complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


3. this cant be.

authors note: hey sorry the updates are not as frequent, but i literally just wrote this, so i know its short but its okay cause i know whats going on. well ily my 14 readers! really love when y'all like fav and comment! but really i hope you like it! enjoy!




harry's pov.
i felt like i was flying. maybe because i was. i looked down and there below where the streets of london, theres big ben! and the bridge, the people look like ants from up here. i started waving at the small people when i saw this really bright light, i looked straight at it trying not to fly away from it, because i wanted to see what was in it and what it was. i got to it but it was so bright i couldnt see anything then i heard beeping, a regular beeping, and it just kept going, then i started to hear a voice flowing in around me, it sounds familiar, they had said,"is he waking up?" i wonder who they are talking about, then more voices fluttered in diffrent places around me, then i relized, i was dreaming, that bright light was no where around anymore, it was replaced with darkness, then again i relized something, my eyes are closed. i fluttered them open, everything was blurry at first, all i could see where peoples figures not the details. then they started to adjust, i saw what i made out to be zayn, i smiled, i looked to the left and there was louis, then back to the right was niall. i smiled, wait what is this? i felt something around my left hand, i looked down and it was another hand, i followed down there arm to there face, but it was covered, it was a girl i know that much, she had her head burried in her right arm on my bed. i looked at louis who had started to walk towrds us, he shook the girl awake. she looked up at him and smiled, louis looked at me, and she followed his stare. her eyes met mine and instantly she smiled, she has a nice smile, she stood up and said,"harry, im so happy your okay" and she leaned in and hugged me around my neck, i smiled as she pulled away. i said in a weak voice,"well hi" she laughed a little, and she had tears forming in her eyes, i was confused, why is she crying? then the door opened, and a girl with brown long hair walked in, she smiled and said,"oh well harrys awake, look hannah you had nothing to worry about hes fine, now go talk to the doctor and get your finace outta here!" she walked over to niall and he wrapped his arm around her waist. wait what? i turned to hannah (i guess thats her name) and said,"you have a finace?" hannahs smile was gone, then it came back nervously as she said,"ha funny one harry" i looked at her confused, then she said,"harry your my finace?" i shook my head and said,"no im sorry you must have the wrong harry, me and my mates here where on our way to california for summer vacation" hannah just stared at me he mouth had dropped, the tears in her eyes where now on her cheeks  bringing some of her makeup with them. i turned to the guys, they all had the smae expression minus the crying, i said,"what?" louis said,"harry mate, summer is almost over, we have already been to california, and you did prupose this hannah, you live to-" i cut him off and said,"no no i didnt, last i remember we where about to leave" i looked around the room, i just noticed liam wasnt in here, i stopped on zayn because he moved, he shook his head and said,"do you not remeber anything bout california?" i shook my head, thats when i started to hear crying noises out of my left ear, i turned my attention to hannah as she cried outloud, she said,"no harry" threw her tears and gasps for air. i wanted to say something but i lost all my words, i dont even know this girl, right then the other girl with brown hair came up to hannah, and a second later they walked out of my room, i turned to the boys, niall had stayed quite untill now, he said,"harry are you serious or are you just fucking messing with us because if you are knock it off its not funny" i shook my head and said,"no i really dont know them, and where is liam? and where are we?" louis sighed and said," we dont know hwere liam is and we are in tennessee at a hospital" the more i ask question the more confused i get, i said,"whoa whoa whoa why are we in tennessee?" niall spoke up,"we are here because you live here with hannah and you got in some sort of accident and now we are here and your memory is shit" zayn said,"niall!" niall looked at zayn and then down, zayn looked at me and said,"do you know when your getting out?" i shook my head when the door opened, and walked in a doctor, hannah and that girl. the doctor greeted me with a smile, he said,"hello harry im dr. baily, and i took care of you here, and it has come to my attention that you are now awake and doing much better and should be relased today, if everything goes as planned, now i take it you will be going home with mrs.hannah over here so if-" i interupted ,"uhh no sir i dont know this girl" he gave me a weird look and said,"but she is your fiance its on your paper work" i shook my head, then louis whispered something to dr.baily, he nodded and continued,"sorry you will be going home with mr. tomlinson here" i nodded as he said,"okay well ill need to talk to mr.tomlinson and ms.hannah now in the hall" they both nodded and walked out of the room, i looked at the other girl with long brown hair, she looked at niall then at me, she smiled and said,"harry?" i looked at her she said,"uhh do you know who i am?" i shook my head she sighed and said,"im alex, im dating niall" i nodded and said,"nice to meet you alex, im harry" she smiled a weak smile, then stood up and whispered," i cant do this" with tears coming down her face, she ran out of the room, zayn sighed, niall said,"ill go after her" and he left the room, zayn said,"hey harry?" i looked at him, he contiuned,"dude what happened to you?" i shrugged and said," i have no idea" zayn sighed and sat in a chair infront of my bed. what did happen to me? i cant think clearly, but i really dont know what to think anyway. theres like this whole other me out there, that seemed pretty happy, i wonder if ill every end up like that again. or if im stuck just not remembering what use to be my life.

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