Changing Mr. Styles

Bottles of once clear liquid scatter the floor, puffs of intoxicating smoke slip from his lips like deathly secrets. His sofa becomes his best friend while the streets become his playground. He plays with his lip ring while he watches the sun rise and set. His body; like a work of art, carefully sculpted and painted to perfection. His curls pushed back and no emotion exposed; this isn't the Harry we've all come to know.


3. Aria Hope

Aria's POV

The door shut with a soft thud, his cheeky smile and awkward waving not visible to me anymore.

I sighed in relief and wiped the beads of sweat covering my forehead. I grabbed the windex I had brought with me, and grabbed a cloth to use to wash the mirrors.

Mumbling to myself in boredom, I wipe at the white spots that personally I didn't want to know how they ended up there. I sprayed windex in other places as well, repeating the process.

How I went from living in a large family home to residing by myself in (England city), I'll never understand. The pressure of potentially following in my parents footsteps always scared me at a young age, and never have my parents even thought of how I felt about things. Only Grandma ever understood me.

It was always "do this Rosaria." or "do that Rosaria." or "that's not princess like Rosaria." I personally got tired of it and ran away. Yep, not a good thing to do considering my "important duties" but I never signed up for any of it. It's in my blood I guess.

Normally I wouldn't have had the guts to do what I did. Abandoning my parents orders when they needed me, but hey they never really were there for me when I needed them. They were always travelling the world. Going to meetings in America and Canada, then going to conferences and being special guests in Greece, France, China, Russia, Ireland, the list is endless. Yet thy can't even attend their daughter's birthdays.

My family is particularly special. There's mum and dad, then six girls and six boys. I was the youngest out of all my siblings.

You see, we were no ordinary family. Our bloodline starts from King Albert and Queen Victoria to The duchess of cambridge and Prince William. My father, King Julio Ramirez is the direct cousin of Uncle William and Uncle Harry. He married my mum, Queen Nina Del Ria and together they had me and my siblings.

My parents ruled over the land of Genovia (A/N: WHOO princess diaries!) a small piece of beautiful land off the cost of the UK border. With my parents being king and queen, that essentially made me. Princess.

I smiled proudly as I looked up at the now crystal clear mirror. I wish my life could be like this. Instead it's foggy and unclear, my true self having to hide behind fancy dresses and expensive shoes.

Which is exactly why I ran away. The pressure to be perfect like my sisters was incredibly horrible. They were all either famous actresses or models or scientists... Same with my brothers who were actors, travellers, did charity work, even climbed Mount Everest. They're all ready for the throne, they all want it. Me being the youngest out of twelve made me the one daddy favoured. Both my parents were perfect to me, except for the fact that they never were physically there with me and were never free to talk to.

I picked up my cleaning supplies and made my way out of the men's bathroom. "Hey Aria since it's your first day, I'll take over bathroom duty and you can take orders." Anna smiled as I nodded and gave her the cleaning supplies. She handed me the notepad and pen and ushered me to the tables. "You'll be taking table one and thirteen from now on whenever you're on orders." Anna said before leaving.

"Thank you Anna!" I yelled to her as she smiled and enter the women's bathroom. I really am thankful. I feel awful though that I have to lie to her. I met Anna a few days ago after "bumping" into her at the airport. I introduced myself as Aria Hope which was sort of my real name. My full name is Rosaria Del Ria Hope Ramirez, "princess" of Genovia.

I don't want to become an actress or a scientist or a model like my sisters. I want to be my own person and own a bakery. But first, I have to get the money by myself, not using my family's wealth or help at all, just me.

I proceeded to the tables and took their orders. As the day went so did the customers. Eventually everyone left and it was time to close up the restaurant.

I waved Anna and Mrs. Grace good bye, and exchanged numbers with the other waitresses who were leaving as well. "Bye Aria!" The twins, Marie and Maria waved as I walked to my car. "Bye girls!" I beamed at them while closing my coat more and tightening my scarf as the cool wind blew through my hair.

Hopping into the stretched limo waiting for me at the back of the restaurant, I smile at the accomplishments I made today. I met possible five new guy friends, got myself a job, and actually made friends with most of the waitresses here, all this in just my first day working.

"How was your day babe?" I turned to face my aunt Kate who was sporting comfortable track pants and matching sweater.

"It was awesome Aunt Kate. I've made some new friends and I love my job already." I beamed as she nodded and chuckled warmly. "That's good sweetie. As much as I disapprove of the idea that you've ran away, I personally do understand why you did what you did." She said as I sighed. She doesn't even know the whole story.

"I like your new hair by the way. Magenta?" She smirked as I nodded. "I've always wanted to colour my hair this way but was never allowed. I can only imagine mums face if she saw me now." Aunt Kate and I laughed as the Chauffeur drove smoothly down the road.

"She's be like, "ROSARIA DEL RIA HOPE RAMIREZ HOW DARE YOU YOU DYE YOUR HAIR THIS OUTRAGEOUS COLOUR! I DEMAN YOU TO DYE IT BACK INMEDIATELY!" Aunt Kate wailed in my mums voice as I laughed even louder, being reduced to tears.

"Well I have to stay under the radar somehow." I rolled my eyes as Aunt Kate smiled.

"When we get back to the palace, grandma wants to speak to you." Ain't Kate said as I pouted. "Should I be scared?" I asked her as she shrugged. "Well considering she's the queen of England, yes. But to you she is your grandmother so she most likely just wants to know if you're okay nod whatnot."

"Do you think she's gonna tell mum and dad?" If she does then I'll be on the first flight home to Genovia and I don't want that to happen. "I don't know sweetie, you'll have to ask her." We slowly pulled up to Buckingham Palace, and already we were being welcomed by paparazzi and the workers here.

I sighed and wrapped my scarf around my face so I could barely be noticed, just in case. the gates closed behind us, leaving no paparazzi to get in as I sighed in relief. We pulled up to the front of the palace and stopped.

"Shall we go?" Aunt Kate asked as the Chauffeur opened the door for us. I nodded and left out the other door, opening it myself while Aunt Kate stepped through the door held by the Chauffeur. "Oh little Aria, always the one to do things by herself." Aunt Kate said as we walked up the large marble stairs and into the building.

We were greeted by the maids then the handy workers then the chefs, and so on. I felt weirdly uncomfortable when they treated me like royalty. I mean, yeah by blood I'm a royal but I'm just a regular human being (with a lot of power that I rarely use but that's besides the point).

I followed Aunt Kate up the winding elegant stair case and gulped, wondering what my grandma was going to speak to me about now.

I just hope I can stay. I don't want to go home. I have so much planned for my future.

And those five boys from the restaurant earlier, Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Harry, I'm sure I'll be seeing them again soon. They all seem like lovely boys, well Harry seemed to have a but of an attitude but I'm sure he has a reason for acting that way.

After all, every cause in the world has an effect. What could have caused him to act this way, I have no clue. But being the curious person I am, I want to know and I want to help him.

One act of kindness can potentially change the world. Or Harry for that matter.

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