complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


10. who is she

a/n: alight guys im so sorry it took 5 years to write this.but 73 readers! yay liy! , im sorry if you dont like it, but iv been struggling lately! okay so new chapter when it gets 77+ readers or 4+ likes cause i have a idea and you deserve another chapter soon cause of my lazyness. and im trying something new on how its set up, comment if you want it to stay like this or go back to how it was.




liam's pov.
i yelled for hannah and harry as soon as i opened the front door. no one answered so i yelled again,"hannah?! harry?!" thats when harry walked out of the bedroom, i said,"oh hey, umm wheres hannah?" he almost unsure of himfelf ,"shes uh using the bathroom" i nodded putting the bags i had in my hand on the ground, i went shooping, for clothes, a little hectic with fans but not that bad. 

i walked into the kitchen with harry following behind me, i went to the cabnit and grabbed a glass, while he went to the table and sat infront of his computer screen. i took the glass to the fridge and clicked the button for water, i filled the glass then walked over to harry.i sat down at hannah computer and said,"so have you guys found anything?"

he looked at me then said,"uhh yeah acctually hannah found a little blog, and well i found no car accident reports or anything so that has to be something .... right?" i nodded saying," yeah, i mean the doctor said you crashed in a car, but your car is here, and then no accident reports thats weird, so something else must have happened, you and hannah make a good little team you know" 

he smiled, i said,"what?" he looked towrads the kitchen door, then back at me, he leaned forward then whispered," i think im starting to like her liam" i said,"really?!" he nodded with excitment then said,"yeah iv been thinking really hard for awhile, and i can get little small things i remember about her, its so great, i think the more time i spnd with her the more i will remember" 
i nodded saying,"well what have you remembered?" he smiled saying,"okay i remeber umm something about a barn and lights at the top and she was in the most beautiful dress" i smiled saying,"that was her birthday party" his eyes got wide as he said,"really!" i nodded laughing a little. 

then hannah walked in with her black nike running shorts and pink tank top, she said,"hey sorry i was doing something then totally forgot you guys where here" i smiled, she said,"so have you found anything else?" we both shook our heads, she said,"well, come on and lets do this" harry looked at his computer typing something in, i put my glass down and typed in somehting on hannahs computer, she walked to the cabnit to get something, i typed 'harry styles in tennessee recently' and a billion things popped up.

but one caught my eyes its titled 'harry leaving mystery apartment with..' so i clicked on it and there is this picture of harry leaving an apartment with a girl. she has short brown hair, shes pretty short, and she had some tattoos on her arms.

i said confused,"umm hannah found something" i waited and she came next to me, she looked at the screen, the gasped, she moved me back a little then sat in my lap, getting on the laptop, i know i should like this but i love it! shes sitting in my lap, and she did it, there are like 4 other chairs but shes sitting in my lap, and i love it. she started talking to harry so i tuned back in, she said,"um harry you are leaving an apartment wiht some girl" he got up and looked at the screen, he stood back up then said,"i dont remember that"

she said,"well it happened, why where you there" he shrugged saying," i dont know hannah i dont remember" she looked back at the screen and said,"well you apparently you got there at around 12pm and left at about 5pm so" 

wait!!! i said,"hold up niall called me at around 5 about harry" hannah turned to my face then said,'are you sure?" i nodded, she turned back to the computer and searched the apartment name. ' hallow acers appartments' she pulled up there webpage, and clicked on residance, she looked threw every fucking girl in the place till she finally found the girl.

her name is lucy williams, appartment 24D, she has lived there for 2 years, sinlge, a dog, and shes 23. wow didnt know you could get that much from a website. she closed it out and got up walking to the middle of the kitchen. her hands went to the back of her head. 

she yelled,"what the fuck!" i stood up saying,"hannah calm down" she yelled,"calm down?! fucking calm down?! no! i have no idea what is going on, im even more confused then i was before! my fiance, my harry still dosent remember me! and i dont know what to do! so no liam i will not fucking calm down!" harry stood up this time, hannah's eyes went to him, he walked to her then said,"hannah its okay because even though i dont remeber all of you i know i remember some of you, bits and peices though" her face turned from frustrated to confused.

