Emma Marie Marshall

Emma is someone who keeps all their emotions bottled up inside of her. Her best friend, Ella, is the only one who understands Emma and sees where she's coming from. For Emma's birthday, Ella takes her to a One Direction concert. Like any other girl, Emma is obsessed with Harry Styles. Ella being the best friend that she is, gets them back stage passes. They get to meet Harry Styles too! When Harry sees Emma, he immediately feels a spark of chemistry. In this loving Romance, Harry finally gets Emma to open up and she discovers who she really is.


1. The Surprise

Today was my birthday, but I wanted it to be like any other normal day. No presents. No singing. No hugs. No relatives from out of town. Just a normal day. Even though I knew that wasn't going to happen, I still bothered to get out of bed today. "Bye Mom," I said about to walk out of the door. She ran into the living room with a giant box in her arms. "Sweetie! Wait. Open your gift first," She insisted. I sighed. "Mom, I really have to-" She cut me off. "Emma, don't be like that. c'mon," She said getting frustrated. I managed to put a smile on my face and take the box from her. I opened it and found the same thing she got me every year. Clothes. "Uh, Thanks Mom," I smiled and hugged her. She hugged me back. "You're welcome, honey. Have a nice day at school," She called after I walked out of the door. It's hard to have a nice day when everyone bullies you, but that's okay. I walked to my bus stop with my head down. That's usually where the bullying begins. "Oh look. It's Emma Marshall, the world's ugliest person alive," A guy named Matt laughed at me. His brother Thomas and his girlfriend Selena laughed too. I ignored them and climbed onto the bus. By now, I'm used to all the hate and bullying. It's basically just an average day for me. 

"Emma!" I heard my bestfriend's voice say. I put a smile on my face. "Ella!" I turned around and said with excitement. "Happy Birthday!!!" She said loudly. I shushed her. I didn't want the whole world to know! "Oops, sorry. Come with me!" She whispered and pulled my arm. She dragged me outside of the High school. "I have something for you!" She said jumping up and down. Oh goodness. "Ella, you didn't have the get me anything," I sighed. She waved her hand at me like it was no big deal. "Oh hush. Anyway, you know how you're completely obsessed with Harry Styles?" She asked. I'm not obsessed!!! well .. maybe a little. I got butterflies as she said his name. "I do like him, why?" I said calmly. She squealed with excitement. My eyes grew wide. I've never seen Ella like this before. "I bought us tickets to go to their concert on Saturday!!!!!!" She finally said. My mouth dropped. Ella, I love you. "Ella .. you really didn't have - Thank you!" I said wrapping my arms around her in a hug. "That's not even the best part," She trailed off," I got us back stage passes! We get to meet One Direction!" I could seriously cry right now. "Thank you so much Ella!" My life seriously got 100 times better.  

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