aria.`` i told him and he raised an eyebrow at me. ``You didn’t get her drunk and took her home did you?`` He asked and I shook my head frantically. ``Of course not! She’s the one who left early so I left as well to check on her and when I arrived she was already tucked in and reading. I didn’t bother leaving her since it was freezing outside and I was tipsy and tired so I fell asleep next to her.`` I explained to him as he smirked. ``I see. Then I forgive you because my little muffin always comes first.`` He said as I chuckled. ``Correction, my little cookie. She’s not your little anything.``

``Learn to share Harold.`` he wiggled his eyebrows at me while I sighed and turned back to my breakfast. ``Whatever.``

``Morning Aria!`` Niall waved at aria who was walking down the stairs as she pulled her hair back with a clip wearing ``Morning Niall. And company.`` She smiled at us all before climbing up onto the seat between me and Zayn who greeted her with a short side hug. ``Eat up quickly cause the girls are coming over soon so we can all open presents.`` Liam told her as he gave her food as well. ``Kay Kay.`` She dug in and ate quickly but neatly.

``You left my party early... Didn’t know you hated me so much love.`` Louis pouted but Aria kept her eyes on her food as she ate. ``Aww Lou you know I love you right?`` she said and he grinned and smirked at me as he nodded. ``Then you should shush up and let me eat before I take that back.`` She looked up at him and gave him a bittersweet smile before she continued to eat.

Louis huffed and glanced at the four of us. ``Well.``

``She’s probably on her time of the month...`` Niall whispered as we all nodded understandingly and watched Aria intently. ``At least she’s not totally off her rocker like Miranda was.`` I told the boys, reminding them of one of my past flings who almost got arrested for what she said during her time of the month. ``Oh yeah her. She threatened to assassinate the Queen once and I’m surprised she didn,t get arrested.`` Louis said.

``The there was that one girl you banged nice and good, Chloe? I remember your face when you told me her period blood stained your sheets.`` Niall smirked as I shudder in disgust. ``Okay that’s enough reminiscing for me. When are the girls coming?`` I asked Liam who was looking down at his phone.

``Abbie texted me- in about twenty minutes- so you should go pick up Sienna now.`` Liam said and I nodded. ``Wait, I don’t wanna have to bus there alone though. Is Paul up?`` I asked Liam who shook his head. ``Gave him the day off since we’ll be indoors for most of the day.``

I groaned and looked around the room. I was still in my clothes from yesterday but I found a coat and put it on. The only people who were dressed and could drive were Louis- LOUIS!

``BOO BEAR!`` I wailed and crashed into his back. ``Yes Harry?`` He asked slowly as he turned around and pried me off his body. ``Drive meeeeeeeeee?`` I pouted but Louis only shook his head. ``Nope. Not gonna work on me.`` he said as I grunted. Aria hopped off her chair and put mine and her dishes into the sink before she stood beside me. ``What are you-`` Aria cut me off with a gentle push before she tapped Louis’ shoulder again.

``What Harry? You know, you leave my party and now you expect me to.....-`` his words trailed off as he looked down at Aria who was looking up at him. I couldn’t see her expression and she murmered quietly but when tears started trickling down Louis’ cheek, he brought his hand up to his eyes to brush them away. ``Oh my God why do you do this to me!?`` He yelled jokingly as Aria giggled. ``So you’ll drive?`` she asked and he nodded. ``YES! NOW I AM BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU DID! HOW DO YOU DO THAT!?`` He asked loudly as she shrugged. ``It’s a gift.``

``Ugh anyways I’ll go get my keys. Harry you better be ready so I don’t have to go through that again.`` Louis said as Aria laughed and sat back down at her chair. ``Yeah I will! Thanks Aria.`` I smiled down at Aria as I pulled her into a quick hug. Anytime.`` She said before she pushed me towards the door. `now go get Sierra so i can properly meet her.``

I chuckled and nodded before grabbing my shoes to put on then met Louis outside of the mansion that was already in his Porsche, ready to drive with his grip tight on the steering wheel. I climbed in and welcomed the warmth of his car. ``Just show me the way.`` Louis sniffled as I nodded slowly. ``You alright Louis?`` I asked him and he quickly nodded his head and wiped his face before starting the car and driving off.