harry said,"i remember a little about summer" her face then turned joyful, she said,"youre starting to remember?" he nodded and then she ran into his arms and hugged him. something she use to do to me, is now the thing i see her doing with another guy. why am i still here? oh yeah suppoting my mate. but i can barely stand being in the same state as them, let alone same room, espaccially when they are like this. i miss her i really do. but i know i can never get her back, even if it was my dying wish, it would neer happen. and i know it wont.

harry's pov.
*next day* i woke up to my alram, at 10, uh we have to go to the recording studio today! alright harry get up, i sat up and looked around the room, i then got up and found my way to my bathroom, i brushed my teeth, then fixed my hair, i walked out and put on skinny jeans, and a red and black stripped shirt, and black boots, i walked out of my rooom, phone in pocket, and saw the guys are all in the living room plus alex. 

louis said,"we are waiting on you come on!" i smiled and we piled into the rang rover, liam is suppose to meet up with us there. it took a good hour to get there, mostly because we got lost 3 times. but we fianlly made it, we all got out walking in on behind the other. we found our room and walked in, our people are already in there.

the guy at the sound board turned to us saying,"ahh hey guys im ricky, im glad tyo be working with you, alright um where is liam?" we all looked around right then he came out of no where he said,"im uh here!" he was catching his breath, obviously running down the hall. 

ricky smiled then said,"alright lets get started boys. that whole process took forever. so we stayed in there for pretty much the whole day, we got to leave at 7, so we where in there for a good 10 hours. hannah never showed up, she proabably satyed home, honestly wouldnt blame her. we all got home at 7:42, everyine walked in the house, i follwoed but just to walk back out.
im gonna go vist the lady at the apartments, see if she knows why i was there so hannah dosent think i was cheating or i got in the rang rover, and started drivng to hallow acers, i googled it on my phone, and about 20 miuntes later i was there. i got out of the car and walked to her door, she lived on the 2nd floor, i took a breath and knocked, about 4 seconds later she opened the door, i smiled, and she said,"oh harry! hey babe!"

 my smile dissapeared, she on the other hand was cheesin, she said,"come in" i walked in and she shut the door, she said,"i heard about what happened, are you okay?" i nodded then said,"umm lucy, i have a queston though, you see my accident it caused me to loss some of my memory so, can you tell me why i was here?" 

she said ,"uhh so you dont remember anything we did or talked about?!" kind of dissapointed. i shook my head she smiled and motioned for me to sit on the couch, i sat and she sat next to me, she smiled and said,"well you found my number from a friend, and tcalled me at like god, 7 in the morning asking if we could meet up, i said sure but idk what time, i said id text you when" i nodded, she continued,"so i texted you around 9 or 10 and said now would be a good time, and so you said alright, you just had to get your finace busy, so it took proabaly an extra 30 minutes for you to get here" i nodded again.

 she said,"yeah so you got here, we talked about when it would hapen, where, what colors, um food, stuff like that, then we got lunch, and um talked a little more, then i showed you some patterns and types of clothes and food, we tried some of it at this bakery, it was lovley, oh then you left, after you paid me for about 2 weeks of time together" 

i am a little scared to ask the question on my mind, so i said,"oh um, okay dont be offended or anything but, what did i pay you for?" she smiled saying,"to help you of course, you know with the wedding plans" my heart skipped a beat oh thank god, i smiled saying,"ohh! oh god! okay" she smiled saying,"hrry did you think i was a prostatute!" i laughed as did she. 

i stood saying,"thank you for telling me, and it was lovley meeting you, um again" she smiled standing, hugging me, i hugged her back and showed myself to the door. wow she was nice. well now i can tell hannah why i was here.i got to the rang rover, and got out the keys, i stuck it into the door, then turned it, when all the sudden i felt a really sharp pain in the back of my neck, i fell to my knees then on my side, my back is facing the car, and all i see if feet, with thoughs blue doctor shoe covers over them, they got really blurry, and i lost feeling in my body, then everything went black.



bruhh!! boom what happened?!  lol but get 4+ likes or 77+ ill give you what happens! lol again really sorry this took so long! and the girl the reminds me all the time! thank you! ily and you are awesome! glad you are into the story!

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