Adopted by Louis Tomlinson

Right when Kat thinks nothing can go right, Louis Tomlinson adopts her. She is anorexic, and self harms every once in a while. Read to find out more!


2. new life

Chapter 2

Kat walks in behind Louis and looks at how big the house is. She smiles and says "Thank you Louis for everything! He smiles and hugs her and says "your room is the first room on the second floor." She smiles and runs upstairs.

She opens the first door and sees the room is neon green and one wall is blank. She smiles and sees that she has a huge bed and two more doors. She walks in the first one and sees that it is her bathroom she freaks out and smiles. She walks to the next one and sees she has a huge walk in closet she screams and smiles. She looks and sees she has a desk to homework she's guessing. When she gets closer she see that there is a iPhone5, iPod, laptop and a Ihome. She smiles and runs downstairs with her new phone and asks Louis when they are going shopping. He smiles and says "now if you want." She smiles and nods. They go get in his car and drive to the mall.

When they arrive Louis says "girl get ready for a shopping spree!" Kat smiles and hops out and walks with Louis. The next thing she hears is Louis saying "you may need these!" and he hands her his sunglasses. Then she sees flashing lights and hears a lot of questions. They finally get into the store they were going to, and the owner was so kind to lock the doors. They get a lot there. they also go to Claire's, Abercrombie, Hollister, and forever 21. They also go to a couple man stores for Louis. They have fun and then they head home.

When they get home and Kat puts up all her clothes. She changes into some of her best friends sweatpants from the orphanage and her 5sos tanktop. She walks downstairs to spend some time with Louis. She sits down on the couch with him and he says "the boys want to meet you! They will be here soon." Kat nods and says "it feels like a dream, one minute I'm alone and have no family. Now my dad is an international Popstar!! I can't believe it." Louis smiles and says well I'm glad I have you as my daughter. Kat you are so sweet and loving."

About an hour later the boys just walk in. Kat turns around and the boys dogpile her and Louis. she screams "GET OFF ME YOU BIG IDIOTS!" They laugh and get off and Niall says "you must be Kat nice to meet you." She smiles and hugs all the boys and says "its nice to meet you all to!" Then they all have fun and just hang out.

They watch movies and play truth or dare. Niall goes first and says "Kat truth or dare?" She says "truth!" he smiles and says "who do you have a soft spot for in the band?" She chuckles and says "I uh I-I have a soft spot for Niall." They all laugh and Niall blushes. after that they watch movies and eat popcorn. She sits in between Louis and Niall and she falls asleep on Nialls shoulder.

She wakes up beside Niall on the couch then she realizes his arms are wrapped around her. she snuggles into him more and then Louis comes in and thinks you are still asleep. He chuckles an wakes Niall up. She groans and snuggles into him more. Niall laughs and says "wake up love!" She groans and falls off the couch. She jumps and says I'm ok I-I um just need some food. Then she runs to the kitchen.

After she "eats" she goes upstairs to her room. She takes a shower and then gets out and let's her hair dry into her natural curls and she applies light makeup which is eyeliner and mascara. Then she puts on her black crop top that says "ima princess no matter what." and white high waisted shorts, and black vans.

She grabs her phone and and walks down stairs and sits on the couch to wait for the boys. She gets on twitter and sees that she gained 10,000 followers. She freaks out and the boys come down and start getting ready to go. She takes selfies with the boys and post them on twitter and Instagram and twitter and the post says "hanging with these weirdos today!"

Then they all drive to the movies to watch Catching Fire. When they get there a lot of fans there and they say bad things about Kat. Louis and the boys get mad and they just keep walking and Kat turns around and flips them all off.


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Ok so here is my favorite quote-

"There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize that there is more to the book than the page you are stuck on."

~Zayn Malik

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