``It’s just-`` He cut himself off as he turned. ``Her eyes. They were just so big and brown... so innocent then her lips were curled and she looked like she was about to cry Haz.`` He mumbled as I raised an eyebrow at him. ``It’s just a puppy eyed look Lou, if you can handle mine then you can handle hers.`` I told him but he shook his head. ``You haven’t looked into her eyes though Harry, trust me when you do you will die a little too.``

``Whatever. Turn right.`` I told him and he nodded and turned. ``So, you and Sierra... what did you two do while we were getting her stuff settled at your place?`` He asked and I shrugged. ``nothing much, we just had a nice chat over coffee. By nice chat I mean her telling me pretty much everything she knows about me which was slightly awkward but I still got to know her.``

``And?`` Lou asked. ``She’s not a very calm person, let’s just leave it at that.`` I told him as he pulled up into the driveway. As the car halted to a stop, I quickly stepped out and use my keys to unlock the front door before heading inside. Thankfully sierra was already awake and dressed but seemed to be battling her own hung over as she ate. She turned when she heard me enter the kitchen and smiled at me sadly. ``Hey love. Sorry I wasn’t here last night, I sort of fell asleep back at the boy’s mansion.`` I told her and she nodded as she sipped at her cup of coffee.

``I know. Liam told me what happened.`` she said. ``Oh good. Well you better finish eating because I’m here to bring you over to the boy’s place because all of us, including the girls are going to be opening presents together.`` I told her.

``Kay. Just let me brush my teeth and put on my jacket.`` she said and put her dishes in the sink before rushing upstairs. ``OH YEAH HARRY!?``

`YEAH!?`` I yelled up to her and waited until she came down. She came back, wearing her jacket and carrying Harold. ``Who’s stuffed bear is this? I didn’t know you were into these kind of things.`` Sierra said as she waved the bear at my face. I quickly took it from her and held it in my arms. ``Oh this is Aria’s. The boys won it for her. She probably forgot it.`` I told sierra who nodded slowly with a smug smile on her face.

``well, we better go.`` She said and I nodded. We walked out of the house and filed into Louis’ car with where Louis was sitting patiently in his seat. ``about time!`` He yelled as he started the car and began the journey back.

``Hey! It’s Harold!`` Louis chuckled as he glanced at the big bear sitting in the back with Sierra. ``I won that for her!``

``With the help of the lads of course.`` i smirked as Louis rolled his eyes. ``Whatever. We’re here.`` Louis said as he parked in the large garage of the mansion. We all got out, and walked into the mansion where loud talking and laughter was taking place around the Christmas tree in the main hall. I spotted Aria amongst the lads and their ladies and used Harold to tackle her.

``AHH- Harold!`` She giggled and hugged the large bear tightly. ``I knew I forgot something! Thanks Harry!`` She wrapped an arm around my neck and hugged me quickly before pulling away and hugging Harold again.

``What’s that babe?``

No. He is not here in the mansion right now.

``What are you doing here?`` I spat at him as everyone looked at us shocked.

Aria’s POV

``What are you doing here?`` Harry spat at Edward as everyone looked at them shocked. ``Aria invited me over.`` Edward smiled at him politely as Harry glared over at me. ``Aria. A word in the kitchen please?``

Gulped and nodded, following after him as he led me to the kitchen.


I was taken aback by his sudden outburst. His usual crooked smile was replaced by a firm line and his emerald eyes turned black with anger. Even his nostrils were flared as his fists clenched and unclenched; struggling not to hit something.

``WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH ME!?`` I breathed out angrily, trying to calm down. It was just Mother Nature controlling me and I couldn’t let her do that or else this argument could get a little messy. ``Every time I mention Edward you get all mad at me and I don’t understand why because we’re not doing anything wrong! I don’t see why you have such a big problem with me and boys!`` I told him as he pulled at his curls.

