Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


10. F U C K

Harry's POV

After a great deal of persuasion, Louis finally entered my battered up apartment still clinging onto Liam as if his life depended on it. I rolled my eyes and shut the door behind them before leading them to the living room.

"Where's the little bugger- AHH!" Louis jumped so high into the air he could have gone through the roof. He landed in Liam's arms and screamed loudly as Dusty waltzed passed us and straight towards Aria who picked her up.

"I don't see why you're so scared of a little cat." Aria mumbled as she walked passed us all with Dusty in her arms. "She is not a cat. She is a vicious predator who would more than willingly feast on me in my sleep." Louis shook his head at the two before climbing off Liam.

"I think she's adorably vicious." Niall spoke up, smiling at Aria who chuckled. "Why the hell is it not killing you right now?" Zayn spoke up as we all stood around Aria who shrugged. "Back home I have a cat just like her. His name is Squeaky. I've had him since I was a little girl so I know what to do when cat's are misbehaving." She explained.

"You punish them." I winked at the boys who smirked and laughed lowly at my poor attempt at a joke. "That better not have been a dirty joke Harold." Aria raised an eyebrow at me as I gulped loudly. "Maybe."

"Anyways, go get her some food." Aria ordered as she rubbed a spot behind Dusty's neck and soon the cat was out cold, sleeping. "There, she won't kill you lads for a few minutes if you keep a bit of pressure here." She explained to the boys and removed her fingers, waking up Dusty instantly.

She took Niall's hand first and gently prodded his fingers into the same place her fingers had been. The cat immediately fell to its stomach on Niall's lap and both Niall and Aria giggled at the sight.

Suddenly annoyed I marched up to the cupboards in the kitchen and took out Dusty's animal food. I hadn't noticed her presence behind me until I turned around. I greeted her with a small smile that she returned as she took the bowl from me.

"You really need to start remembering to feed Dusty." She lectured as she placed the bowl in front of Dusty who was awake now. ``HAH! Good luck with that mate, you’re one of the most forgetful people I know.`` Niall laughed loudly as I rolled my eyes and smacked him around the head. ``Shut up Horan, you’re just as bad as me.``

``true.`` he shrugged, heading over to the kitchen. ``There’s nothing to eat mate.`` I yelled over to him. Loud cries came from the kitchen two seconds later as Niall stormed back to us looking like a mess. ``You need to sort your life out mate.`` He huffed before smiling at me. Although he may have meant the statement in a friendly way, it burned through my mind knowing I really did need to sort out my life.

After Dusty was well fed and slowly drifting off to sleep, I placed her gently in her little sleeping area before motioning to the boys and Aria that it was okay for us to go now. ``So what do you guys wanna do?`` Liam asked us all as we shrugged. Hadn’t exactly thought this one through...

``We’re in the city of London, there must be something to do.`` Zayn sighed, defeated. We’ve already been to all the major attractions here in London. Big Ben was probably the most breathtaking experience because it was so much bigger in real life than in the brochures. *PING*

Aria quickly pulled out her phone and unlocked it, revealing her texts. ``HOLY MOTHER HUGGER!`` She yelled loudly as she jumped up and down in excitement. ``What? WHAT!?`` Louis jumped as well while Aria fanned herself. ``Huh? Oh nothing there was a bee all up in my facial region.`` She said before looking down at her screen and cleared her throat. ``Aria. There is a fair close to mhnmmhmmm if you are looking to do something fun today with your new friends. Love, Aunt Kate.`` she read out loud as all our eyes widened. Weird.

Aria texted her aunt back before looking up at us. ``Guess we’re going to the fair.``


``Ariaaaaaaaaaaaa!`` ARI-AHHHHHHHHHHHH!``

We were walking around the fair grounds, holding multitudes of cotton candy in one hand and personal items in the other. ``Whaaaaaat?`` Aria whined as Louis tugged her sleeve. ``I wanna win you a stuffed toy! You know, to fully acknowledge you as One Direction’s official sixth member!`` Louis pouted as aria sighed. ``Louis I-``

``Pleaseeeeeeee!`` and cue the puppy eyes that even I found hard to resist. ``Yeah please Aria...`` Niall joined in as well. ``We’ll win ya whatever you want and you can name it after meeeee!`` zayn winked at her which she ignored and grunted at. ``Fine, but only one toy. I don’t want y’all wasting your money on me, even if you’re rich.





