Adopted by Louis Tomlinson

Right when Kat thinks nothing can go right, Louis Tomlinson adopts her. She is anorexic, and self harms every once in a while. Read to find out more!


5. Dad pt. 2

Louis P.O.V.

She Called me dad... She called me dad!! Oh my God!! Hell yeah finally. I've got to go tell the guys! I run downstairs and jump on the boys and scream "SHE CALLED ME DAD!"

All the boys clap and Kat comes running downstairs and says "Whats going on down here? I heard screaming!" Everyone looks at her and smiles. Niall speaks up and says "we were.. uh just playing around Kat its alright." She nods and goes back upstairs and mumbles goodnight. Me and the boys say goodnight in sync, weird right?

After a bit more of me bragging we watch movies and hang out. The boys soon fall asleep so I stumble up the stairs and make it in my room. I pull of my pants an shirt a plop on the bed. as soon as I get comfortable and doze off I hear Kat screaming "LOUIS HELP!" I get up but fall in the process and finally limp/run to her room. I barge in and say "what is it?!?" She screams "ITS A SPIDER! KILL IT DADDY!" I grab a napkin and squish and flush it down the toilet. I start to walk out when she says "Daddy can you stay?" I stop in my track and turn around and smile and nod. I climb into bed and pull her close. I slowly fall asleep but before I can, I hear Kat say "I love you dad."

Kat's P.O.V.

I called him dad... I called him dad! Oh my God! It kinda felt good to say that! But what if he expects me to keep calling him that? Eh. Whatever. A couple hours go by and I cant sleep! UGHHH! I see something moving across the floor and I start to freak out. I scream " LOUIS HELP!" I hear him get up and then a loud thud and hear him run to my room and he barges through the door and says"what is it?!?" I scream "ITS A SPIDER KILL IT DADDY!" God I said daddy, now i really have to keep it going! Well whatever I like it. He grabs a napkin and squishes it and flushes it down the toilet. He starts to walk out but i say "Daddy can you stay?" He turns around and smiles and nods. He climbs into bed and he pulls me close. I start to fall asleep it seems like it took forever. Before i fall into a deep sleep I say "I love you dad."


I wake up with Louis arms still wrapped tightly around my waist. I grumble when I look at the clock only 4 am. I slowly try to get up without waking Louis up and I do it succsessfully. I run downstairs and on the way to the kitchen I stub my toe. I think to myself, well that feels wonderful! OWWOWWWOWW! MotherFu****! Dear Lord baby Jesus is it ok? Oh God its bleeding ew! I hear someone coming downstairs and I think they call my name but I dont know. He walks in and its Harry he comes over and asks whats wrong. I mumble " I stubbed my stupid toe and now its BLEEDING!" He looks worried and I start to wobble and thats when I pass out.


Harrys P.O.V.

I hear someone running downstairs and I think who the fu** wakes me up from my beuty sleep? Oh My God what was that noise I better go check it out! I walk downstairs and see Kat looking at her foot. I call her name but i guess she didnt hear me. I ask whats wrong and she mumbles " I stubbed my stupid toe and now its BLEEDING!" I get worried and she starts to wobble and then she passes out.

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