``YOU DON’T SEE THEM LIKE I DO ARIA! OKAY, IM ACTUALLY ONE OF THEM SO I SHOULD KNOW WHAT A GUY REALLY WANTS.`` he spat at me as he closed his eyes. ``Look, I don’t care if you see him as a friend or as more; this has got to stop. He’s not going to-`` he stopped and looked down at me like I was a piece of meat. ``He’s not going to want someone like you okay. I know you’re a strong believer in love and all that bullshit but Aria this isn’t a Nicholas sparks story.`` He growled as I backed away from him, hurt.

``Why wouldn’t he want someone like me Harry? Is it because of how I look? How I dress? How I act? Don’t point out the flaws I already have Harry, because after what I’ve been told my whole life I don’t need anyone to tell me what I am because I already believe all of it.`` I spat at him, frustrated and disappointed he would say that. ``So what if I’m interested in Edward. There, I admit it. He’s been nothing short of a sweetheart and there is nothing you can say or do that will stop me from feeling this way.`` I stared up into his dark eyes that were struggling to keep their glare steady.

``Fine, but if he turns out to be one of them don’t come running back to me because I frankly won’t give a shit because I warned you.`` he crossed his arms. ``FINE!`` I yelled at him as I brushed past him, tears fighting to fall. But before I could leave the kitchen, I was held back my two arms wrapping around my torso and pulling me back from behind. ``Harry let me go.`` I muttered as I struggled to release myself from his death grip.

``No. Please don’t go. I’m sorry. P-Please...`` He muttered into my hair but I kept resisting. ``No Harry. Let me go.`` i told him but him being the stubborn boy he was only turned me around so my head rested on his chest in the awkward hug he was giving me. ``I’m sorry for what I said okay. I really am. I just don’t want to see you getting hurt. You have these big dreams... of falling in love and having this perfect relationship and I’m scared that you’ll be disappointed and you’ll run off and leave me.``

``Why would I leave you?`` I mumbled into his chest. ``Because of Edward! I’ve been such an ass to him lately and I’m worried that you might run back to your aunt’s place again and leave us because you want to get away from him. You’re my rock Aria. I need you. I-I love you.`` The last three words were what hit me the most. The feeling as mutual but we both knew the love we talked about was one of need, not of lust.

``I love you too Styles. You’re my best friend.`` I looked up at him with a soft smile before I pecked his cheek. The surface quickly grew hot and his cheek turned a rosy pink as we both pulled away.

``Girl you making me blush and shit.`` He giggled sassily as he waved his hand at me. I laughed loudly and covered my mouth as Harry brushed away a piece of his curls from his face.

``On a serious note, wow that was our first fight.`` Harry breathed out as we both nodded at each other, the height difference making it a tad awkward but nonetheless... ``Yeah. It was scary. I don’t like fighting with you.`` I told him quietly. ``Same. But you’re adorable when you’re angry.`` he smirked down at me as I crossed my arms again and glared up at him. ``See. Cute as a button.`` he pinched my nose, causing me to wrinkle it and knock his hand away. ``stop it! Let’s go join the other’s again.``

``Okay.`` He said and followed me back to the main hall. ``But I still don’t like Edward. What do you see in him?`` Harry pulled a face as we walked back. ``Well, he’s kind, friendly, a good person, umm attractive-``

``So you like him because of his face? Nice aria.`` Harry rolled his eyes as I grunted. ``I didn’t say that... anyways I’m just interested in him. Kind of like how Taylor Swift showed interest in you that one time.``

``You don’t tell Edward that you want to have his babies and get married in a fucking castle do you?`` he asked me with a blank look and I shook my head. ``Then you don’t show interest in him like Taylor did with me okay.`` Harry said quickly as he shuddered. ``I was so young...``

``FINALLY! What took you two so long?`` Louis yelled as he grabbed both me and Harry and brought us over to the other’s who were sitting around the tree with the presents that they bought sitting in front of them. The girls were sitting on their respective fake boyfriend’s laps so when harry was put down on the floor beside Niall, Sierra immediately climbed onto his lap.