Aria and I stood next to each other as we watched the four boys run off, shoving each other in every direction as they made their way to a game booth. ``Not gonna try and win me something Harold?`` Aria smirked at me willfully, knowing I wouldn’t. ``Nope. One thing I learnt about women in my time of existence, is that when they say no they either mean-put the buns in the oven- or –stop I will cut you and pepper spray your ass like a little bitch- so I rather go for the safer approach and not piss you off.`` I said as she raised an eyebrow at me and chuckled.

``You’re making progress Mr. Styles.`` She winked at me as I shrugged and popped my collar. ``I try.``

``So how was your day Ms. Hope?`` I asked her casually, biting out of my cotton candy afterwards. ``Perfectly wonderful Mr. Styles. I trust you and the boys were very productive today before you made your appearance at my workplace.`` her posh accent was undeniably good and I knew I had to step up my game. ``Indeed Ms. Hope, the boys and I had spent the early morn contemplating how and when we were to visit you.`` my accent was deep and enunciated every word clearly, but much to my surprise Aria had something else to offer.

``My, my Mr. Styles. What an awfully large head of curly hair you have! Goldilocks called, she wants her hair style back.`` she smirked, in an American accent as my jaw dropped in defense. ``Hey my hair DOES NOT look like Goldilocks’. ONE- it’s dark brown TWO- it’s not even ringlets like hers and THREE- well there’s no third explanation but seriously NOPE!``

``Why is your hair that color? What’s its original?`` I asked her, twirling her satin smooth hair using my long fingers. ``Oh I guess you could say I went through a slight rebellious phase before I came here. I quite like the color to be honest and my original hair color is brunette.`` She said as i nodded in fascination. Aria? Rebellious? Funniest joke of the year.

``That’s cool. I like it.`` I said as i removed my finger from her hair and went back to eating my cotton candy. ``Same here-``

Aria was cut off by a large man bumping into her while laughing. ``Oops sorry, didn’t see you there freak.`` He smirked at her as his companions behind him chuckled as well and yelled very abusive words to Aria who looked taken aback but unaffected. The man was almost twice her height and he’d accidently made her drop her stick of cotton candy to the floor.

When the group of dicks left the scene, I quickly checked over Aria to see i she was okay. ``You good? Alive? Breathing?`` I felt her forehead and shuddered when I felt her nod against the back of my hand. The contact between skin and skin lit something within me but it quickly died down when i noticed Aria was looking sadly down at her cotton candy that was now a cloud of pink and dirt.

Looking down at my cotton candy, i decided to be the better person this time. ``Here.`` I gave her my cotton candy shamelessly which she gladly took and began to eat. I didn’t mind at all and qite enjoyed the fact that she was practically eating my saliva but-

``WE’RE BAAAAAACK!`` I groaned loudly as the four returned with the biggest teddy bear I’d ever seen. ``WE COULDN,T DECIDE WHAT TO GET YA BUT THEN WE SAW THIS AND WON IT FOR YOU! TOOK US ABOUT TEN TRIES BUT IT’S SOOO WORTH IT!``

Louis man handled the bear towards aria that grabbed it and teetered on her toes because of the largeness of the bear. It was definitely larger than her, and it was plain adorable watching her try not to fall. I took the bear from her and held it for her as she smiled at it. ``He’s adorable boys!``

``What are ya gonna name it?`` Niall asked her as she pondered over the thought. ``I nominate Harold!`` I raised my hand as the boys gave me a look while aria nodded her head in approval. ``Harold it is then!``

Aria looked over to the lads who looked sad. ``Harold Payahorlickstylinson?`` she asked him, waiting for him to smile and nod at the name. ``Yeah let’s just stick to Harold.`` He finally sighed while we laughed at his disappointment.


The rest of the night was spent eating and riding all the rides in the fair until finally they were closing and we had to leave. The boys separated and left aria and I alone to wait for her aunt to arrive. ``Did you have fun today?`` I asked her as we sat down on a park bench. ``Totally.`` she smiled as she looked up at the night sky. ``Did you have fun?`` she asked back and turned herself around to face me, her knees bent on top of the bench while she leant her head on her knees.

