complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


1. the new beginning

authors note:okay first start of the 2nd one of best worst vacation (BMV) hope you like it, and fav,like and comment if you do like it, i think im gonna start posting chapters on monday and fridays? that good? maybe i think im gonna do that. well here you go 1st chapter with a name and everything!






hannah's pov.
its been about 2 weeks since my birthday, and life just got better from there for me. iv been so happy! harry an i got a house, its red brick with a big white portch a black door, nice flowers in the garden, its a 2 story with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a bounus room. the bonus room is a office/gym. he works out ever morning before i wake up, i also nrolled at MTSU a collage and im getting a degree in communication. harry is staying with me in tennessee untill the guys have to tour again. they are coming out with a new album before they tour too which is good, harry said they dont have an exact date of when everything will pick back up yet so we live everyday like hes leaving tomorrow. i sat on the mahogany coloured couch with a cofee mug in one hand and the book 'divergent' in the other. i started on the first page reading i turned to the second page when i heard harry coming down the wooden steps, i turned my head to the stairs and saw him looking down walking, he made it down and he had headphones in and i saw he was lipsinging a song, he was wearing black basketball shorts and bright yellow tennis shoes, no shirt, showing off all his tatoos. i smiled in his direction, watching him go into the kitchen, i turned back to my book, i read a paragraph when harry yelled,"hey wheres the -" something, i didnt hear what he said, so i yelled,'what?" he didnt answer, so i got up, and put my coffee on the table and walked into the kitchen i entered and saw him on his phone, i said,"harry what?" he didnt look up, i crossed my arms across my chest and starred at him, he smiled slightly at his phone then typed in something, he noticed me in the kitchen and he looked up from his phone an said,"oh uh wheres the creamer?" i rolled my eyes and said,"the fridge where it always is, harry did you even look for it?" he nodded and said,"its not in there" i nodded and walked past him to the fridge, i opened it and in the door chelves i pulled out the creamer, i turned to him and he said,"ohh thanks babe" i nodded and handede it to him, and started walking out of the kitchen when he said,"wait" i turned around and said,"what?" he sturred his coffee with a spoon and leaned on the counter behin him as he said,"i got a call from ryan" i let out a breath and said,"oh gosh what does he want?" harry said,"well uhh he told me that they found allie, and she is now in a hospital getting help" i smiled and said,"awwh thats great!" he nodded taking a sip of coffe and said,"wait theres more, he also said he would see if he could find the person who sent you that box" i said,"harry thats awesome, tell him i said thank you if you talk to him again"he nodded and i glanced at harrys abs, and his arms, his body is shining from the sweat after his workout. i looked back to his eyes and he was already staring at me smiling, i said,"what?" he smiled a little bigger and said,"you like what you see baby?" i rolled my eyes smiling and said,"ehh your getting there i guess" he opened his mouth and i walked back in the living room but i heard him run after me, he said,"oh im getting there?" he walked out of the kitchen and i tunred to him he said,"im already there" i said,"ehhh" he again let his mouth fall open, i turned back around with my back facing him when i felt him grab me by my waist and pick me up, i laughed and he said,"am i still not there yet?" i laughed and then i felt how sweaty he was, i said,"okay harry put me down and go shower your sweaty!" he said,"oh you wanna shower? okay" and he started walking me into our shared bathroom, in out bedroom, i screamed,"harry no i swear to god, dont" he laughed and walked in the bathroom, i yelled,"harry!!!" he opened theglass door with his free hand, and walked in, he put me down infront of him but stood infrint of the bathroom door, i said,"harry no!! please dont" he smiled and said,"babe you wanted to shower" and he put his hand on the nob, not turning it just yet. i said,"harry edward styles, dont even, dont you dare turn on that water" he smiled saying,"and what if i do?" i said,"i will never kiss you again" and crossed my arms, he smiled and moved infront of me pressing his body and forehead aginst mine, he whispered,"oh really?" i smiled and right then cold water dumped on me and him, i screamed and harry laughed, he put his hands on my waist and kept me under the water, i yelled,"harry!" he laughed and said,"are you never gonna kiss me again?" i smiled and whispered,"never" he smiled and lightly pressed his lips against mine. sending even more shivers down my body. he pulled away and said,"i think you kissed back" i smiled and shrugged, going up on my tipy toes and pecking his lips, right before turning off the water. after we got dry and cleaned up, i walked in the kitchen, opening a walgreens bag, with a wedding book inside, the book had ideas of wedding like cake ideas and things it was just for me to get a feel of what the wedding could be like. i heard harry behind me i turned around he was in black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. he grabbed the keys off the counter and said,"ill be back later" i said,"okay where are you going?" he said,"uhh out" i nodded not pushing for anymore answers, i spoke up,'okay well when you get back we are talking about this" i held up the book in my hand, he glanced at it and nodded, then walked out of the house. well that was a little umm weird, oh well he probably just has things to do. i shouldnt think so much into it....should i?

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