Adopted by Louis Tomlinson

Right when Kat thinks nothing can go right, Louis Tomlinson adopts her. She is anorexic, and self harms every once in a while. Read to find out more!


1. Adopted?


Kat a brown haired, brown eyes girl, is going through a lot. She is in an orphanage and her parents died about three years ago. She also self harms and is anorexic. After Louis Tomlinson adopts her she's in for a change. When she starts going to school she meets this girl named Katie and a guy named Matt.

Chapter 1

Kat wakes up to Rachel, the owner of the orphanage shaking her. Kat groans and Rachel says get up and get ready it's adoption day.

She gets up and takes a shower and puts her hair up in a messy ponytail. Then she gets a dark blue baggy sweater, slightly washed denim shorts and black vans.

She walks downstairs and sits on the couch and waits for the next person to come pick. She sees a shadow over her so she looks up.

The stranger says "hi I'm Louis are you Kat?" She nods and says " are you going to adopt me?" Louis nods and smiles.

You run to Rachel and say "Louis wants to adopt me!" She smiles and says " yay go get your stuff and I'll talk to mr.Tomlinson. Kat nods and runs to her room.

Kat packs up all her stuff and runs downstairs. When she stops in her tracks when she realizes who is really adopting her. Louis Tomlinson in One Direction.

She walks the rest of the way towards Rachel's office. She sees Louis and then she sits down as waits. Louis looks back and says "its all set lets go!" Kat nods and says " wait let me say goodbye to Rachel." He nods and says I'll be in the car.

Kat goes and says bye to Rachel and then goes to the car. She gets in and Louis says "look I know about everything that happened with you in your past Rachel told me..." Kat nods and says yeah. Then Louis says "after we get home we are going shopping!" She smiles and say YAY!

Louis pulls up to the biggest house Kat has ever seen. Louis says " I know it's huge but all the boys used to live here." She nods and says " I love it!"


Thanks guys if your reading this!! I love you




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