complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


8. wedding dress

authors note: alright 58 readers in under 24 hours!! nice going guys!! ily sooo much!! okay so sorry if this one sucks, butttttttttt again writiers block has been bad for me latley, and finally at 12:25 i finally finshed this chapter!! okay soo next chapter when it gets 63+ readers or 6+ likes!! love you guys keep reading!!!





hannah's pov.
i got up from the table of shocked faces, i walked to the bar to liam, i sat next to him and said,"hey you okay?" he took a shot and set the cup down then said,"yeah im fine harry is just like why did he say that?" he turned to me, i said,"liam i dont know and im sorry come on lets just go, please" he grabbed another shot, about the throw it back but i put my hand over his,i looked at him as he looked over at me, i said," liam please" he put down the shot and said,"alright come on" we hopped out of our chairs and started walking out of the bar, liam put his hand on my lower back, we walked out and got on the side walk, i said,"liam are you alright?" he looked down saying ,"yeah ill be alright" but his voice didnt sound so convincing, he sounded dissapointed. i looked at the ground, seeing liam and i walking in sync, we passed some stores, i looked up and said,"liam come on days not over, lets do something" he looked at me saying,"like what?" i smiled the looked at the stores around us, i saw , marshells, dillards, gap, davids bridal, an arts and craft store and target. i smiled saying,"how about we see whats up with target?" he smiled back at me saying,"or we could go to davids bridal" i said,"why?" he smiled saying,"just come on" i shrugged and we walked to davids bridal. we walked in and we where instantly greeted by 2 ladies, one smiled saying,"hello welcome, how may i help you?" the other following behind her, liam stood next to me, he said,"hi umm we are looking for a wedding dress, for this young lady" i looked up at him, with my mouth open, he looked down at me smiling, the older women who talked to us said,"ahh alright right this way" and she grabbed my hands and started pulling me towards the back of the store, liam was with the other lady following behind us. the lady im with said,"im maggie by the way, now you just stay right here and we will be back" she guided me up on a tiny platform infront of a huge mirror, i turned to liam who is sitting on a couch behind me, i said,"liam what are we doing here?" he said,"i .. i just want to see you in.. a wedding dress" i said,"but why?" confusion in my voice. he sighed taking in breath to say something but was interupted by the women coming back, maggie held 3 dresses, the other lady spoke saying,"im claire, and these are the dresses i think you may be intrested in, go try them on" i smiled taking the three dresses and walking into the dressing room. why am i doing this? i know mine and harrys wedding is off and may never be back on. i sighed, opening the three bags that the dresses are in, one was short, and fluffy with no straps, i dont even wanna try that one on. i looked at another one, it was one of thoughs mermaid dresses, it has long sleeves and it is just plan white, with lace in the back, i shrugged saying to myself,"might as well" i took off my clothes then slipped on the dress, zipping it up in the back, i took a breath then walked out of the room, liam is still sitting where he was but maggie is next to him and claire is stading next to him, maggie stood up then said,"oh honey you look beautiful" i smiled, and walked up to the platform, and looked at myself, i avoided eye contact with liam, i turned around and said,"i dont know, i think im gonna try on the other one" they both nodded andi walked away dissapearing back into my dressing room, i unzipped and slipped off the dress. i looked at the other one, its strapless, the top is a tight foarm  and is embrodered with beeds and lace, while the bottom poofs out, the dress is a shinney white, and at the waist is a light pink ribbon, i said,"wow" and started to put it on, i zipped it up, i walked out and they where in the same postions, except this time, when i walked out, liam stood up, he has no expression his mouth his open, maggie and claire have the same expression, i smiled to myself and walked up to the platform, i looked at myself, wow, i love it! i smiled at myself,then i felt tears in my eyes and i started crying, wow i love this dress, its perfect its what i wanted everything its perfect! but i wont be able to wear it, because im not getting married anymore. 
liam's pov.
hannah walked out in the most beautiful dress, wow she looks amazing! i couldnt help but stare at her. she walked up to the platform, she smiled, and then started crying. i feel so bad now, i know why she crying. i know its becaouse of harry. she put her hand over her mouth, and tried to stop but more tears fell, right then maggie leaned to me and said,"shes having her bride moment" i nodded, then walked up to her, i looked at the side of her face, she turned to me, i sad,"hannah you look beautiful" she took her hand from her mouth and smiled, she stepped down and wrapped her arms around my neck, i hugged her waist, and whispered,"im sorry babe" she laughed and cried a little, she pulled away and said,"no its fine liam" she whipped her tears, i smiled, and whipped her cheeks, she smiled again, then maggie said,"im sorry i just have to say you too are a wonderful couple" i smiled, saying,"yeah i know" hannah looked up at me, then claire said,"so you like it?" hannah turned away saying,"yes but we are gonna have to think about it" maggie nodded saying,'alright honey we will hold