complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


23. what if

hannah's pov.
i felt my body tense up as the word came out of his mouth. i crossed my arms over my chest suddenly feeling uncomfortable, "explain what?" i said my voice shaking. his body seemed tense matching mine and the air around us. he staired hard at me as if he was trying to figure something out. the room stayed silent, untill he let out a deep breath and said,"are you going to tell me what the hell is going on.... or should i just ask liam myself?" his words are a bit harsh. my heart sinks, i guess now is the time to tell him, hes already firgured it out, it will be less painful this way. "i didnt want you to find out like this" i say with pure dessperation in my voice, he obviously dosnt seem to care about my tone beacouse he rolls his eyes. why did he do that? why is he being sucha dick! "i dont understand why you are acting this way about it harry" he laughs sarcastly at my comment ,"what? you want me to be happy that iv been dating the phyco allie for god knows how long" he says. wait.. i shake my head trying to understand what he just said, "wait what do you want me to explain?" i say confused, he said,"allie and this whole allison crap" oh god, i pretty sure my heart just fell out of my body im so relieved. i nodded saying,"okay um you started dating this girl named allison and we just found out that allison is really allie pretending to be someone else. and tomorrow night you are going to go and try to figure everything out" he nods stairing at the floor looking lost. i slowly walk up to him, he dosnt seem take notice as i am now a foot away from him. he finally looks up at me. i look into his unsure, tired eyes, i smile a weak smile and he gives me one in return. we stare intently at eachother, for a few minutes but it feels like hours. im so lost in his beautiful green eyes, they say so many things that i cant even begin to comprehend what hes feeling right now. "hannah... promise me that no matter what happens to us or what obsticals life throws to us that we will stay together, that we will get threw them together and we will never give up on eachother.. because i dont know what i would do without you in my life...." he says interupting our silence. my heart aches for his words, i feel my eyes start to water as i nod and say,"i promise" he smiles at me again and pulls me to him by my waist. i cant do this to him. im not this person who falls in love with two people. i dont want to be that person. but i am that person. and theres nothing i can do about it. except maybe one thing...
harry's pov.
i wait untill hannahs asleep. she is cuddled up to my side, he head laying on my arm. i hear her soft snores and are feet are no longer rubbing together. which tells me shes asleep. i slowlypulle my self put from under her. careful not to wake her, i pull the sheets to her arm, and begin to walk out of the bedroom. i get to the kitchen and sit at the table. my thoughts getting the best of me as i think about all the things that could have happened while i was out. what if hanah and liam hooked up? i mean she had no one he had no one. what if it just happened? no one would know but them. what if she got feelings for ryan again. what if she went to the hospital and i didnt care? what if she ended up being drugged in that room like me! what if she thinks i was cheating on her! what if she almost died! what if she got depressed! what if she couldnt manage with out me! im such a awful person.... and how coould i think of such twisted things to happen to her. of corse she wouldnt try and kill herself... and no she wouldnt hook up with liam...and for god sakes i would never cheat on her! okay harry you just need to calm down. hannah loves you. its okay. she loves yoou. its okay. she loves you. its okay. i look at the oven clock, it reads 4:56 am, i sigh knowing im not gonna be able to go back to sleep. so i just sit at the kitchen table thinking of everyhting so far. its weird how hannah and liam are friends now.. but i guess they where kind of forced to interact due to my condition. i  hope that wasnt to hard for her to do. i hope it didnt cause her pain. im sure she hurt a little but they probably made up or something. i feel a bit better thinking that she was okay while i wasnt. i jump when i hear the bedroom door open, i get up turning around quickly to see hannah rubbing her eye sleeply, i smile at her apperance one of my t-shirts falling a little off her shoulder, and light pink underwear, with her hair just all out of place. ,"harry what are you doing up?" she says, a little worry in her voice. i shrug saying,"i dont know i just coudlnt sleep" she smiles a little, walking to me shegrabes me right hand with her left. pulling me to the bedroom, i follow her with out resist. we get to the bed and we lay back down. its quite untill he speaks ,"why couldnt you sleep?" her head nuzzles into my shoulder making her body get closer to mine. i smile at her then say,"over thinking i guess" she yawns "what are you over thinking about?", she says tiredly. "you" i say calmly. but before i could say anything else i hear her soft snores fill the room. i let out a brief sigh as i close my eyes a slowly drift to sleep.    - - - - -    i wake up to a sudden coldness to my body, i turn and slowly begin to open my eyes, hannah is sitting on the edge of the bed, with her back facing me, shes looking down in her lap. i smile at the sight of her. i sit up holding my self up with my arm, i rub my eyes and yawn. hannah turn to me "hey sleepy head", she says smiling at me. i smile back as she get up and walks to the closet, she yells from it,"harry liam is coming over soon, and you need to start getting ready to see allie" i groan at the thought of having to get up. i lay back down as hannah walks out of the closet wearing a white sweater, with dark jeans. she get in bed and lays on her stomach next to me. i look at her and smile to myself. "what?" she says smiling back at me now, i say,"you look amazing in white..... im just imagning how beautiful you are going to look in a wedding dress" her cheeks turn a light shade of red as she smiles, but with in seconds her smile is gone, and her eyes fill with shame?i look at her worried as she lets out a sigh, she looks me in the eyes and says,"i need to tell you something harry" i nod "sure what ever it is just tell me" i say trying to reasure her i will always be on her side. she closes her eyes tight then opens her mouth then her eyes "liam and i ar-" she says before the door bell cuts her off. she gets up and leaves the bedrooom with out another word. i hear the door open and i famillier voice. liams here. 


authors note: okay guys god im so sorry for like the month long wait! i still have no laptop charger AND i started school again. so again sorry but im so happy i have 307 readers!! i love you all so much!! thank you!! i know this chapter sucks but the next one will be good promise im most likely going to update tomorrow to make it up0 to you guys!! follow me on twitter @xxQxeenHarryxx for updates and such & again im so sorry guys ! i love you!!!

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