I walked over to Edward and smiled at him faintly, thinking he wouldn’t want me to sit on him but to my surprise he pulled me onto his lap with no struggle. I blushed and made myself comfy as I sent Harry a warning glare when he shook his head disapprovingly at Edward’s hand that was resting in my lap.

“Let the present opening...BEGIN!” Louis yelled as he began handing out gifts. The girls hadn’t brought anything with them so it was just the boys and me giving out presents. I got a few new sweaters from Liam, a purple snapback that says Niall’s name on it on the front from the Irish man himself, a pale pink and periwinkle colored iPhone case for my phone and a few beanies from Zayn, and a variety of striped clothing from Louis and a new bed set... of the boys.

“Thanks guys! I love it!” I beamed as I hugged each of them. I looked over at Harry with a pout since he was the only on to not give me anything when i knew he got me something. “Later.” He mouthed and I nodded.

I gave the boys each of their gifts but held Harry’s behind my back since he hadn’t given me mine yet. He looked at me with a sad smile but I only smirked and mouthed to him. “Later.”

He grunted and crossed his arms in front of Sierra who looked between us with a mischievous and curious look on her face. One by one I was tackled by the boys who left me to die on the floor as they held their new things close to their chests with happy smiles on their faces. “Hey Harry did you get something for Aria?” Louis asked Harry who nodded and brought the small box from behind his back and gave it to me. “Yup! Merry Christmas Ms. Hope.” Harry smirked at me.

“And you Aria? I see that present behind your back too.” Louis winked at me as I rolled my eyes and brought it from behind my back to give to Harry. “Merry Christmas to you too Mr. Styles.” I said as I placed the box in the palm of his large hand.

“I wonder what it is...” harry smiled as he began to tear at the paper. I laughed at his curiosity and began to open his gift for me.

When the bow and cookie wrapping paper was removed, I was now holding a small golden box with the trademark “Links of London” logo stamped onto the top lid. A black bow held the box enclosed and I smiled to myself as i looked up at Harry who was shocked when he realized the similar box in his hands.

“Well why don’t ya look at that. They went shopping for each other in the same store without the other knowing.” Niall laughed as he gave me a wink knowing I had texted him while I was in the small boutique asking him what Harry’s favourite color was.

“Well open it. I wanna see what you two got each other!” Elle squealed as she held onto Louis’ gifts for him. I nodded and untied the bow at the same pace as Harry. Together we lifted the lid of the box and gasped when we looked inside.

Inside my box was a bracelet. A friendship bracelet to be specific, and a black and gold friendship bracelet with the word Forever engraved neatly on the inside. I looked over to Harry who was holding the black and silver friendship I had bought him. Coincidentally I had the word forever engraved in his as well and he seemed to smile when the read the engraved writing.

I easily slipped on the bracelet and watched Harry do the same before the two of us hugged each other tightly, laughing on each other’s shoulders at the thought of getting each other the same gift.

“Thank you so much Aria. I love it.” He said as he pulled away and kissed my cheek sweetly. “You’re very welcome Harry. I love mine too.” I chuckled as I held the similar bracelet up to my face waved it around.

“This needs to go on twitter!” Harry yelled as I agreed. He took out his phone and brought it close to our faces. We both held our wrists the friendship bracelet was on, in between our heads and smiled wide at the phone. “CHEEEEEESE!” We both yelled then Harry took the picture and moved back so he could tweet it.

“What’s your twitter?” he asked me and I blanked out. “Um... I don’t have one...” I told him and he gasped loudly. “Not anymore you don’t!” zayn yelled as he typed away at his new macbook Liam had gotten him. I tilted my head over Harry’s shoulder to see what he was doing. He was making me a twitter.

“Just type in your username, email and password then click ok.” Zayn said and quickly gave me the laptop. I nodded and typed in the information. “Hurrry! I really like this picture and I don’t want to accidently delete it!” Harry whined as the boys and girls laughed at him and ruffled his hair.