it for you" hannah smiled and walked back in the dressing room to ger dressed. i sat back on the couch, maggie said,"you know liam, shes a keeper, and i dont say this to everyone but you better hold on to this girl, she is really special" i smiled saying,"yeah thanks maggie" she smiled and hannah walked out, i stood up and said,"ready to go?" she nodded and we waved bye to maggie and claire then walked out of the store. we got to the side walk and i said,"look hannah im really sorry" she shook her head saying,"no its fine really" i looked at the ground, then she said,"can we just go home?" i nodded and we walked to the car, i helped her in and then got in myself, the drive home was a little awkward, but all i could think about was how amazing she looked in that dress. god, she was just stunning. i do feel bad for making her go threw that, but i just wanted to see her in a dress, in her wedding dress, because i honestly couldnt bare to go to her acctual wedding and see the women i love get married to my best friend. i know its selfish, and uncaring, and im just thinking of myself. but im not im thinking about her, she woundlt want me at her wedding, she wouldnt want to see her ex at whats suppose to be the best day of her life. i dont know, i might be thinking about myself, but i just think it would be best for everyone if i didnt go, but all i know is i just wanted to see her in a wedding dress, in a dress she loved... i pulled into the drive way and turned off the car, hannah and i got out then walked in the house. i said,"hey im goonna shower okay?" she nodded as i walked into the bedroom she went into the kitchen. i went in the bathroom and got undressed, then stepped in the shower, i tunred on the water, and started washing my hair, what if harry dosent ever remember her? would it be wrong of me to try to get back together with her? maybe not you know as soon as everything gose down the drain but maybe a month or two after? all i know is that i want her in my life, i really do, but i hate being her friend, i hate it, i want to be so much more all the time but i know with harry in her life i will never be anything more but a friend. maybe thats jus for the best though. i finsihed rinsing my hair and washing my body, so i turned off the water and grabbed my towel off the counter, i walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom and put boxers on underneath my towel, i started looking for my deoternt, but i just cant find it, i walked out of the bedroom and into the living room to fins hannah and ask her where it is. but the living room lights are off, i walked in the living room and said,"hannah?" she answered,"im in the kitchen" so i walked threw the kitchen doors but instead of just finding hannah , i found hannah in her bra, and underwear. now iv only seen her like this a few times, and each time i did we would always end up doing something else, so yes i did get excited to see her. i fumbled with my words,"umm uh hannah? uhh what, are you doing exactly?" she smiled at me then said,"well waiting for you of corse" then she started walking toawrds me, she got about a foot away from me and i started backing up, but she kept coming, i backed up untill i hit the wall behind me, she came all the way to me, to where our bodys are touching, she got on her tipy toes and whispered in my ear,"have you been a bad boy liam?" shiveres went down my body instantly, i studdered,"n-n-n-no"  she got flat on her feet again then said,"liar" i was breathing really hard at this point, she leaned up and started moving closer and closer to my face, when our lips where, not even a inch apart, then she grabbed the rim of my towel, and pulled me to the bedroom, she closed the door and pressed me aginst it, her hands went to my abs, and she crashed her lips on mine, i have no idea what is going on. she lead me to the bed and laid me down and got on top of me, my hands went to her back, she sat on my pelvis, and grinded on me while kissing me, i could feel myself growing, god iv missed this so much! wait wait wait, why is she doing this, i know she still loves harry so what am i doing?! i pulled away from her lips even though i didnt want too, i looked into her eyes and said,"hannah what are you doing?" she looked at me confused, i sat up and she was sitting in my lap, my hands are still on her back, i repeated myself,"hannah what are you doing?" she said,"umm what are you doing?" i said,"umm i trying to figure out what your doing" she smiled saying,"liam come on lets just have fun lets just do this" ishe leaned in trying to kiss me, i turned my head not saying anything, she stopped her smile gone, she said,"liam" i turned to her saying,"hannah, if this is some way of trying to make the pain go away its not going to work, alright, so stop, okay just stop, how could you take advantage of my feelings for you and turn it into a way for you to just forget about harry. how could you do that to me, to him?" she looked down, i continued,"please tell me why you would do this? is it because of the dress, love im sorry i didnt mean to make you upset but this isnt going to solve anything its just going to add on to the pain babe. dont do that to yourself" she whispered,"im sorry its just last night you seemed like you where up for it" i looked at her confused saying,"last nihgt? okay you cuddled with my arm if that gave you the wrong message-" she cut me off looing up at me now saying,"no liam you, told me you wanted to do this and that it would help, and then you kissed me and gave me a hicky" i frozed, i shook my head saying,"hannah i never did that"



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