Emma Marie Marshall

Emma is someone who keeps all their emotions bottled up inside of her. Her best friend, Ella, is the only one who understands Emma and sees where she's coming from. For Emma's birthday, Ella takes her to a One Direction concert. Like any other girl, Emma is obsessed with Harry Styles. Ella being the best friend that she is, gets them back stage passes. They get to meet Harry Styles too! When Harry sees Emma, he immediately feels a spark of chemistry. In this loving Romance, Harry finally gets Emma to open up and she discovers who she really is.


2. Saturday: The Concert


I woke up with a ping of excitement. Today was Saturday!! I looked at the clock, it read 6:35 am. Ella was picking me up at 9 and we were driving to Los Angeles to see them preform. It was about 7 hours away and they were preforming at 5. 

I got into the shower and started humming "Little Things" I always thought that song was completely breath-taking and beautiful. I turned the water off and grabbed my towel. I went to my closet and picked out a white, short dress with brown flats. I never dressed like this, but today I felt the need to. After that, I put on some light makeup. Lip gloss, mascara, and eyeliner. I decided to straighten my hair and just let it flow on its own. By now, it was 8:52 am and Ella should be here soon. I took one last look in the mirror... I looked ... ugly. I can't let Harry Styles see me like this!!! I broke down in tears and cried. Why did I have such a hideous face and figure! They were right. Everything they said about me was true. I slumped down against my bathroom cabinet and cried into my hands.

"Emma?" I heard a voice say. Ella was here. "In here, El," I said trying to stand up. Ella entered my room and she ran to me when she saw how badly my mascara looked. It was running down my cheeks and my eyes were red and puffy. "Em, what happened?! You look awful!" She said pulling me into a hug. I began crying even harder. I know I look awful. I always do. She sat me on the bed. "Emma explain to me what happened," She said. I sighed. I explained how I woke up happy, got ready, but then I looked in the mirror and noticed how ugly I was and how what everyone at school said was 100% true. She sighed. "Emma Marie Marshall, you are not ugly at all!" She said to me. You only think that because you're my best friend. "Em, c'mon. There are so many people in this world and we are all different. We all have different qualities, figures, and characteristics. That's what makes each and everyone of us so different and unique. You are you and nobody can change that," She said to me. I hugged her. Sometimes I just need to hear someone say that. "Now let's go! It's already 9:20 a.m.!" She said looking at her phone. I gasped. "El! I can't meet Harry Styles like this!" I said with pleading eyes. She smirked, a devilish smirk. "I know," She smiled.

"Ella! This is insane!" I say getting frustrated. This women has me in a car. With a blindfold. "Em! Will you trust your dear best friend?" She giggled. I don't think I can with that smirk you had on your face. I sighed. "Okay! We're here!" She said excitedly. She came over to my door and helped me out. "Can I take this thing off now!?" I asked. She took my hand to lead me. "No," She said. We walked into a door and it smelled like nail polish and magazines. She took off my blindfold and I finally saw where we were. "Fix her up," She instructed the beauty salon employees. 

By the time I was done, I had to admit .. They did a fabulous job!!!! I had french tips on my hands and feet, I was much tanner, my legs were waxed, my long brown hair now had light blonde highlights, my makeup was done and it made my brown eyes seem much bigger knowing I had almond eyes, and my outfit was glamorous. I was a short white dress with a brown belt and black flats. It was similar to the outfit I originally had picked out. "Thank you!" Ella said paying them. "Alright Em, let's go! I don't want to be late!" She rushed. I thanked the ladies who fixed me up, but most importantly I thanked Ella. She had gone our of her way to do all this for me. I couldn't ask for a better best friend. 

We finally arrived at the concert and I had butterflies in my stomach. I had seen (and owned) A zillion of pictures of Harry Styles, but this wouldn't just be a picture. It was him. In person. I get to meet them!! I get to meet One Direction! I took a deep breath as I walked inside the large room. It was sorta like an arena but it had a stage in the center and a run way. Soon enough, One Direction came out! "How's everyone doing tonight?" Harry asked into the microphone. Everyone cheered and yelled "Woo!" The crowd loved him, who wouldn't? "Alright! Before we get started I need a few people up to the stage please," Louis announced. Huh? "Why do they need people to come on stage?" I asked Ella confused. She smiled. "You'll see," She winked. Well okay then ... "I need 5 girls..." Niall began,"I need Shelby McAllister ... Courtney Wilson ... Mya Landours .... LIllian Hubbell ... and last but certainly not least ... Emma Marshall!!!!" My jaw dropped. All the boys jumped off stage to escort a girl. Niall went for Shelby. Liam went Courtney. Zayn went for Mya. Louis went for Lillian. And Harry .... Harry was coming ... for me. My heart skipped a beat as he grabbed my hand. "Hello, love," He smiled. He lead me through the crowd and up onto the stage. Ella flashed me a smile. "Now that we have our girls, I'd like to wish them all a Happy Birthday!" Liam said. The crowd clapped and cheered. "For these lovely ladies, we will be preforming "What makes you Beautiful" with them on stage!" Zayn said. The music began and all I could do was smile. Harry Styles was singing... to me! I couldn't even hear the music... The only thing I could focus on was him and the way he moves. Finally the song ended and Harry came closer to me. "Happy Birthday, Love" He said kissing my cheek. He took my hand and lead me off stage. "See you back stage!" He yelled as he got back up onto the stage. Ella looked at me with excitement. "Ella... I love you!!" I said hugging her tightly. "Can't .... breath," She said. I let her go. For the rest of the concert, I couldn't stop staring at Harry.

*Back Stage*

Ella and I got in line with the rest of the girls who also had back stage passes. Finally, it was our turn! "Hello, ladies," They greeted us. I waved and Ella said hi to them. "I remember you, love! I sang to you!" Harry said pulling me into a hug. Mmm. He smelled great. I took a moment to inhale his scent. "It's okay to hug him back, he doesn't bite babe," Louis said laughing. I wrapped my hands around his neck and hugged him. When he let go, I was disappointed but I knew it had to end at some point. "Hazza, you see millions of fans everyday! How could you remember this one?" Ella asked playing dumb. The boys laughed and turned to Harry who was looking at me with begging eyes.. Like he was going through my every thought. "I'd never forget a beautiful face like that," He said smiling. I blushed. "Shall we take pictures?" Ella suggested. They agreed and we took about 50 photos. Some were funny and some were serious. "I'd like one with just Emma.. If that's okay," Harry asked. Omg! Yesssss! "Yeah that's fine,"Ella smirked. Harry and I took anout 8 pictures together. My favorite was the one where he stood behind me wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my cheek lightly. That was deff going in a frame!! "Well Bye Beautifuls!" The boys called after us. We thanked them and began walking out the exit when someone grabbed my shoulder. "I almost forgot," Harry said handing me a phone number. "Goodbye, love," He said kissing my cheek. 


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