``Yeah I guess. The boys and I are starting to get closer again and we don’t argue as often anymore.`` I smiled at the small effect this girl had on both I and the boys. ``That’s good. You boys look better together than as individuals, no offense.`` She said as I nodded in agreement. ``No it,s okay. Anyways I work better with the lads than on my own. I’m pretty boring.``

``No you’re not... just awkward but hey we can be awkward together.`` aria shoved me jokingly with her small hands, making me chuckle. ``Thanks.``

*BEEP BEEP* ``Oh that’s my Aunt.`` She said, getting up and dusting off her bum. I got up as well and carried Harold for her. ``I’ll see you next week yeah? We’re all interviews and signings this week in Glasgow.`` I frowned as I gave Harold to Aria. ``Yeah just text me.`` she smiled before hugging me. ``By Harry.``

I watched as she waddled over to her Aunt’s car and opened the trunk before stuffing Harold in there. She gave me one last wave before getting into her Aunt’s car and driving off.

*sigh* I turned and dug my hands deeper into my pockets to prevent them from freezing, although the chilly wind succeeded and burned my cheeks until they were a rosy color. It wasn’t until my finger trips brushed against a familiar piece of object, did I realise how long I’ve went without using it. I continued walking and ignored the lighter in my pockets. I just wanted to get home.

Now I regret not taking the car. Good exercise my ass. We were leaving tomorrow for Glasgow and management wouldn’t be too happy with me if I end up ill. I trotted against the cold wind, eyes turning glassy as I tried not to die.

Could this night get any worse?


I guess so.

``SORRY!`` The man in the car yelled as he drove away, leaving me damp and defeated as the wind picked up. If I could, I would rage at the man, throw a couple stones at him, shove his car into the nearest ditch then walk home but sadly he’d already left.

I brushed away a piece of hair from my face, and continued my trek home. After about an hour’s walk, I arrived back to stingy flat and kicked the door open. I cared no more for whatever I’d just broke and just slammed the door shut before peeling my damp clothing off my body. I was shivering quite harshly by now and I knew I was going to get hypothermia if I didn’t warm up.

I hurriedly ran upstairs and rushed into my bathroom, turning on the water on hot before running back into my room. I hopped into bed and lied down wrapped like a fetus as I waited for the tub to fill.

After a while I managed to warm up a little bit more and figured the bath would be filled. I rushed back into the bathroom and shut the tap before hopping into the bath. ``WHOOOO BABY THAT’S GOOD!`` I yelped at the contact of the hot water that instantly warmed me. The spark it lit in my body made me shiver, the feeling traveling from the top of my head to the tips of my toes....and other places.

I submerged myself in the hot water, the warmth covering my body like a blanket, eliciting a quiet moan from my pursed lips.

I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I felt myself start to unfreeze. However the warmth of the water I was in didn’t completely satisfy me. With a mind of its own, my hand started to trail down my torso. I left my thumb to rest itself just under my bellybutton as I let the length of my finger trace my happy trail before i reached the top of my shaft.

The teasing was exhilarating and softly I moaned again, so glad i lived by myself with no worries that the boys would walk in on me.

``Fuck...`` I muttered, my free hand balling into a fist before it hit the edge of the tub. I hadn’t even started yet and I’m already raging. The teasing continued and I slowly let the pads of my fingers run over the prominent veins on my shaft that throbbed under my gentle touch. ``Oh God-`` I opened my eyes briefly and convulsed at the sight of pre cum dripping from the tip before using my forefinger and thumb to spread it around the head.

``Shit...fuck...uh`` The words fell from my lips as I gently cupped my balls with my free hand and fondled them gently. Finally done with the teasing, I brought my large hand around my dick and slowly began to pump. As if like lightning the same red girl from my dreams appeared again, only this time she was in the tub with me; doing the work instead of me.

``Harry...`` I imagined her sweet tone growl as I struggled to form words. ``Uh uh uh uh-`` I’d been going so fast now, the loud slapping of skin now echoing the bathroom walls as beads of sweat dripped from my forehead. ``Mhmmm Mr. Styles...`` Oh God i was close.

My arm was going tired from the constant pumping but my jaw only dropped farther as breathless airy moans escaped my throat.

``Hmm come on-`` my back arched off the warm surface of the water as my head rested helplessly against the cool tub. The contact between air and my wet body had me coming harder than I’d expected. The first load traveled to my chest while the rest flew upwards, tangling themselves in my damp hair as I moaned louder and continued to milk myself dry. ``ARIA!`` Her name fell from my red lips that were swollen from biting on them too hard.

When I was calm and spent, I let go and slowly opened my eyes. The bright light above me left me blind and shocked for a moment as i slowly sat up.

My breathing had yet to calm down and I could only muster up one word in my trance.


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