complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


7. the new harry

authors note: alright my 51 babes ily! okay so i have been working on this all freakin day, writers block sucks soooo bad guys!! soo here is and extra long chapter, cause i was a little late getting it to you so sorry! next chapter when this hit 58+ readers or 5+ likes! sorry it took so long!!







niall's pov.
i woke up about an hour ago at 9, took a shower got dressed and everything before alex even could even have time too. i walked out of our shared bedroom, shes staying with us untill harry is atleast you know can be on his own. i was in the kitchen pouring coffee when my phone rang, i looked at it and chris from managment was calling, i answered it,"hello?" he said,"hey niall umm been trying to reach the other guys but on one is answering" my heart started beating fast, oh god is this it? is this the moment we leave? i spoke,"oh well they are probably sleeping still, what can i do for you?" he paused and his voice got serious,"well niall you see we heard about harry, and we are scheduling an emergancy meeting with the rest of managment at 11" i let out a breath of relief and said,"alright ill get the boys together where are we meeting?" he clearded his throat and said,"are you boys still in tenneessee?" i ssaid,"yes" he paused and i heard russling from his end, when he finally said,"alright meet us at the batman building in nashville floor 30 conference room." i said,"okay we will be there bye chris" and i hung up. i put my phone on the counter then walked into louis bedroom, i got next to him and shook him, his eyes opened alittle and i said,"louis we have a meeting in a hour wake up!" i got up and walked out and into zayns room but he was already up and getting dressed, so i walked out and into harrys room, he was asleep on the bed wrapped up in the comforter, i walked in and said,"harry wake up" he didnt move so i went over next to him and shook him a little saying,"harry we have a meeting in an hour get up!" he turned to me with his eyes half open and said,"what?" in a tired voice, i smiled and said,"we have a meeeting with managment in an hour so get up and get dressed" he nodded and i walked out of his room, i walked back in my room and alex was on her phone in bed, i smiled saying,"hey babe umm we have to go to nashville today" she sat up and said,"do i have to go?" i shrugged and said,"not sure chris didnt say" she nodded saying,"i hope not i hate thoughs meetings" i smiled and said,"well i was gonna ask if you wanted to go but i guess not" she put her hands over her mouth and said,"oh my gosh im sorry if you want me to go ill go" i shook my head and said,"no no you hate them" she smiled and said,"no im going"i smiled back at her, she was getting up, and she ran to the bathroom, i looked in the mirror on the door at myself, my white shirt fell a little past the waist of my black skinny jeans, and my white convers are alittle scuffed but who cares. i walked out of the bedroom and into the living room where louis was, he has on a blue tee jeans and black vans. i said,"hey louis you ready?"  he looked up shaking his head, thats when zayn walked in behind me he has on a red tee with black skinny jeans and converse, zayn said,"im so tired i cant wait to go back to sleep" i smiled and said,"same" thats when alex and harry walked in, harry in a white tee black skinny jeans and his black boots, while alex was in some creamed lace shorts, with a black shirt that says we all fall in love with white daisys around it, also a creamed colored cardagin over it with cream clolors heals and he hair was down natural waves. i smiled as she came up next to me, louis said,"alright lets go" and we all walked out of the house when i said,"wait what about liam are we gonna pick him up?" alex shook her head and said,"oh no hes gonna drive there" i nodded. alex and i walked to well alexs car which is a yellow bug, zayn louis and harry got in the black range rover. alex started the car, she backed out then started driving to nashville. we have been driving in scilence for a good 30 miuntes, so i said,"alex do you think hannah is gonna come?" she sighed saying,"i sure hope not" i looked out thw window, looking at all the cars, then i spoke up,"i think she should, i think the more time she spends with  him the more he will remember her, i know it will suck for her, but i think it would help" alex didnt say anything so i looked at her, she was looking straight at the road, and that was the last thing i said to her untill we got to floor 30. it was 10:50 and liam still isnt here, we are all sitting in the confrence room which is basically this big wooden table in the middle of the room with 5 chairs on each side and 2 chairs at an end, zayn is across from alex then its harry and louis going away from me , alex is on my left, and she has two empty chairs next to her, we where sitting in scilence. so i said,"anybody know where liam is?" everyone shook there haed then zayn said,"he better hurry though" i looked at the time, 10:52. god liam better get here fast. right then the confrence room door opened, and in walked liam in a white tee, and blue flannel with jeans and his tan boots, and behind him is hannah...
harry's pov.
the door to the confrence room finally opened and in walked liam but behind him is hannah. she is wearing blue jean high waisted shorts, with a white shirt tucked in it and a red flannel over it with white converse, and she had a army green purse on her side her hair was down and had loose beach waves, she had on red lipstick to match her flannel and light eyes make up. wow she looked ... good. she made eye contact with me, and her mouth opened a little, and she looked at liam who was closing the door, he looked at her and moved his lips to the side of her head and said something to her, she took a big breath and liam put his arm around her waist and led her in to the room, he walked around the table and said,"sorry im late guys we kinda got stuck in traffic and then you know parking" niall said,"well atleast your here like just in time too" liam lead hannah next to alex and infront of me, she took her seat and liam sat next to her. hannah looked at alex and alex looked at her, hannah put her purse down next to her, and she took a breath and let it out slowly. what?! why is liam with her? are they dating? like what is going on? oh im so confused, what is this confrence even about? the door opened and managment began to file in, chris sat at the end next to liam, and louis and the others sat at the other end where any seat was avaliable. everyone scooted to the table, and chris got some paper out of his breifcase, then looked at us , he smiled and said,"hey boys thanks for meeting with us, you feeling okay harry?" i nodded he nodded back and said,"good well i guess your all are wondering whats going