“Okay done. My twitter is @AriaH.” I told him, frowning to myself because @AriaHope just had to be taken.

Harry quickly typed away at his phone before setting it down and raising his hands up in a cheer. “YES! Alright I tweeted the picture, but follow me!” Harry said and rested his head on my shoulder, showing me what to click and who to follow. Now I was following Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and the band account. The boys took out their phones and followed me as well. Elle, Abbie, Sienna, Ambrina, and Sierra all followed me and I followed them back. I’m starting to get the hang of this.

“Now set a twitter banner, background and avatar.” Louis told me and I looked at him like he grew three heads. “Ugh let me.” He said and tampered with the laptop. “Boys come here!” He said and the boys all sat behind him. “Smile.” He said and they did but posed in various funny expressions until Louis said thank you and waved them to the side. He typed in a bit more but was stopped when Harry grabbed the laptop form him. “HEY!”

“No Louis, you are not putting that as her bio.” Harry told him as he pouted and sat back down next to Elle who was comforting him. “I’ll just put your avatar photo to the picture I just took cause I just changed mine to that.” He said to me and showed me the screen. I laughed quietly to myself at the “twitter banner” which was the photo that Louis took of them earlier doing the funny poses.

“There you go.” He said when the photo was uploaded. “Now for your bio... keep it simple. Like say your name and what you like. Stuff like that.” Harry told me and I nodded then typed in what I figured would be best.

Hello :D My name’s Aria Hope and I love cats. Books are my boyfriend and my best friend is 1/5 of One Direction... and if you follow, thank youuu :) .xx

“Is that good?” I asked Harry who read over the small paragraph to himself. He smirked and nodded, saving the changes to my profile as he rested his arm around my shoulder. “Prepare to be followed.” He said and I nodded slowly. Followed?...

I looked down at my timeline and realized I had five new tweets waiting for me. Harry clicked the little bar and a tweet from each of the boys.

@Louis_Tomlinson: FOLLOW MY LITTLE MUFFIN @AriaH :D #unofficialsixthmember

@Real_Liam_Payne: @AriaH welcum 2 twitter :) evry one follow herr!! #followaria

@zaynmalik: awww @AriaH and @Harry_Styles are the cutest pair of friends I’ve seen in a while aha ;) x

@NiallOfficial: YEAHHHH BUDDYYY @AriaH finally joined the twitter wave!! :D shoutout to u babe oi what’s the craic up in Ireland havin a ball with ma mofos

@Harry_Styles: Me and my little cookie @AriaH #bestfriend #prezzies #matching #followaria

I chuckled and retweeted their tweets. Okay Harry did it for me; hey I’m new at this okay. “Whoa, look at your followers!” Ambrina yelled form her spot on Zayn as she pointed at the screen. I gasped and my eyes widened. “Almost a thousand!? HOLY CHRIST IN A BUCKET!” I yelled, causing Harry to laugh, probably at my terrible word choice from this morning.

I clicked the mentions that seemed to be “blowing up” in Harry’s words and gasped at all the tweets of asking who I was, if I was with the boys, how I knew the boys, and nice tweets about my avatar picture. Of course there was the unusual death threat about my weight but I skipped over those already knowing what they were trying to do because it wasn’t going to affect me. One tweet however had me hyperventilating and clutching Harry and Niall’s arm like it was my life line.

@edsheeran: Jaysus @Harry_Styles you need to introduce me to your new friend @AriaH :D she seems like a keeper!! #bestfriend #haria #followaria

Chapter end notes:

I`m verrrry excited because the next chapters in CMS will most likely be the most saucy, dramatic, cliff hanger filled, plot twist induced chapters :D I can`t wait to write them! I literally have everything planned out :') Hopefully you all will stick by me and be patient especially when we're all going back to school again. tell me if you like the story or not :) or how much you don't like ti it's up to you. thank you so much for reading, till next time love keep smiling!! C: .x

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