Adopted by Louis Tomlinson

Right when Kat thinks nothing can go right, Louis Tomlinson adopts her. She is anorexic, and self harms every once in a while. Read to find out more!


4. Dad?

Kats p.o.v

The movie was awesome, I had a really fun time with the boys! I think I am starting to feel welcomed in this world. I even ate some Popcorn! Shocker right? If you didn't know I'm "an Anorexic little pig" As the other girls would say. I try to stop but my mind tells me that if I don't I will be in trouble... so yeah.

Just then I get snapped out of my thoughts and back to reality with the sound of Louis voice saying "So Kat how was the movie?" I nod my head and say "I really liked it thank you so much Louis! I had fun with you guys!" They all say the same thing and go back to whatever they were doing. The next thing I know I'm dozing off to the sound of Ed Sheerans song "The A Team" playing softly in the background.

Louis P.O.V

The movie was pretty awesome considering we where the only ones in there. Personally I think it looked like everyone did have fun and yeah I'm talking to myself again... Not cool Louis not cool. Oh shut up me, and just leave me alone. I look in the rear view mirror to see Kat just staring off into space. I notice that she looks a little small, it looks kind of sad... I hope she's not Anorexic or Bulimic. I decide to lighten the mood so I say "So Kat how was the movie?" She looks up quickly and nods and says "I really liked it thank you so much Louis! I had fun with you guys!" They all nod and mumble answers and go back to playing on their phones.

I concentrate on driving again. A couple minutes later I look at Kat and she is sound asleep to the sound of soft music in the background, which I think is "The A Team", but I don't care. About fifteen minutes we get home and I get it and carry Kat up to her room as the boys lounge around in the living room. Once I'm up there I lay her on the bed and take her shoes off and cover her up. I would change her but I don't want her to freak out on me you know? Yeah you do.

Kats POV

I feel someone pick me up and then walk into the house. I'm to lazy to open my eyes and walk, so I just let who I'm assuming is Louis carry upstairs. Then he lays me on the bed and he takes my shoes off and luckily not my clothes. He covers me up and starts to walk out and I mumble "night dad." He hesitates and says "night Kat I love you." I smile and get up ad get one of my baggy shirts and change into that and sleep in my shirt and my undies. Then I lay back down and let a peaceful slumber take me over.


hello my Bootyfaces did you like the way I change it up?!? I kinda did! Comment what you think please.





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