on, well let me inlighten you, other then our accident with harry is everyone doing okay? of corse you are alright well you see your fans i mean they love you guys but you have been off for a good 2 months and it might be time to get something started" i looked at niall because i saw him move, he reached for alexs hand, and held it tight. i looked over at hannah and liam had his hand i think on her knee, why is he doing that, they arnt dating. chris began again," i think it may be time too get started on some more albums, or something boys, get you know back in the studio" chris is smiling but it looks like no one else is, so he said,"guys look im not asking you too go on tour im just asking for songs or i dont know pictures of you guys writing or out come on all of you have benn under the radear for awhile, i know you like your private life but come on guys give me something to work with" niall spoke up,"do we have to leave tennessee?" chris smiled saying,"what? no? is that why you all looked like your mom died, god no you can stay here and recorde totally, i mean your in the city of muisc guys" i looked at niall and he smiled and hugged alex. thank god we dont have to leave, i really wanna get to know hannah more, but from what it looks like liam might umm be a obstical, or maybe they are just good friends, yeah probably just good friends, i dont know why im getting so jealous. oh how about maybe because everyone is telling you she is your fiance but liam is all over her. chris interupted my thoughts,"alright boys ill make a few calls, and get some guys with you, maybe one day next week, and we can start the writing process, im gonna need another meeting in about 3 to 2 weeks thought alright?" we all nodded and he smiled saying,"okay ill let you guys know everything when i do" and with that he and the rest of managment walked out, niall said,"oh thank god we dont have to leave" alex smiled, zayn said,"harry you okay?" i looked at him and said,"yeah why?" he leaned in a little and whispered,"you have been starring at liam and hannah for about the whole meeting" i looked at him and said,"no yeah im fine really" he nodded then liam said,"alright well i think hannah and i are gonna go now" and they both started to get up, i said,"wait!" and sat up in my chair, they stopped,  i looked at niall for help, he caught it then said,"we should all go out to eat! or something" liam looked at hannah, she didnt say anything so he said," umm i guess that would be cool" hannah just looked down at her feet, louis said,"alright lets go, where are we going?" alex said,"how about bar louie?" we all nodded and started waking out of the room, we all seperated and went to our cars, i got in the passenger seat of the rang rover, louis got in the drivers and zayn got in the back, we started following alex and behind us is liam and hannah. i kept looking in the side mirror at them, even though i couldnt really see them except when they where red lights, i could see her talking or looking out the window. i felt someone tap me i looked away from the mirror and zayn was looking at me, i said,"what?" he said,"are you alright? do you remember hannah?" i shook my head,saying,"no its just i dont understand why liam is like always, you know with her or touching her or just whatever you know? like zayn come on they where totally matching today" zayn smiled i said,"what? its not funny" he said,"no i know its not just it seems like your protection side of her is coming back you just dont know why" we pulled into the parking lot and parked, next to alex, while liam parked across from us, i got out and looked behind us at liams car, he got out and went around opening hannahs door and helping her out of the car. he said something and she smiled, zayn and louis said,"harry come on" i snapped out of it and caught up with them, they where with alex and niall standing there waiting for liam and hannah to join the group. they got here and we all walked in, threw thw doors there is a bar in the middle of the place and tables everywhere else, the host walked us to a table in the back for 7, louis sat at the end of the square table, next to him went zayn, me, niall then across from niall is alex, then across from me hannah, then across from zayn, liam. the waiter came up and said,"hey im brian can i get you some drinks?" louis said,"yes round of beer for everyone please" he nodded saying,"alright is that it?" louis nodded and brian walked away. alex said,"so you guys have any idea on what you want to write for the next album?" liam said,"i wanna write some umm like more upbeat songs" louis nodded as did zayn and niall, i took a breath and said,"well i um would prefer to write some meaningfull slow songs here and there too" niall nodded saying,"agreed" liam leaned back in his chair, and put his arm on the back of hannahs chair, i took in a deep breath, when zayn said,"so umm liam how have you been buddy feel like i havent seen you in forever" liam sat up and said,"well i flew here from cali, acctually" i said,"what where you doing there?" he said,"umm you know just at the beach and stuff" i said,"so why did you come here?" this time hannah looked dead at me with no expression, liam said,"because harry you got in a accident and i wanted to make sure you and hannah where okay but you guys arnt so im here" i rolled my eyes and said,"whatever"liam said,"harry whats wrong with you?" i said,"obviously you liam, you dont care about me, why dont you just leave i didnt ask you to be here" liam said,"god.. i need a drink" and he got up and walked to the bar, hannah watched him leave, louis said,"harry what the hell?" i said,"what he dosent want to be here, so he can just go back to california no one wants him here anyway all he dose is drink all the time now a days" hannah looked at me then said,"what the fuck?!" my eyes widdened as did everyone elses, she contiuned,"how could you say that to him? harry he came here for you, and you know your right you didnt ask him to be here, but hes your friend your fucking brother, and this is how you treat him? you didnt ask any of them to be here so do you want niall to leave how aboutzayn and louis? no you dont, and you know just becase you dont remeber me dosent mean i dont remember you, and this isnt the you i fell inlove with" she had tears in her eyes, she said,'where is the guy i loved harry? cause right now this whole'fuck you' attitude sucks and is not you, and if its the "new you" then dont even try to remember me because i will try not to remember you. bye harry" then she got up and left the table.


dude tell me why hannah snapped?! anyone know whats up with harry?! i feel bad for him tbh.... he just dosent understand how hannah feels anymore. CAUSE HES BEING AN ASS! ps. remember next chapter up when it gets 58+ readers of 5 likes

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